Indiana defeats Long Island, 73-72

Indiana senior forward Will Sheehey hit a tie-breaking 3-pointer and forward Devin Davis grabbed a crucial defensive rebound with 4.8 seconds left to help Indiana escape with a 73-72 win over Long Island-Brooklyn at Assembly Hall on Tuesday.

Davis was fouled on the rebound and missed the front end of a one-and-one, but LIU-Brooklyn point guard Jason Brickman airballed a last-ditch 3-point attempt for the win.

Sheehey scored 19 points in the win after starting the game 0-for-9 from the field and 0-for-6 from beyond the 3-point arc. Freshman forward Noah Vonleh posted 17 points and 11 rebounds and point guard Yogi Ferrell also scored 17 points.


  1. IU clearly doesn’t cover the spread…playing a new york team…..mostly because of absurd calls….$$$$$$$

  2. Whoa…I missed the game. I’m looking forward to the breakdown of what happened.

    Looking forward to the 2 – 1 ratio of fire Crean posts unitl the next game.

  3. They won and those who didn’t think they could lose should have learned a vital lesson. Screw the spread it was a valuable game.

  4. LIU is #243. Way better than Chicago State (309). Samford is even better almost top 200. Sigh… TLT (Twenty-Loss Tom) is back!

  5. t… Good point.

    Well Harvard, you got your “ragged” and “ugly”

    I have not given up on this team by a long shot, but I would like to amend my 23-8 regular season prediction. Crean has just given them way too much freedom. Probably a good move overall, so they can learn from mistakes knowing they are a year away, but means a few more frustrating and potentially unnecessary losses in 2013-14.

    The word isn’t fast, it’s frantic. This team plays frantic. As a coach it’s difficult to watch. As a fan, it’s fun at times and tough at others.

  6. We were a “year away” last season if Cody would have returned to this team…Completely unstoppable with that added stability and added threat in the middle. Hope he enjoys being the NBA’s next Uwe Blab…He’s no Julius Randle.

    Best just enjoy it for what it is…Ugly…ragged…perimeter shooting hopefully more Jekyll than Hyde. Low expectations going into the NCAA tournament.

    It will take time for these young guns to shake loose the freshman hyperactive tendencies.

    Surprised Ferrell let emotions get the best of him…Should have benched him for the rest of the game. He’s not talented enough to be acting all that…

  7. How ’bout that tip by Dawson securing the MSU win..? Another NW Indiana kid stepping up big. Finally has his hops back after the torn ACL…

  8. Lets see oh a win is a win I don’t care how this young team gets them but a win is a win in the BigTen. Oh the team that we played had gotten to the NCAA three years in a row. So Like I said win is a win. OH I may have forgotten this but there is one team that can not say they were undefeated for a whole season wonder who that can be? Sparty got them!!! Way to go BigTen

  9. The ceiling for this team is huge. I’d rather them figure out how to play against zone defenses and win now then see it for the first time late in the year & fall apart.

  10. Geoff is right, team has too much freedom….1 for 15 in 3 pt shots in first half, wow! First of all 15 3 pt attempts in one half is an awful amount of 3 pointers for one half. CTC must have faith in them to allow them to shoot that much. I also think the frantic label is very accurate. Can only hope that the team learns from this game. A win is a win, but a lose last night might have helped this team more. I didn’t see much of the first half but did see the last 5 min as well as the entire 2nd half.

    LIU lost much scoring from last year while IU lost a ton of talent and experience. It used to be that kids stayed for 4 yrs and that experience and knowledge of how to play the college game would carry a team thru games like last night’s. LIU had that type experience and longevity on their team while IU has Will Sheehey. As talented as Yogi is he is after all a sophomore. Same goes for Hollowell. Talent alone is not enough. If IU returns Cody &/or Vic last night’s game is a blow out. IU has a very young team. As fans we’re going experience more of this type play this season until the 1st & 2nd year players learn to play as a team and not just an assemblage of talent.

  11. You arm chair coaches kill me. Did any of you play any sports at the high school level, let alone the college level? I actually was a 4 year collegiate athlete. You can try to understand what’s going on with the players, there’s obvious things that we can all see in terms of how the players played. However, NONE of us can really know what’s going on with the team. We don’t see practice. We don’t have access to pregame, halftime, time outs, etc during a game. We have no idea if a kid had a bad day. Maybe a kid got his tail waxed in a class, a girlfriend dumped him, etc. Relax all of you self-proclaimed determinants of who needs to do what for the team, what coach needs to do, etc. Do people hang on every moment of your job and tell you what to do all day? Get real. Have some poignant comments, but think twice before pontificating about what individual players need to do, etc. GO HOOSIERS!!!! In good time these guys are going to seriously rock and roll.

  12. I will make a bold prediction right now. I bet at some point this season that either MSU, UK, Duke, or Kansas will have an off night shooting like IU did and barely win a game against a team that they should handle easily.

  13. But…Lowest ranked team Duke plays is #293. Michigan State #307. Kentucky #256. Kansas #290. We still have a #326 and #339 to play, after beating a #302.

    KenPom numbers again with a bottom of 351. So you are probably right but will it be a one-pointer over a #207?

    For this team. at this time in their development, the pre-conference schedule is a good one. Coach(s) have work to do, but the potential growth of this team is amazing.

  14. Ron, I agree completely. It is a good schedule for this team because thy have much to learn.

  15. Well said PacNWHoosier. Right out of the gate, we have people talking about firing Tom Crean and how awful the team played. Get a grip folks. IU has a lot of freshman who are still learning and LIU deserves a lot of credit.
    Perhaps some of you should know what you are talking about before speaking.

  16. Pac & Chris…

    The “fire Crean” crowd will be here all year – win or lose. You have to just ignore them.

    As for Pac’s comments, there was only only 1 post that mentioned anything about individual players, and none about specific things that they should do, so I’m not sure who you’re preaching to… Other blogs you’re reading maybe?

    Since I’m not very familiar with your screen name (but hope to see more of your comments) I will say that I believe a few of the regular posters on here were indeed college athletes, and a few more have had some significant coaching experience at various levels – doesn’t mean we all agree or that we always make prudent comments, but there is certainly plenty of experience on the blog.

    Hope to hear more from both you and Chris.

  17. #14 sounded like it came out a baby’s fart. Nobody is saying FIRE CREAN NOW!…Best to fire him at the conclusion of the season. Anyway, Alford is already at UCLA and Cody didn’t have the stones to come back and take this team to glory land. We had our shot.

    Now, it simply is what it is.

    Wow..Looking at the talent last night during the two marquee games on ESPN, one has to wonder how Cody and Dipo would fare on the draft order at the conclusion of this season….? Now we can all understand why they bolted.

  18. Seriously Harvard? There were only about 1.2 million people who were paying attention that said that was a factor in why Cody and Vic left early… But to be fair, only about 8 of us were actually saying it on this blog.

  19. This is funny. I get called all sorts of terrible names because I suggest that it might be necessary to fire an assistant coach on IU’s football team, a team that has not had a winning season in years and may have the worst defense in college football, yet some people are calling for Tom Crean to be fired after his second consecutive winning season with an appearance in the Sweet 16, and immediately after his new, young team wins its second game of the year.

    Either I’ve walked through the looking glass or there are some lunatics posting comments on this site.

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