Indiana falls to Minnesota in heartbreaking fashion, 42-39

Indiana was just 9 yards away from a game-winning touchdown and well within range of a game-tying field goal, but lost a critical Big Ten football game to Minnesota 42-39 when a backward pass turned into a Golden Gopher fumble recovery with 14 seconds to go.

The Hoosiers had rallied back from a 35-13 deficit with 26 unanswered points to take a 39-35 lead, but allowed Minnesota to take the lead back on a 50-yard touchdown pass from Golden Gophers quarterback Phillip Nelson to tight end Max Williams, making it 42-39. Indiana moved swiftly down the field, however, needing just two plays to get into Minnesota territory and four to get in the red zone. However, on second-and-goal from the 9, IU quarterback Nate Sudfeld threw a lateral pass behind tailback Tevin Coleman. Coleman couldn’t corrale it and it was eventually recovered by Minnesota linebacker Aaron Hill to clinch the game.

Minnesota quarterback Phillip Nelson threw for 298 yards and four touchdowns. Tailback David Cobb rushed for 188 yards and a score. Playing only the second half, IU quarterback Nate Sudfeld threw for 189 yards and two touchdowns. Tailbacks Stephen Houston and Tevin Coleman both went over 100 yards with Houston rushing for 111 and a touchdown and Coleman rushing for 108 and a score.


  1. Let’s not be too hard on this football team. Realistically, all we can expect out of IU football is to be competitive and entertaining. This team is both. The loss today meant that we won’t be in the Motor City Bowl. Big deal – it probably would have conflicted with a basketball game anyway.

    this team is lost and wandering through an inescapable fog of stupidity. It is thick and poisonous, and I fear that it has endured for too long. Insanity is next. Insanity……..and horror…….the horror……………………..the………………………………..hor….orr…………….

  3. Kurk – I as a fan expect more – a lot more. And I’m pretty sure if you asked the players – they’d be real happy to go anywhere to play a bowl game. You only get 4 years to play – you can’t blow opportunities like today. It really doesn’t matter if the staff is sorry. The players (and the fans) are the ones who get screwed. Just doesn’t seen right that 1000’s are effected by the incompetence of a few.

    Feels like our real government has set up shop in Memorial Stadium.

  4. Just want to say I saw this Hoosier team fight hard to get back in this game and to have it end that way is hard proud of how they fought the second half. Well I am going to say this once it is going to be hard to win if we are playing 17 on 11 little unfair life not fair but having calls not be called or calls be called differently against us and different against them. I am tired of scrapping and clawing back in it when 6 blind mice probably have called a better game maybe they use the yellow flags to blow their noses.

  5. Coach Wilson took responsibility (after the game) for the call resulting in the lateral/fumble.
    I gained a lot of respect for both him and his team tonight.
    They missed several golden opportunities to quit.

  6. ChromeDome,


    At this point, it’s no longer bad luck. Something else is causing all of this. It’s almost unbelievable the type of bad luck IU football has. IF there is a GOD, he’s a purdue or kentucky fan.

  7. It is a long hard road from irrelevance to relevance. People thought Crean took too long and he had the benefit of the programs past glories.

    There are no past glories of IU football.

    There are no Indian burial grounds under the stadium. There is no curse. It is not even bad luck (well, sometimes it is bad luck).

    It is decades of Indiana not taking Indiana football seriously. Football was just there because Big Ten schools fielded a football team.

    It takes a long time to turn all that around.

  8. Same sad story. Yeah yeah we fought hard and came back blah blah blah. Another career day for an opposing QB. A BAD QB. The defense is still a joke coming off a bye week. Murphy is scared to hit anything.

    The stands were empty after halftime. Typical. I’m sure the ones who left are happy they did just that. I wish I didn’t see that ending.

    Ridiculous play call. I don’t care if it was a bad route. A hand off would have been fine with all of our timeouts and with the effectiveness we were running the ball.

    3 star coaches and 3 star recruits. Nothing has changed. To hell with you “glass half full” Hoosiers. This football program is the same sad, pathetic story it has been since Mallory #1’s exit.

    A loss is a loss.

  9. As soon as Sudfeld threw that pass, the memories of another game this year where the pass barely (after replay confirmation) crossed the “golden plane” suddenly rushed back in my head. Coach, it wouldn’t have killed you to run a delay on that play.
    So frustrating to see inept plays year after year. But then again, had there been an IU defense on the field for their last series, we’re talking about something else.

  10. PLAYERS deserve better, more than anybody. Illinois is a really bad team and may or may not put up huge numbers v. IU, but after this Sat. IU is looking down the barrel of either UW or OSU (or both) racking up seventy or eighty points on the IUD. How humiliating to the defensive squad. I can’t imagine how KW can face the players this week intending, as he apparently does, to keep Mallory on staff. Under most circumstances, canning a DC mid-season reeks of either 1) a quick emotional fix or 2) desperation. I’ll take option two if it means that THE PLAYERS get the message that someone ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT THEM. Everyone in the locker room knows what is the no. 1 problem. FIRE MALLORY NOW- give THE PLAYERS some reason to play hard!!!!

  11. The players have all bought into Wilson and staff. They already know they cares. We have a co-DC staffing set up so do you fire 2 or just 1? Talk about a disruptive message sent.

  12. Disrupt what? A defense that started out bad and is getting worse as time goes on? The players may have bought into KW’s plan, but that’s exactly what I’m worried about, HC. If something doesn’t change pretty soon, there’s going to be a huge case of buyer’s remorse. We’ll see how recruiting goes then.

  13. Davis- the personnel and structural matters pertaining to the Defense are not a decision that needs or can be imposed on CKW now. What needs to be made clear is that he is in charge of this team and we have his back on his leadership and his decision making. That is exactly what kids expect.

    Weakening his authority by hedging on Wilson’s leadership will destroy this program with absolutely no possibility of bringing it back. Who will kids commit to? Me? You? Podunker? …the IU Varsity Club and its history of lobbying for ‘insider interests’? The Board that has done this incredible job of putting us in a position to win? (Read its history)

    You’re a smart and impressive man, I have absolutely no idea how you’ve become this irrational, anxious and vulnerable. This one is easy, the answer is obvious and we all know it. It requires calm reasoning, some temporary pain, and a cold stare…not emotional babble and screams in capital letters. WE need to grow up, admit we ****ed up and stop wetting our diapers.

  14. I simply don’t believe there are ever going to be population numbers that can feed into/support 70-100 thousand fans in a Bloomington football stadium.

    Students will find it less and less a priority to spend their ever-dwindling disposable dollars on big ticket packages. Most young people are borrowing the equivalent of a 30 mortgage for a 4-year college degree.

    And when it comes to “deserving better,” the conversation should be about finding solutions to the skyrocketing costs and the long term debt so many young people are burying themselves in for degrees that may net very little return on gargantuan investments.

    I don’t always fault the product on the field for the difficulties in filling 60,000 seats in college town with a feeder major city more than 45 miles away. And I certainly don’t fault the students for keeping what little excess funds found in their wallet somewhere other than a football game.

    I would suggest that spending that $100/mth on football tickets be best passed up in the same fashion the suggestion now being proposed to 20-something-year-old’s to give up the fancy phones and the high-priced cable TV packages/superscription…When you’re borrowing the next 25 years of your life on general 4-year degree educations, best put your small amount of extra cash toward health insurance under the new Obamacare options.

    Young people of this country(and the millions rotting in our destitute inner cities that have become war zones) “deserve” far more than the riches old men on a blog screaming for an adequate football team.

    Maybe we could get a healthcare plan for young people partially subsidized by the huge profits built into the he ticket money from college football sales/products…? Sports is so damn important…? Maybe it’s time we start giving back to the young people that have helped it survive and prosper for decades?

  15. …borrowing the equivalent of a [30-year] mortgage for a 4-year college degree.

  16. And if I’m spending $1000/semester on textbooks and I have to choose where to put my pittance of leftover funds from my shrinking savings account or borrowed monies, then here’s my prioritization spending schedule:

    A. Gas for Car
    B. HBO
    C. Snazzy new phone with huge data package
    D. Pizza
    E. Beer
    F. More Beer
    G. Reefers
    H. Netflix
    I. Clothes
    J. Overdraft protection on my account to buy a football ticket and help pay for a coach’s 10 million dollar salary at a Limestone quarry.
    K. thru Y….More cable Sports channels.
    Z. Obamacare

  17. More and better talent is the needed prescription. Mallory/Inge replacements are not necessary now or after the season. We are 2 years in and in 2 more years the W/L record will be more than acceptable. Wilson and staff are strong recruiters. I am not worried about the future in the least. As far as fans and players deserve better, they’ve had much worse much longer in recent and past history. By the way after last Saturday we can wipe Navy from the 2013 chumps list of FB.

  18. HC- co-fire them. I understand that there are reasons for not firing them immediately, but astounded that anyone thinks they should be retained after this season. The defense has not only not improved, it’s gotten worse!!! It’s not as if there has been slow but discernible progress on the defensive side of the ball.

    You’re right about better players. Not a team in the world would not benefit from better players, but how can IU expect good players to consider signing up for the debacle that is the current IUD? Unlike NFL teams, IU can’t clean out the defensive squad and get whole new batch of players (a la Bears offensive line this year) so the only change has to happen in the coaching staff.

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