IU sets free throws record in 100-72 win over Chicago State

Indiana forward Jeremy Hollowell scored 16 points and the Hoosiers made a school record 45 of their 55 free throw attempts in a 100-72 win over Chicago State in the Hoosiers’ season opener.

Hollowell was one of six IU scores in double figures. Freshman Troy Williams scored 13 points. Freshman forward Noah Vonleh posted a double-double with 11 points and 14 rebounds. Sophomore guard Yogi Ferrell had 11 points, senior swingman Will Sheehey and freshman forward Devin Davis each had 10 points and nine rebounds.



  1. Harvard for Hillbillies
    Saturday, October 5, 2013 – 4:26 AM UTC


    Thanks for the responses. I thought it seemed earlier..

    And thanks for your thoughts about the banner ceremony.

    Caught a glimpse of some of the Hysteria footage that immediately went up on YouTube. I was very impressed with Devin Davis(albeit my limited view is based primarily on a dunk contest). I don’t follow these recruits that much previous to their arrival on campus, but he just looks the part of a shooting star


  2. Looks like they are off 2 good start….I just HOPE they don’t have 2 teams this year….play with all your Heart fella’s and remember it’s not if You win or lose….it’s how You play the game that matters…stand strong and play the game as it was Your last game… You never know if Jesus is in the stands and says Game Over…!!!!

  3. …interesting…

    Anyway, I had a ton of fun watching the first half of that game. They are SO raw. Just so much room for improvement… So many game situations to experience. At first it was endearing because they play to hard and so fast, and you can’t tell if its first game jitters or just the way it’s going to be for a bit… Then in the second half, between the mistakes and the constant foul calls, it was a lot less fun and a much more tedious endeavor.

    I was glad people finally got to see Vonleh’s skill set. He gets double-doubles by accident, but he also can block a shot, get the rebound, and then lead the break. Good to see him step up and make his FT’s as well.

    Devon and Stan are going to be very tough to keep off the court. They bring great energy on D, but are less frantic on offense than the other young players.

    Good to see Perea have a highlight to help build his confidence a bit. I feel like he’s the type of player that needs those moments to feed the rest of his game.

    Little disappointed in Fischer’s role thus far. He just seems left behind. I thought he’d be a little more comfortable out there, but it just feels like he’s watching all these athletes out there doing their thing and doesn’t want to get in their way.

    Feel like they made some positive strides on the team defensive front. Vonleh in particular was impressive being in fundamental help position, cutting off drives, and altering or blocking shots, but he wasn’t the only one… Hollowell and Davis stood out to me as well.

    Going to be a big difference between watching Duke/Kansas and IU on Tuesday. (Btw, I’m predicting Duke to win easily, not sure if anyone else saw them on Friday, but wow… And I’m also willing to predict that MSU wins despite the freshman Randle teaching upperclassmen Dawson and Payne a few lessons)

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