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QUESTION: MODERATOR: Good afternoon, and welcome to today’s IU sports chat. Dustin and Chris Howell are in New York City for tonight’s men’s basketball game against Washington. And then there’s a football trip to Columbus this weekend, right? And let’s not forget about NCAA Tourney opener?
So a good day for a chat to bring us all together here on the www.
Gentlemen: How are you? Ready to get started?

JEREMY: Every Thursday is a good day to chat on the world wide web. But, yeah, there may be basketball, football and soccer to discuss. And IU cross country also competing in the NCAA championships this weekend. Let’s get started.

DUSTIN: The www. Nice on Moddy. That we are. In New York, about a block away from the Garden and we can see WTC-One from the window. Gotta love this place. Anyway, busy weekend coming. Let’s get to it.

ANDY: The intrepid Dustin will cover two IU hoops games in NYC over the next couple of nights, then take a red-eye flight to Columbus to cover the football Hoosiers on Saturday afternoon. I say unreservedly and unabashedly he’s the best IU beat writer going, the best we’ve had in a long while. I wish more people, not just our loyal and valued subscribers, could read more of his stuff. That’s just how I feel about it. And I know the number of hours he works (and the squeamish among you might not want to know).
That said, I am chat-ready and, hopefully, chat-worthy.

QUESTION: Glass has stated recently that IU is close to announcing a new facilities campaign. Any idea when this might be? Thanks!
Jimmy, Indiana

JEREMY: Jimmy,
Fred Glass did mention in August that a new capital campaign would likely be announced in late fall or early winter, but nothing yet. That was also when he mentioned renovating Assembly Hall instead of replacing it.


DUSTIN: Not entirely sure and not even sure exactly what it’s going to be. Gotta give Glass a call on that one.

ANDY: Jimmy:

Heard the same thing, most recently in the video interview posted this week by Rick Bozich, and it clearly is coming soon, though I’ve heard no specific announcement date.
Fred obviously prefers renovating Assembly Hall rather than replacing it any time soon. He seems to want at least another 20 years out of the building. I don’t think the renovations will include more seating (and, let’s face it, the place has only about 8,000-10,000 good seats now), though it might include some premium seating (i.e. luxury box-style stuff.) It was heartening to hear Fred reiterate that IU will not sell naming rights to the building. It will remain Assembly Hall unless the school wants, at some future point, to honor a specific individual (and, yes, we all have an idea as to who that might be if and when such a chance arises.)
With baseball and softball pretty successfully addressed now, it’ll be interesting to see what else is on the docket.

QUESTION: Are we done for 2014 in terms of basketball recruiting? Jaquan L seems to be leaning back towards Kansas and I guess the Dante Exum thing has finally fizzled out. Anybody else on the radar, like Max H was, who may commit?
indianavelt, Fort Wayne

JEREMY: indianavelt,
First off, apologies that I didn’t get back out to you soon enough to stare into the computer last Friday. Trying to do my job and Dustin’s job at the same time got the better of me.
Second, I guess we all know by now not to write off Jaquan Lyle until he actually signs with somebody. Exum looks like a lock for the draft, but his Australian teammate, Jonah Bolden, is apparently a significant target. Bolden listed Indiana among his six finalists recently. And frankly, I have no doubt that there is somebody out there we’ve not heard of yet that will pop up by spring.

DUSTIN: I wouldn’t say done. It’s possible that the Hoosiers will end with three guys for this class, but Tom Crean doesn’t stop recruiting and if he finds someone who can help, he’ll take him. The Dante Exum thing is pretty much done. By all accounts he’s a Top 10 pick even in this loaded class, so there doesn’t seem to be any indication that he’s going to go to a U.S. college. With Lyle, you never know. Not at all. And the Hoosiers are also going at Jonah Holden, a forward from Australia in the Class of 2014. I’m going to go so far as to say they add one guy, and it might not be a guy you’ve even heard of yet. It’s Tom Crean, you can never call a class over.

ANDY: indianavelt:
IU is one of the final six for another Aussie, 6-9 Jonah Bolden, who is a 2014 recruit. The Hoosiers are vying with Kentucky, Louisville, UCLA, Southern California and Southern Methodist for Bolden, who has really rocketing up the recruiting rankings. He’s the only guy I think IU is seriously involved with at this point. I think the Lyle ship has likely sailed, and I was never sure how serious IU’s interest in him really was. Bolden might or might not wait till spring to commit.

QUESTION: I’m going to keep bringing up the Lady Hoosiers because they deserve some press. At 4-0 and three games with 80pts or more, they are a scoring machine so far with another great class coming in next year. Simple questions: How many wins do you think they will get once they are in BIG TEN play, and which marquee team do they match-up well against?
Les, B-town

The IU women’s basketball team is off to a great start, and, as you mention, have topped 80 points three times, something they did just once all last year.
It’s a fun team to watch with an emerging star in freshman guard Larryn Brooks, and there is actually depth, albeit very young, but depth nonetheless, something that’s been missing for quite some time.
It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen in Big Ten play, but after scratching out two wins last year, I think a jump to five or six wins in conference is realistic. If IU goes 6-10 in the Big Ten, combined with a record of 9-4 or better (better seems quite likely) in non-conference play, you’re looking at an overall record above .500 and a potential berth in the WNIT, which would be a significant accomplishment.
As far as matching up with a marquee Big Ten team, you’d just have to say Purdue, because it’s a rivalry game and the Hoosiers actually scored that upset last year.

DUSTIN: I’m going to leave this open for Price, because I haven’t followed the IU women at all. We might need to start involving Mike Miller in these.

ANDY: Les:
Curt Miller has clearly gotten some things in gear during his short tenure, though I think perhaps his program is still a year away from making really big waves in conference play. IU has two fine freshmen guards starting, but they haven’t seen the sort of comparative quickness they’ll see against Big Ten teams such as Penn State and Nebraska. Brooks might be one of the quickest guards in the league already, though, so it’ll be interesting to see. Nor do the Hoosiers have the sort of skilled size some of their conference foes possess. Can Sasha Chaplin stay healthy? Can Jenn Anderson get healthy? We’ll see.
As to next season’s recruiting class, I’ve seen Maura Muensterman play, and she’s a quality all-around player. She won’t be a scoring leader, probably, but will be a broad-based contributor. I’ve only seen Buss on video and, obviously, she’s a scoring machine at her level. It’ll be interesting to see how that will translate to a major-college level, but she clearly is a potential force. It was a shame to hear Kia Nurse, the superb guard from Ontario, has cast her lot with UConn, because IU had some ties there and was right in there pitching on her recruitment.
I think a big key for Coach Miller is whether or not he can recruit skilled size. He pretty obviously has no problems finding and signing excellent perimeter prospects, but skilled size is harder to find. When he starts signing kids along the lines of Tara Reimer and Stephanie Mavunga from this past group of Indiana high school seniors, that’ll be a great sign that his program is more fully ready to kick some serious posterior. I believe he will get his program to that point, sooner or later.

QUESTION: Just when I think I’m out we have the most improbable run ever by the men’s soccer team to win Big Ten Championship! You going to Akron Jeremy and/or Andy?
Also Akron is as good as ever but one HORRIBLE loss to Hartwick in a game where they dominated but could not find the goal is reason they are not HIGHLY seeded. I think our season ends here but I am incredibly shocked and surprised team made tourney after all.
Also that goalie switch to Colin Webb was the best thing ever. The guy might not quite be Louis Soffner but he certainly is making some beautiful saves and looks like our solid goalie for the next 4 years. It is shocking considering he is short and a heavier guy and not built like a goalie but he sure can play the position! No way they win tourney with Souderland in goal.
Also incredible proud of women’s team for getting this far but there season ends Fri. at UNC also. Overall could not be more proud of women’s team all season and the men’s team in the end for getting their act together!
IU Soccer Fan, Bloomfield

JEREMY: IU Soccer Fan,
I’m pretty sure the Hoosiers would like to say, ‘I told you so,’ but that just wouldn’t be very nice. Consider now that in his four years as Indiana head coach, Todd Yeagley has added to the trophy case three times with a Big Ten regular season title, Big Ten Tournament title and NCAA title. The current IU seniors have won all three, the first time that’s been the case in seven years.
Webb has played very well since being inserted, and it seems that his insertion along with moving Jacob Bushue into the back line has improved the chemistry on defense.
The problem for Akron is that their schedule just isn’t all that good. The Zips’ three losses were to St. John’s, VCU and Hartwick, plus a tie with Michigan State. They had overtime wins against Penn State, Rutgers, San Diego State, Buffalo and Western Michigan, which gives you an idea how close they were to having a record closer to Indiana’s than the current 16-3-1. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good team, but there’s nothing they’ve done that just jumps out at you. Should be an interesting game as both teams will have chances, and I’d say IU needs to bury two or three to win.
Andy and I will be watching from the comforts of home on this one.

DUSTIN: Soccer guys. Go forth.

ANDY: IU Soccer Fan:
The season was a rough ride for everybody involved, fans obviously included, and may, as you note, end tonight. Akron is an outstanding team. But all along, Indiana played some good soccer and clearly had capacity, or “inventory” as Todd Yeagley likes to say. So it seemed only fair, frankly, to see them (and their fans) rewarded for their perseverance toward the end of such an arduous campaign.
The personnel moves Todd made were clearly good ones, and timely.
And, by the way, if IU pulls off a win tonight (which would be a heck of a win), I would like its chances Sunday at Marquette. And if IU would win that one, too, watch out. It could be Team of Destiny stuff. But no need to get ahead of ourselves. Winning tonight is enough of a challenge. I would probably pick Akron to win, but IU has a legit shot.
I’m sorry to say other duties precluded Jeremy and I from headed over to Akron, and we probably won’t be at Marquette, either, if the Hoosiers advance (I’ll be on my way back from Columbus, Ohio, Sunday, for example.)
If you don’t already know, I should note that tonight’s game should be available via live-stream at

QUESTION: 1. I have a curious question about Tom Crean taking his IU team to the Pacer game last night? Do players have to pay for their own tickets or is he aloud to buy them for them as their coach without it being considered an improper benefit? Just curious
2. Is Fred Glass bothered by the empty tickets in the student section GA and has he thought about at least moving balcony students down to GA for these early games. It looks terrible on TV (announcers even made a comment about it during Samford game which cant be good) to have a half full GA student section, especially when students only get half the games (which is a whole different issue with the way ticket distribution is does).
3. Did you see Kravitz’s column on firing Doug Mallory and do you agree he will and should be gone after this year (especially Andy should have an opinion on this as football columnist)?
Darren, Martinsville

JEREMY: Darren,
1. I believe the athletic department can purchase the tickets as a whole. I suppose it’s possible the tournament could provide those tickets for all the teams, should they desire them, but I don’t think that’s the case here.
2. I’m sure Glass feels it’s less than ideal, but you can’t really do anything on game day. Guessing that improves in coming games.
3. Saw the column, and have to say it’s hard to have what is shaping up to be the worst Big Ten defense of all-time and not do something to change things up.

DUSTIN: Hey Darren.
1. I think the athletic department can pay for them. It’s not Crean himself. I’m not exactly sure how that works and I could be wrong, but I don’t know that Crean can by them himself. It’s probably got to be OK’d through compliance. But it’s sort of like meals on the road or entertainment at bowl games. The department can take care of certain things.
2. I would imagine yes, but it’s hard to make that move in game. You don’t really know what kind of no-shows you’re going to get until the game starts. If it becomes an issue, I’d guess you’d see a move.
3. Figured this was coming and yes, obviously saw Kravitz’s column. I’d say this, if Wilson doesn’t let him go, he’s going to have to come up with a good explanation for why he’s keeping him. When things go bad for a football program, it’s not easy to say whose fault it is, especially if you’re not at practice. You’re not in meeting rooms, you don’t know who’s suggesting what and either why it isn’t getting across or why it isn’t working. But at some point, perception becomes more important than reality. If there’s an argument in Doug Mallory’s favor, it’s that he has a lot of young talent coming through the ranks (Darius Latham, Antonio Allen, David Kenney, Rashard Fant, the freshman linebackers, etc.) but it’s going to be difficult for him and the rest of the defensive staff to procure that talent if he’s carrying around the record he’s going to be hanging around. As it stands, the D-Coordinator position is probably as attractive to other candidates as it can possibly be before the Hoosiers start actually winning. They have the second best offense in the conference, and if they could pair that with an even somewhat respectable defense, they’d be a bowl team. The bar for success isn’t that high and it will be easy for an up and coming coordinator to use this as a springboard. This may or may not be fair to Doug Mallory, who is, as many have pointed out, a heck of a good guy, but now is probably the time to strike and make a move. If Wilson chooses not to do that, he needs a good justification as to why.

ANDY: Darren:
1. I think the rules permit athletic departments some leeway in regard to expenses for activities on the road, and this probably fits into that category. Obviously, they wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t within NCAA guidelines.
2. Well, there were some weather-related attendance issues over the weekend, obviously, and it isn’t as if IU has hosted big-name opposition as yet. The students will be there when the big games come along, if not before (though it’s worthy to note the students will be out of town for IU’s Big Ten home opener with Michigan State.)
3. Yeah, I saw it. Usually agree with Kravvy. Not saying I disagree here, at least fully, and obviously a lot of folks share his sentiments. He made his points well and forcefully, but I would have found the column a bit more convincing if he’d come up with some examples about what is specifically wrong with Mallory’s schemes, for example. I’ve said all along that full evaluation should wait till season’s end and I am going to adhere to that. And I’ve noted that the guy who will be making the call, Kevin Wilson, knows a heck of a lot more about the reality of it all, behind the scenes, than do Bob Kravitz or I. But things are not trending well, let’s put it that way.
Even if Mallory isn’t perceived by Wilson to be the primary issue, Mallory may still have to fall on his sword, so to speak. Clearly, as I said in a column this week, the defensive performance we’ve seen is unsustainable and changes are coming, and should be coming. It’ll be interesting to see what CKW chooses to do. But he’s obviously going to do something, and maybe several things.
It’s rough. The surname Mallory is synonymous with good, tough Indiana football. In many ways, the Mallorys constitute the First Family of IU football. They are class, all the way. And everything I know about Doug Mallory tells me what a good and honorable and hard-working guy he is. Coaching is a bottom-line business, to be sure, but this situation is a tough one for everybody connected to the IU program.

QUESTION: Good afternoon guys! As always, thanks for all of the coverage and especially for this chat. I appreciate it. Also, Dustin, thanks for the explanation of Luke Fischer’s facial injury. I should have known the immortal Tijan Jobe was involved. The Liger is ALWAYS involved!
1. Well, IU’s trip to Madison went just about as nightmarishly (is that a word? It is now) as one can expect. I don’t think any real analysis would be the least bit helpful. Everything went wrong for IU and Wisconsin completely dominated them (again). I will say this, I’ve seen several Big Ten games this season and I think Wisconsin and Michigan State are both better than Ohio State right now. The Badgers are really good. My question, are you getting any indications that Doug Mallory’s fate is sealed or do the games against OSU and Purdue decide the future of the defensive coordinator position?
2. I was thoroughly impressed with the young Hoosiers (basketball) on Friday and Sunday. A blowout on Friday to respond to the close LIU-Brooklyn game, a quick turnaround and then a comfortable win against a solid Stony Brook team (with Will Sheehey in foul trouble). Obviously, Yogi has been very good. Do you think he can continue to shoot at close to this pace (somewhere at or a little above 40% from 3)? Do you think Tom Crean would like to see anything differently from Yogi?
3. Are you surprised at the minutes Collin Hartman has gotten thus far? I confess, based on what I saw from him at Cathedral, I didn’t expect him to contribute much this season. Is something going on with Austin Etherington that has allowed Hartman to pass him in the rotation or is Hartman just the better player?
As always, thanks for the coverage and for the chat. It’s always great! Two quick questions, since IU Soccer Fan in Bloomfield gave up on the soccer team, are you still going to take his NCAA Tourney questions? Based on what you have seen from IU and from IU’s non-conference opponents thus far, what do you think would qualify as a “good” non-conference record? Go Hoosiers and God bless.
TJ, Noblesville

1. Wisconsin might be the one school Indiana wishes would leave the Big Ten for a different conference in almost every sport.
2. I agree that the Hoosiers really showed something last weekend, particularly against Stony Brook. What they show these two games in New York will be interesting as playing away from home is always a challenge for young teams. I think Yogi can shoot in the 40 percent range from 3, as long as he’s taking good shots. He mentioned at Big Ten Media Day that the only change he made was the release point on his shot, letting it go a little earlier. Last year, Yogi would wait until he reached the peak of his jump, then let the shot go, which makes for a less consistent shot.
In an ideal world, I suppose more assists, but that will be a product of the players around Yogi being more comfortable, getting in the right spots and possibly defenses starting to shift their focus more on stopping Yogi, so we’ll see. I think the other thing Crean has mentioned he wants to see is Yogi be a real defensive factor with his quickness on the ball.
3. As for Hartman, yeah, it’s been a little surprising, but I thought what Hartman has shown, and particularly did so in the Derby Classic last spring, was that he can be a better rebounder and defender than you might realize. And I think that may be why he’s seeing more of the floor than Etherington. And as I’ve mentioned before, you have to wonder where exactly Etherington is in his recovery from injury. My guess is that’s still a work in progress, even if he feels good and healthy.
Yes, we’re stilling taking IU Soccer Fan’s questions, as his mere presence reveals the egg on his face.
And as far as IU basketball non-conference, I think a good non-conference record would be 11-2 or better, though 10-3 wouldn’t be a surprise or even particularly bad.

1. It’s Wilson’s call and he’s not giving any indication one way or the other. I’d say this, he’s either made his decision or he’s totally not even considering it until the season ends. I wouldn’t think these next two games will make that much of a difference unless something drastic happens. Either there’s something about Mallory’s style of coaching he really likes and thinks is worth sticking with or he doesn’t. There’s no way of making the numbers look respectable at this point and I doubt there’s much IU could do against Ohio State or Purdue to save Mallorys’ job if Wilson’s made up his mind in that regard. But if he’s leaning towards keeping him, I don’t think there’s anything that could happen in these next two games to change those ideas either. He might not realize this yet, but he’s either firing him or he isn’t. Hopefully that makes sense.
2. I think Yogi can shoot close to that. I think he’s going to be streaky. He’s going to have nights when he’s spot on, some when he’s average, and still some when he’s off. And I think that gets him somewhere between 38 and 41 percent by the time it’s all said and done. Two problems he’s going to have are 1) he’s going to be running around a lot, so it’s going to be harder for him to keep his legs than a lot of catch-and-shoot guys. 2) The Hoosiers don’t have a lot of outside options, so defenses will key on him. But his ability to score off the dribble will keep defenses honest. So I say close to 40 percent sounds right.
3. Not sure what’s going on in what seems to be the Etherington-Hartman competition. Etherington seemed to be ahead in the beginning, and it seems like Hartman’s been able to provide more energy in the last two games. To me, they seem pretty even. Hartman might be a little bit better moving the basketball and a little better rebounder. I think you’ll see both play and I think you’ll see the pendulum swing back and forth there.

How are things up in my old Hamilton County stomping grounds (I ask as a proud Westfield High School grad, Class of 1973)?
1. I don’t know if Coach Mallory’s fate is sealed, though things probably aren’t trending well as I noted in a previous response. If IU set the whole college football nation on its ear with an upset Saturday and then won the Bucket, perhaps things might head another direction. But I think it’s pretty clear changes are coming regarding how IU approaches defense.
2. They have been impressive, though it’ll be interesting to see how all the young guys respond to their first college road swing, and playing in Madison Square Garden no less. If the Hoosiers play well, and within themselves, the next couple of nights, that’s a really good sign. I think Yogi’s shot looks legitimately improved. He’s squaring up better. He’s shooting with a consistent release point and from the apex of his jump. He’s going up with a lot more confidence and picking his spot better. No reason to think that can’t continue.
3. Can’t speak for CTC, obviously, but I’d still like to see a bit more soundness and consistency in terms of decision-making when distributing the ball. Yogi’s a great passer, can make head-spinning deliveries, but I’d like see more consistently effective passing and less tendency toward flash (or, if he can more consistently find and set-up teammates while retaining the flash, all the better.) And I think CTC will always want his players to become better defenders. But Yogi has clearly gotten off to a great start for his sophomore season, overall.
4. Have always liked Hartman, actually, while being cognizant of some of his limitations. But he’s a cerebral, intuitive player and a team guy. So I’m not all that surprised CTC will give him some PT. And this team can clearly use somebody to augment the outside shooting, so maybe Hartman is surpassing Etherington in that regard, but I’m obviously not able to watch practice so that is pure speculation. Etherington is a good, tough athlete. That’ll be an interesting situation to watch as things move forward.
IU Soccer Fan has returned, as you will note, a bit contrite and still prone to over-statement, even when saying positive things. Glad to have him back, actually. Don’t always agree with his take, obviously, but don’t mind his passion. I basically welcome any and all chatters, IUSF included.
10-3 would seem good enough. 11-2 would be really good. Watch out for Evansville, by the way, and Kokomo grad D.J. Balentine.
QUESTION: Hey guys, What do you make of the crazy season for men’s soccer? Can they do anything in the tournament or is it too little, too late?
Silas, Lafayette

JEREMY: Silas,
There’s no too little, too late once you’re in the NCAA tourney as the Hoosiers are. There is some question of the task of winning three games in five days last week catches up to them this week, but either way, I think they at least salvaged a measure of respectability. And if they can find a way past Akron in the opener, I’d say all bets are off.

DUSTIN: Well, I haven’t followed these guys closely, but if they’re in, they’re in and they have a shot. I’m sure the seeding will make it difficult, but they have the talent to make a lot happen.

ANDY: Silas:
Tonight’s game at Akron is a really tough assignment. The Zips are probably favored, especially at home. But if IU manages to win there, I like the Hoosier chances Sunday at Marquette. And if IU comes out of the weekend, alive, watch out. This team’s season might well end tonight, but I also wouldn’t be shocked at all to see it make a run. The capacity is clearly there.

QUESTION: Any idea when the time for the Purdue game will be announced? It’s darn hard planning for the weekend after a holiday without this info. Thanks.
Eddie, Smithville
JEREMY: Eddie,
Probably not until Monday, as far as I know.
DUSTIN: It’s either noon or 3:30. They’ll know by Monday. IT can’t be any later than that. Ain’t helping my planning either.
ANDY: Eddie:
I hear you on that, believe me, but TV rules the roost. That Bucket game time news should arrive Monday.

DUSTIN: Not sure why this question is blank, but I’ll use this space to answer an interesting question I saw through the e-mail, but didn’t show up, which may have been what this was supposed to be. Reader asked what IU basketball players could make the most impact as football players and at what position. Well, to my knowledge, none of the guys have any football background, but if they had, I’d go with Will Sheehey as a wide receiver and Devin Davis as a tight end/defensive end. Sheehey’s got long strides, great endurance, leaping ability and a nasty streak, so I think he’d be effective. Davis is a little thicker and just as hard nosed and I could seem him playing at 6-6, 240 and still able to get around guys. Yogi Ferrell would be pretty good, too. Could see him as either a corner or a Russell Wilson-esque sort of quarterback. Could also see Evan Gordon as a safety. Troy Williams and Noah Vonleh might both be useful too just because of sheer athleticism. Williams could play wideout. Vonleh might be a little too tall, but you never know. I think Oladipo would’ve been really good, too.

QUESTION: MODERATOR: That’s all the time we have for today. You can follow IU sports anytime and on the go at the Hoosier Scoop blog and app.
Gentlemen: What else should we know before we say goodbye? Busy weekend, yes?
JEREMY: We’ll keep you updated on all the IU sports happenings via the Hoosier Scoop and Twitter. Enjoy the games.
DUSTIN: Yeah, follow us closely. We’ll be live-chatting from the Garden the next two nights and have plenty of coverage. Then I’ll be in Columbus on Saturday and we’ll have coverage from that. Not sure if anyone’s going to the soccer games, but we’ll have as much coverage as we can. Stick with us.
ANDY: Ready to roll into the weekend, while ramping up my high school boys’ basketball previews. It’s a busy time of year, but I love it. And I always, no matter what, look forward to Bucket Week. Thanks to all who chatted and/or checked in.