1. How many Chicago State players fouled out of the game yesterday? If this game exemplified the new rules regarding fouls, this is going to be an interesting season.

  2. Podunker – not that you asked me (or that you’ll find my answer back here), but I’ve watched about 8 games between live TV, DVR, and espn3 on my iPad…. The new rule is a bit tough to watch but I do think players will adjust after half a season or so. The biggest gripe for me is that they haven’t put an emphasis on calling Palming. When the offensive player can cradle the ball between each dribble and the defender has to guess if he’s going to continue, cross-over, pass, or pull up for a shot it’s impossible to defend with the new philosophy on “impeding progress”.

    So my take is that it’s a tad unfair and a makes the game drag on a little. At least with so many young contributors on the Hoosiers they won’t have to unlearn bad defensive habits built up in B1G play.

  3. I do not know why they’ve(NCAA)not fixed the palming abomination. Preparing for the NBA? I like Geoff’s early analysis and remarks about new college players as that is something they would be coached to learn. Yes, advantage IU. When this rule change will really be put in the refs’ hands is crunch time at the end of a close game.

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