1. Quick Thoughts:

    Opponents better crash the glass with five or they will get killed on the boards by us.

    Jeff Howard should not be getting development minutes needed by Luke & Hanner. I don’t care what kind of message coach is trying to send because in March Jeff Howard ain’t on the floor in crunch time.

    The maturity in Evan, Noah and Luke’s game really highlights the immaturity in Troy & Stanford’s game. Boys need to focus and catch up.

    Jeremy was being Jeremy. And I wish we’d run some set plays for Evan to shoot threes.

    Definitely see us running the table the rest of the non conference.

  2. Hoping Yogi won’t go pro for another year. Would love to see Perea get a start and play substantial minutes. You can’t grow when you play only 3 minutes at time.

  3. I love Yogi, but as key as he is to our team, he’s not good enough to go early. In fact, I’d be surprised if he wasn’t a 4 year player.

  4. So Aruss, you think this IU team is going to beat Syracuse in their house? Hope you’re right, but I don’t think we’re mature enough, or a good enough outside shooting team to do that in the first half of the season.

  5. I think we have a great shot at Syracuse with this team’s makeup and the new rules. Last year, if you tried to drive or get the ball inside versus the zone there was a legal mugging taking place. But this year, we’ll foul out their entire front court by half time if they play the same way.

    Also in regards to lack of enthusiasm, no one but me expected the team to be this good this early so an opponent live Evansville is a ho hum result. Next year, Glass better do his job and get marquee non conference games for this team.

  6. Define “this good” Aruss… Over the summer I’m as record as predicting them to go 24-7 in the regular season with 1 or 2 losses in the non-conference. Results-wise I’d say they are right on track for my expectations.

    However, if I am showing any lack of enthusiasm, it’s stemming from the team actually not being as good as I thought they’d be right now. I thought last night was a huge step backwards on the offensive end. Their worst game of the year by a lot. Now defensively they were pretty good, and that definitely counts for something, but it doesn’t wash the taste out of my mouth of what I had to endure on the other end.

    So, I will remain excited about the potential of this team, and I will do my best to take it game-by-game with them. But today I’m just trying to forget what I witnessed last night, since I can’t go into the gym and help them change it.

  7. It’s really hard to judge a team ranked #27 (KenPom) playing a #133 (Evansville). We’ve beat #’s 308, 295, 267, 150 and 91. Close loss to #16 and next up is #10.

    Now is the time to get the team’s attention. Not in March. Like the statement by CTC with Howard’s start. Kinda liked the initial platoon type substitution. True, it changes the flow of the game but I would think the constant in and out of the players change the flow. Hope the constant flow of subs is due to CTC/staffs attempt to get the most productive team on the floor. Or it could just be CTC’s nervious energy – got to be doing something. Seen less of the ‘somebody makes a 3 and goes to the bench next play’. Course that could be because the ‘3’ is approching the status of an endangered-species.

    I thought Hollowell generally played well and more in the flow of the game. Yogi, to me, seems to be trying to score too hard. Shooting what 30-35%? That’s ok with a game like last night, but get to one where every possession counts, could be a problem. Especially with turnovers in the 15-20 range.

    Like this team, but CTC will have his hands full getting them ready for conference and March.

    Anybody notice a change in the foul calls. Some of the games in Hawaii, seems as if they are easing up on some of the touch fouls, especially under the basket. Or the teams are adjusting?

    Syracuse will be a good experience for this team. Win or lose.

  8. Aruss,

    I liked how Crean inserted Howard. Our players will have plenty of time to develop. I guarantee this wouldn’t happen with an opponent like Syracuse, etc. Sometimes you pick and choose your battles, and this game was more or less a teaching point for Jeremy. Obviously, it worked. I’m all for it.

    However I would cry foul if this happened with Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State, etc. No time for experiments, or teaching moment in those games. Need to stick with what works, and I have confidence Crean would.

  9. Geoff – “huge step backwards on the offensive end”…we had a non player in Howard in the game so what did you expect? I believe it’s been documented and Dustin can back me up on this that you’ve referred to this year’s team as a “rebuilding year”.

    Ben – I’d rather have Luke and Hanner get their experience against lesser opponents with more margin for error than trial by fire against good teams. Hopefully this will be the end of the Jeff Howard starting era or someone at the BHT will need to put pressure on CTC at his pressers.

  10. Aruss,

    I don’t think it will be a chronic issue going forward with Howard, etc. Sometimes a reality check is needed. (I know I need them.).

    At Indiana, nothing is a given. You earn time by hard work and effort. Obviously, Jeremy lost focus. If you remember, similar efforts were made with Watford, though not as drastic. I think you will see a renewed Jeremy.

  11. I guess its possible that I’ve said “rebuilding year”, although I don’t remember it. It’s a fairly ambiguous statement anyway. It doesn’t mean that they can’t have success. What I do know for a fact is that I’ve been bullish on the direction of the program, loved this recruiting class, and felt they would be better than most expected them to be. I also said they would be a top 5 team in the B1G.

    Here is a post from Sept 10 over on ITH, on the Predict Their Record open thread…

    ScoopGeoff • 3 months ago −
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    And another one from August…

    ScoopGeoff • 3 months ago
    Well there’s no way UConn loses to BC… But if they did there’s no way we lose to them. They are picked dead last in their conference. They are going to be brutal this year.

    I’m seeing 23-8 or 24-7… With 6 losses in B1G play.

    And another from around that time…

    ScoopGeoff • 3 months ago
    Who has more youth and inexperience – IU or Illini? How about IU or PSU? (I’ll give you a hint, its not us). Who has more talent? (Another hint, it is us)

    There are only 3 talent-laden teams in the B1G with measurably more experience – MSU, Iowa, and OSU.

    UM is basically a bunch of frosh and sophs… UW’s core is similar after losing Bruiser, Berggren, and Evans.

    So why is our youth and inexperience a detriment? Aren’t we more talented than most? I mean in straight up talent, we have a better roster than OSU…

    I think the culture has changed at IU and the current roster has expectations of winning. They believe they should be good. By all accounts they work as hard or harder than any group of players during the summer…

    I just don’t see that many speed bumps on this schedule.

    If I could search The Scoop as easily as I can my Disqus comments I’m sure I’d find plenty other similar posts.

  12. Ah far as Howard goes, I agree with your sentiment that he shouldn’t be taking away developmental minutes from younger guys that will be a core of the program going forward… I agree 100%. I’m guessing that Crean thought they needed some attitude development, and that we probably won’t see another Howard start.

    With that being said, Howard was not the issue with the offense. He was a highlight in my opinion. He had great spacing. He made the right cuts. He didn’t try to do too much. He made a great dish to Vonleh for an assist. He was in perfect position on the weak side wing for ball reversal and an easy post feed into Vonleh, but Yogi looked his ass off on 3 occasions… (Which tells me Yogi is thinking “score” or “make a scoring pass” instead of 2 or more passes away).

    Howard only played 15 minutes and wasn’t making mistakes on or off the ball.

  13. I attended the game. If all I had was this 1 game to evaluate IU’s team it would not be impressive other than a deep bench. They appear to be superior on the boards against their other opponents but last night it was easy to recognize UE was dropping back off their own offensive glass as so to protect against the IU supposed transition game. Guess what it worked as IU had no fast break points. Did we even have a dunk? We have no shooter. At least none outside the paint. Yogi is a scorer, as is Will and possibly JH. I can say our forcing the O into the paint does get us to the FT line and this team should shoot at a 70%+ rate. As far as the Cuse game I see no 1 who has the propensity to be able to shoot over a zone consistently. I think the Orangemen are going to be a sizable challenge for a very youthful team.

  14. The first 2 words from the mouth of Young Man Vonleh in his post-game interview on BTN were “yes sir.” Gotta like his humility.

  15. Geoff, Agreed as to YF not looking for passing as I saw in the second half he once had an open Collin Hartman and on another occasion an open Austin Etherington, both on the perimeter and he looked them off and did not give them the ball. I view those 2 as the best candidates as outside shooters. Yet Yogi apparently does not. I stand as just a fan and not a BB X-O tactician but I would really enjoy being in the coaches room breaking down last nights game film.

  16. Late season last year it appeared to me that Jordy was the #5 option when Yogi had the ball. Noticed he same thing last night with Austin and Hartman.

  17. Geoff, I’ll take the over on the 7 losses. I predict 10 losses before the Big 10 tourney. This team cannot shoot the 3 & the leadership is a ? I like the young guns, but this project will take another year. I look forward to their Improvement through this season.

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