1. Congratulations to IU’s Offense. In spite of a bad turnover early in the second half, they did not get distracted or down on themselves and came back and really took the wind out of Illinois ‘ sales with some explosive scores. Latimer was great. Sudfeld regained his composure and played well, and IU’s running backs did a great job.

    The one positive of IU’s defense was the D-line, which seemed to turn up the pressure quite a bit in the fourth quarter. Latham is going to be a special player. I was also happy to see Murphy return from his injury and make a great play in the end zone to effectively end the game. But please, someone teach these defenders how to tackle. It’s hard to watch these mediocre players to run around, through and over IU’s defense.

    Was it me, or are some of the rules designed to protect the players getting ridiculous. Kicking IU’s lineman out of the game for what amounted to a shove was simply absurd. Late hit at most, but not a foul that deserved an ejection. Who holds these refs accountable for their terrible calls?

    Well, we have to give IU’s coaching staff credit for not allowing these young players to pack it in after last week’s heartbreaking loss. They played hard and never gave up. That’s something to be proud of. Beating Purdue will signal progress for this year’s team. Just think what could have been if IU had an average defense.

  2. It is pretty elementary to my observation their mediocre players are like our mediocre players on D. They are not talented enough to react fast enough to make a solid tackle. Why would our young players pack it in this week when they did not last week? That just in not in the cards.

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