1. wow. the massacre is on national television. that should be a real boon for recruiting. fortunately the Syracuse-pitt game is running way long. first time I’ve been happy about that.

  2. No surprise today…….It is well known the IU defense is not even competitive against good offense….The IU offense is over ranked also….It has a moment or two here and there, but against good defenses it also has trouble competing at a really high level and not just against Ohio State.

  3. I sure hope ckw comes up with a game plan to beat Purdue. If we do not beat them he has to be let go.

  4. t – good point about the offense – it has been exposed the last two games.

    LH – I can’t foresee CKW fired under any circumstances, but a loss to PU would definitely signal a year of zero progress – perhaps regression, if such a thing is even possible when you are as awful as we are and have been.

  5. LH, I have to politely disagree with your call for Wilson’s head. This is not his fault, it’s Mallory’s. He is in charge of the D and has put a product on the field that will go down as one of the worst defenses ever. If we only had a bad defense, we would be bowling. But instead we have a horrendous D that is incapable of stopping my son’s pop warner team from running for 500 yards.

  6. Johnny Wooden did not win a national championship @ UCLA until year # 17 there….so let KW coach his full tenure and see where IU football is and within that tenure when and if good solid success is achieved give him a contract extension, (hopefully before year 6).

    KW has and will continue to go through problem solving process with the goal of building and maintaining an actualized successful program.

  7. t- thanks for the perspective. Laff. Hoosier- Firing KW for losing to Pee-yew would be an overreaction. Firing him for not firing Mallory would not be an overreaction.

    I don’t know what to say about the IUO’s collapse in the two most recent games and KW’s shuttling QBs v. both UW and OSU. It obviously hasn’t worked, but being realistic, playing only NS or TR at QB v. UW or OSU wouldn’t have worked (i.e., winning) either. Can’t help but wonder if Coach was treating these two games as either 1) practice games or 2) motivators (or both).

    KW had stated mid-season that he thought that the QBs were complacent/not as good as they imagined themselves. Maybe he wrote off the UW and OSU games and opted for “teaching moments?” After the Minn. loss everyone knew that there would be no bowl for IU, so it could be that, knowing NS and TR will be back 2014, Wilson adopted a long term view and worked both QBs v. good opponents. Pure speculation on my part, of course, but it’s as good an explanation for what’s happened lately to the IUO as any. At Oklahoma KW had the luxury of developing QBs in the context of a winning program. Not so here and now.

  8. Oops- “as good as any explanation.” Unless, of course, KW has lost his mind. I predict that Sud will start v. PU and KW will stick with him. Seems that the IUO has not been going with long passes nearly as much in the second half of this season as it did earlier, which is why I think Sud will be back full time for the PUke game. Someone had posted that the IUO had been “exposed” v. good defenses, and that may be quite right, but that will not be the case this Sat.

  9. I also think season ending injuries on the OL were highlighted more in 5 of the last 6 games. It has helped to grow depth for the future but certainly exposed some ineptness in our offense this year. I do not think PUke can make that happen at Bloomington.

  10. Next year IU program and outsiders including media should not even mention any mathematical way for IU to go to bowl….just deal with one game at a time from very first game of season….It seems emphasis and desperation every year hoping and wishing IU gets to 6 wins and a bowl game is old and worn out.

  11. t- as Coach Hep once said in response to some “game of the year” hype, “It’s the biggest game of the year this week.”

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