1. Sudfeld again ultra-sharp. He continues to produce against good teams.

    Defense gave up less than 1000 yards; that’s all I wanted. Do it again next week.

    Thank you for beating Illanoy. Please beat Purdue. We will have to score at least 50 tho.

    We win this game today if Kenney wasn’t suspended for the 1st half.

    Coleman should sit next week too. Rest up and get healthy for PU, a MUST WIN.

  2. The Badgers are our daddy, plain and simple. On the bright side, this could have been the icing on the cake that sends Mallory packing. I read a great article a week or two ago that detailed his coaching jobs and the defensive stats before his arrival, during his stay, and after his departure. Numbers don’t lie, he’s a crappy coach no matter the talent and youth he has under him.

  3. Po – I wish I could remember for sure, my best advice is to search google for it. I want to say Dunbar is right, though.

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