1. Pros:
    1) Almost beat a ranked team while getting nothing from Noah & Troy says a lot about our depth.
    2) Gordon looking more comfortable with each game. Was the only one who didn’t seem rushed when he had the ball.
    3) Jeremy’s confidence is growing. He has all the tools. His issues have been between the ears.
    4) I don’t think we need to worry about whether we can play defense.
    5) With more experience, this team will be a beast by March.
    1) Awful hands by everyone tonight.
    2) Overpassing leading to turnovers.
    3) Need more Robinson to get ball handling experience and less Etherington if he isn’t going to shoot from outside.

    I love the makeup of this team! The ceiling is huge.

  2. Boy we go from 90 a game to 58. Now we know what basketball life will be this year when NV is not on the floor. I did gain confidence at the 11+ minute mark with Etherington’s assist to Davis that we could win the game. We need a shooter. Every time it looked like we could take control of the contest was after WS, Yogi or in a couple of instances Hollowell hit a jumper from the floor. Yogi shooting 33% from the floor does not make him a shooter. He is a scorer. You can’t run a drive a and kick offense effectively if you do not have a decent shooter. I kept thinking Hartman. UCONN would not be much though w/o Napier. Glad to see officiating this year will also include double dribbling, palming and carrying the ball as violations. GO IU!

  3. HC – The 90 to 58 was more a product of playing back to back nights. Just look to the NBA to see how poorly teams play on the back end of back to back games.

  4. And a product of taking our most dominant player out of the game on 2 BS calls 1:22 minutes into the game… Cool, whatever, it’s a new reffing environment… But at least be consistent throughout the game. They didn’t call another offensive foul until Vonleh re-entered for 2 seconds and tried to make a post move midway through the second half… Then they didn’t call another until the one on Napier… By then the damage was done.

    To be honest I’m not mad about it. It’s a great learning experience for Noah and our team… We’ll be that much better for it down the road. I think it means we’ll be better for it against Cuse… And I want revenge.

    What’re we 25-30 points better than that Uconn team? I’m not joking. We had Vonleh excused from participating, we had 14 (of 17) unforced turnovers, and Napier had a career shooting night (tonight 10-14, but career 40% – that’s not good). I actually came away feeling much better about our team. Either Uconn is waaaay overrated or we are much better right now than I thought.

  5. I like to win, but, I don’t feel that bad about the loss either. Good learning experience for a young team. The last two years, this kind of loss exposed IU’s weakness. Those teams were who they were. This loss this year just shows what the team needs to work on. We all know they will get better. IU let this game get away from them at the end. These guys played hard and will learn better positioning and spacing. They will learn to value each possession even more. With the depth we have, I would like to see better interior D, rotation and help. Glimpses of the keep Cody in the game defense. That said, the D was descent. Gordon was solid tonight, but I would still like to see more Stan, more Stan, more Stan and more Stan.
    There are plenty of teaching points, and more practice will win these kind of games. I bet it is a blast to coach these kids.

  6. 7 missed FTs & 12 TOs in the 1st half & you lose. Period.
    Vonleh got shafted, but he needs to be a lot more aggressive & active than he was.
    Williams wasn’t the same tonight, & looked out of sorts. Looks like he’s been watching too much Hollowell.

    Once again, Hollowell is a complete liability on the floor. He’s the human TO machine. He leads the team in TOs. It is a fact and it is ridiculous. Davis & Fischer are both a lot better than Hollowell and they both should play more. And so should Perea.

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