1. I can hardly take this anymore. No other program in history of sports finds ways to lose like Indiana football does. We invent new ways to lose.

    I don’t believe in curses. I just believe in incompetence. Another record setting day for an opposing offense with 552 yards. Same story. Score 39, give up 42.

    Very, very, very frustrated fan right now.

  2. Why did IU go for 2 after the last TD? If they would have kicked it for one they could have won with the FG on the last drive.

  3. Dustin – at the presser, instead of asking CKW about Mallory’s status you should ask Glass about CKW’s. I can’t take this much longer. And from the reaction of the student section, neither can they.

  4. Lateral was an idiotic call. Tre was kept in too long. Minny receivers wide open. Gave up over 500 yards again. Horrid tackiling and coverage. Dumb strategy to go for 2. It just does not end.

  5. The first 4 posts are dead spot on. Of the many posts I’ll make as my blood pressure slowly drops under 1000/900 guys hit the nail on the head. Moronic lateral play call – I guess that boring gashing them with running the ball (w/all TO’s left) would have been too boring.

    The going for 2 the second time is perfectly summed up by post#3 – I dare anyone to praise HCKW!!! Should be OCKW. A slow child could do the math and make a better decision.

    The kids deserve so – so – so much better. IU players are about 3-2 this year. Coaching staff is 0-3.

    As I clean the vomit from my key board – I repeat – I would have fired Mallory at halftime of the Navy game.

    Don’t change QB’S in first half with TR struggling – don’t take advantage of 5 defensive stops (that’s sad that giving up 28 – really was a decent defensive performance by IU standards) – and most importantly don’t win.

    IU football – yet another record for finding a way to lose a game that in reality should have been a double digit win. The more talented team was IU – the better coached team won. Absolutely pathetic – another record for incompetence.

    When the IU players/kids provide a spark – leave it to the IU coaching staff to be there to throw the Gatorade bucket on it!

  6. I am completely sympathetic – no, empathetic – for IU fans. The Gophers have suffered so many intestine-scrambling losses that I can’t and won’t be an ass/bad sport. The way that game played out it was going to be raw agony for one side or the other and I’m glad my guys finished it off.
    On the other hand, tomorrow you guys got the Colts and I’m stuck with the Vikings; it all evens out.

  7. been said already so i’ll just vent. of all the bonehead calls! even if not meant to be a lateral, coach needs to take into account worst case scenario. coleman not understanding pass was lateral, more stupidity. going for 2 after last td?!? wtf? did Wilson assume our great defense would not give up amy more points? although plenty of blame to go around, this one on Wilson. he should show up at 5am tomorrow to run stadium stairs. or he could run them at halftime of next game as the place is sure to be empty.

  8. Hey, at least Wilson did not go for it on 4th and two from his own 34 yard line today (sorry, i could not help it). I like CKW and I’ll continue to support him. But it gets harder to defend him when he continues to make these really stupid decisions and calls really dumb plays. IU’s defense is bad enough and asking that much more from his young offense just puts too much pressure on them.

    Going for two after that TD? No other way to say it; that was just stupid. A backward pass inside the red zone when you can win it, or at least tie the game with a chip shot field goal. Really dumb. We keep hearing how smart Wilson is. And we’ve heard him described as a “riverboat gambler.” Well, there are a lot of really smart people who gamble their lives away. They’re called compulsive gamblers. Is Wilson bored with convention? Does he have a problem with self sabotage? I can’t figure out why he continues to make these bad decisions.

    I hope two things happen after this game. 1) I hope Wilson takes personal responsibility for this loss and apologizes to his players for his bad calls; and 2) I hope Glass has a “come to Jesus” meeting with Wilson. There’s a lot at stake for Fred Glass and IU athletics, and there needs to be a lot at stake for CKW too.

  9. Wow, a lot of people are really upset. Not by the fact that IU lost, but by how and why they lost. One buddy called me and said, “that dumb _ _ _ __ _ _ _ just threw that game away.” I worry that Wilson is beginning to lose support.

  10. Here is a thought. Go up to Ball State and get you a heads football coach…Actually, this is just some more IU tradition….I have watched IU for a bout 60 years…Let Wilson continue coaching and see what happens. If he finds back to back success 7 to 8 plus game win seasons within the next 1, 2, 3 or 4 years give him a contract extension, if not let the tradition continue to close of his contract.

    This game was coached to lose by pointed out in previous posts.

  11. It’s a good thing that we had TWO WEEKS to prepare for this game. Coach Mallory holding them to 42 points and just under 600 yards is reason to believe we’re heading in the right direction. Although the Gopher receivers dropped a lot of balls and the QB’s bounced a few to wide open receivers or you could easily tack on another 10 points and 80 yards. But – that’s ok – because HCKW still has confidence in him. HCKW’s ability to understand the game and “math” are sound. So the wins should pile up real soon. Keep the faith.

    My terrible HS football coach (with a 80% winning percentage) – use to say “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID”.

    It would appear that if the “STUPID” is the actual coaching staff – you can TEACH “STUPID”.

  12. Observation: When plays are executed by players things look brilliant….example: bringing tre in and option to Coleman for touchdown (who would have thought) so some of the other really horrible looking stuff was not as bad as it looked, except for horrible execution….But it still equals another loss…..Line on game was IU by 8…. Another game IU should have won.

  13. Aruss, I had two guys that have been steadfast supporters of Wilson call me after the game. Even given the bitter disappointment and the raw emotions, they both just flipped on Wilson. Two things that came to mind after I hung up from the second call; 1) these guys both expected IU to win this game (I was hoping, but did not expect it), and 2) they blame Wilson for this loss, not the defense.

    These guys have supported Wilson, and like me, have been pinning IU’s losses on Mallory’s defense. In a way, the criticism directed at Mallory and his defense has shielded Wilson from a lot of the discontent. But after this game, at least with my two friends (both IU alums) that has shifted.

    One of my buddies ended the call by saying, “seven-year contract my ass!”

  14. I’ve cautiously supported CKW because he gave off too much of a Charlie Weiss vibe that he was smarter than the game but when you peel back their career success it was more due to the men they worked for. I’ve obviously been on Mallory’s case but it’s more of an indictment of CKW not recognizing the problem and making the adjustment that they did in Texas.

    I don’t know if CKW ever won over fans to begin with due to the apathy created by the Lynch years and the attitude of Indiana football is what it is. I look at Louisville and think why not us? Why can’t we be bold enough and smart enough to find the next Charlie Strong.

    The thing that bothers me now is watching current IU players blame the fans on twitter talking about “real fans”. I’m disgusted with the whole situation and would be surprised if 20k fans show up next week. I guess Dustin was right after all to switch the focus of the Scoop back to basketball.

  15. For decades I’ve looked up and marveled at what I could see. But it took the Scoop to help me understand how much available sky there was to fall. By the way that team we were suppose to beat, the Midshipmen of Navy, damn near beat ND in SB. So much for opinions with no basis.

  16. “It’s hard to watch someone make so many bad decisions in one day. I feel sorry for the kids.”

    Tweeted about HC Kevin Wilson

    by Charlie Sheen

  17. We’re not the only two who see the progress HC., many others see we are competing in every game. But it is in their heart to look up and read yesterday’s weather forecast.

    Mistakes…yeah; coaching mistakes…even those happen…but we are finally competing

    Right now…where we were three year ago,…I’ll take the way these guys have learned from the coaches and changed theselves…internally. Today, I saw a Hoosier team that fought, clawed, coughed, spit to the side and fought their way back…long, long time since we saw that at IU. Even the anger we read from some who had given it up at half-time says they’ve multiplied their expectations upwards.

    Go Hoosiers!

  18. One of announcers of the game claimed the Hoosier back ran a terrible route thus making for the lateral toss instead of a forward pass…Not sure if that’s true or not.

    It was poorly executed and Sudfeld seemed pretty shaky on many of those short throws ans screens toward the sidelines.

    Very heartbreaking loss…But I think it was pathetic of the many supposed Hoosier fans that left the game before midway through the third quarter. I sure has hell hope they weren’t allowed to return when the Hoosiers came back with four consecutive unanswered scores.

    I found the fans far more shameful than the effort or the coaching.

  19. Well, yes on one hand it’s shameful the team’s comeback was not witnessed by more due to the early departures.

    On the other hand, it’s hard to blame people for bailing. Utter disappointment at yet another mammoth egg laying in a meaningful game. Yet another choke job, at least in terms of strategy/play calling.

    It’s hard to constantly endure this and not feel you could spend your time in a more constructive manner. As a nearly 30-year fan, I have to admit it’s hard to maintain much optimism after yet another crushing defeat and defensive/coaching display of ineptitude.

  20. Addition – the bottom line is at some point there is no other alternative to establish positive momentum/turn the tide of the fans/etc than simply winning a meaningful game.

    That’s where we are. Until we do that, the fan support situation is what it is. Looks like that will likely have to wait until AT LEAST next year best case scenario.

  21. Harvard, of course you found those fans shameful. You need your daily dose of feeling superiority over others.

    However, these are the same fans that filled up Assembly Hall and stuck by Indiana when they won 6, 10 and 12 games respectively. Kind of contradicts your narrative, doesn’t it?

    I don’t begrudge a fan base for leaving early after our defense gave up 28 first half points and it looked like a repeat of the Navy and Mizzou games. Until our football team can string together a couple of decent seasons, it is going to be far more interesting to be in the parking lot with a beer in your hand than it is watching yet another humiliation. Personally, I’m not a leave early kind of guy, but I don’t begrudge others who do.

    Shameful is what we have to endure on the gridiron week to week.

  22. Double Down, leaving for fear of a Navy game repeat would’ve meant missing an exciting– albeit ultimately disappointing– comeback bid. I’m with you on not being a “leave early kind of guy.” My folks decided to leave the Indy 500 early several years ago, and we ended up missing the most exciting finish in the history of that storied race. But I say to the fair weather fans: go ahead and leave. You don’t deserve to witness when we finally complete something special. See: Heat, Miami.

    Another questionable play call in a critical situation. Another brutal loss. But our guys don’t quit. Wish I could say the same about our fans. I’ll continue to be a (guardedly) optimistic supporter of both our program and our coach. Our win totals may not reflect an upward trend just yet, but we’re at least competitive in most games. That’s a big step for a program that is used to getting blown out time after time. And CKW is bringing in better talent despite the complete lack of electricity from most of our fans. Have some perspective, folks. Are we really ready to scrap progress and go back to square one again?

  23. Punjab,

    I hear you man. I’m on Team Coach Wilson is Turning This Turd Into a Competing Football Program.

    I just think it is a huge step to say that people are fair weather fans for leaving a game considering IU football history. In all the years I’ve followed this team, we’ve literally won zero meaningful surprise games. The closest thing I have is that we beat Purdue to go to the bowl game on a last second field goal in a game that we were supposed to win and one which we blew a big lead.

    This team has been kicking its fan-base in the respective genitalia for a generation now. That isn’t fair weather, that is just folks being fed the ‘eff up.

    CKW still has his work cut out for him. There will be no crowds until we start really competing. That means winning a few games we aren’t supposed to and not losing games that we should win with “freak” plays at the end of games (Minn, Virgina, Michigan…etc, etc).

  24. I agree..It is a huge step to say “that people are fair weather fans for leaving a game.” Spoiled-a$$ Coors guzzlin’ frat rats and ex-frat rats don’t deserve such a kind elevation from the obvious status of “not a fan at all” to “fair weather” anything.

    Leaving a game early is nothing other than a postponement of a reason to not come to the game at all. Indiana football would be far better off with inflatable dolls in the seats than those gutless cowards. And shame on Indiana if they let a single one of those privileged drunk losers back into Memorial once the comeback ensued.

    And I don’t hear anyone playing armchair quarterback for the dozens of successful plays(pass and run attack)and the ease in which our offensive line dominated the Minnesota defensive front from the mid third quarter to the conclusion.

    I get so sick of fans that feel they need validation for being weak. The greater heartbreak is in the locker room. The young men played their hearts out and they lost. It happens in sports. Measuring the effort and heart on that scoreboard is simple for 5-9″ frat-runts and “hand it to me” generation that will never understand what it takes to play sports at the level they believe to be experts.

  25. Sounds like a possibility for the next Fred Glass promotion…..

    “HALF PRICE TICKETS! Just bring your inflatable doll to the next Hoosier football game!” Pump up the volume and fill the seats!

    Note: Please be advised that your doll must wear a Hoosier t-shirt or sweatshirt while attending the game. In the event of a blowout(meaning lopsided score and not injury to the doll), those fans bringing a doll and receiving half price tickets may leave the stadium at anytime with the full understanding that the accompanying doll must stay for the entire duration of the game.

  26. Enough with “the sky is not falling” comments. They’re lame and lazy. Of course the sky is not falling. After 9/11, I hope most adults have a better perspective than that. But in relative terms, yesterday’s loss was another serious blow to IU football. IU will not go to a bowl game this year, IU will not have a winning season, IU will not break even this year. IU will not demonstrate any tangible improvement or progress relative to last year (a loss is a loss). In practical terms, and in the eyes of most IU fans, the season is over. The legions of fans leaving the stadium at half time yesterday tells any experienced observer everything they need to know about the impact yesterday’s loss has had on IU’s football program. Relative to IU fans’ expectations, this year will end, like so many others have, as yet another disappointment. You can be as optimistic as you want to be, and work real hard to point out all the signs that IU football is making progress, is still pointed in the right direction, etc. You can keep telling everyone who will listen that it just takes a lot more time than people think, but after yesterday, that will mostly fall on deaf ears. You also have to remember that most adult IU fans have heard all that, many times before. They’re tired of it. Nuanced signs of improvement be damned, most fans just want to witness a victory, especially on Homecoming weekend. Glass and Wilson can’t afford to take this latest disappointment to the IU fan base for granted. They must be mindful that fan support, or lack there of, does have a direct impact on things such as a coaching staff’s ability to maintain team moral and recruit better players for the future.

    It will be interesting to see how many fans show up for next week’s game against Illinois. And it will be even more interesting to see how IU’s young team plays after yesterday’s heart breaking loss.

  27. Sure glad my chest is not sore from pounding on it to act tough. The fans that do show up are truly FB fans.

  28. Give it a rest Podunker. You really are a sanctimonious blowhard. And, it’s boring…it’s the same comment you/1989Grad been writing three times per day since 2010.

    The bottom line? The challenge of IU football has way over matched your capacity to fight.

  29. HC…a big plus from this season is knowing of Hoosiers like you! True Hoosiers who do not bend to their knees!

  30. Harvard…a bow of the head to you! Your eloquence is matched by your belief in Indiana… I value your friendship.

  31. Harvard…that’s an idea!…

    Going a step further with it, if attendance becomes an issue (until we become the winner we will shortly be and the laws of capitalism take over on seat value)…

    …Selling packages that include ticket price + (a tax-deductible donation) price for the rubber Inflated Hoosier with a red sweatshirt (or candy striped sweatshirt) that reads ‘Po’ in the back… We inflate and sit in the the empty seat next to each buyer/donor. Imagine the picture from the stand across the field or from the air, showing the ‘packed’ stadium… I know exactly the name I’d give the air balloon fan…Imagine Homecoming parade full of ‘Podunker’ Hot Air Balloon rubber inflatable dummies floating down Jordan, pulled by lines from red and white fire engine trucks.

    You’ve hit on something Harvard!

  32. Glass could also do a Hoosier Football $14.99 parka promotion for those that can’t endure the pain of it all….Multifunctional. Good in fair weather and inclement weather. Plus, it’s endorsed by Doug Mallory!

  33. You all should have been Tampa Bay Bucs fans in 1976 or so. Started out with a 0 – 26 record. The first two the Bucs finally won, I think New Orleans and whoever fired their coach. Radio stations were giving away season tickets as consolation prizes. Talk was stay away from the stadium on game weekends. The Bucs were said to be hiring people to pick-pocket – except they were stuffing tickets into wallets.

    This team is fun to watch and I bet the future opposing coaches don’t take them lightly. Coach Wilson gained some experience. Kinda reminds me of CTC pulling Cody out of the Butler games in the last 30 seconds. Or the last in-bound of the Illinois game. Or the whole Syracuse game. Experience gained…?

  34. This one was on Wilson. Tre was in too long and the lateral was idiocy. I’m OK with the two point try. Ron, you are a masochist if you think this team is “fun to watch.” But I’m optimistic for the future ’cause next year Mallory will have figured it all out over the summer and the defense will have improved to mediocre.

    My first couple of years of high school ball our team was 2-8 lousy, and some were grousing about no fans in the stands. Our coach said “Hey, the way we play, I don’t blame anyone for not coming to the games.” I guess Coach was some kind of genius, ’cause sure enough, we posted some winning seasons and the place got full. OSU and Meatchicken don’t pack the stadium on account of some extraordinary school spirit- they just win.

    The athletic dept. does not help attendance by running a web site that requires the user to create an account before searching for tickets (just like the Obamacare web sites).

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