Programming note, and last week’s live-chat transcript

So the live chat won’t be at 11 a.m. today because I’ll be on a plane to New York at that point. So we’ve moving it to 3 p.m. You’ll be able to find us here. 

Also, I realized I never posted last week’s live chat. So just in case you were waiting patiently for answers, they follow.

QUESTION: Good morning, and welcome to today’s IU sports chat with Andy, Dustin and Jeremy. Lots to discuss with a full schedule of games this weekend. Remember you can follow the action on The Hoosier Scoop blog and app.

Gentlemen: How are you today? Ready to get talkin’/typin’?

JEREMY: It’s Thursday, so I’ve got my typin’ shoes on. Football, basketball, soccer — we’ve got them all this weekend. So let’s get right to it.

DUSTIN: That we are. Let’s get to it.

ANDY: I be talkin’ (and be listenin’ to tunes) while I be typin’.

QUESTION: What is it like when you guys talk to coach Crean and the players after a win or a loss? Any restrictions as to what questions will or will not be allowed when we don’t play well? Also, can I stare into the computer with you guys during your post game report after Friday’s game? That would be pretty cool :).

indianavelt, Fort Wayne

JEREMY: indianavelt,

Well, after a loss there’s a lot more waiting for Tom Crean (and sometimes after a win too, like nearly an hour and a half Tuesday night). No restrictions on what can be asked per se. There have been occasions like last year when Hollowell had to sit out those three games where we were told Jeremy couldn’t discuss the situation, things like that. Obviously, players and coaches tend to be more receptive to any question after a win than a loss, and sometimes the answer you get, especially after a loss isn’t really much of an answer to the question, but you already knew that.

Actually I’m flying solo Friday night with Dustin and Andy headed to Wisconsin for football, so if you’re willing to hang out for an hour or more postgame, you’re welcome to be a special guest starer on ScoopTalk.

DUSTIN: Well, win or loss, it usually takes a while for him to walk in the door. Crean is pretty notoriously slow at coming to post-game press conferences and we’ve waited well over an hour post-game on the road. There’s no restrictions on questions, and if there would be, we wouldn’t abide by them because we don’t work for the university or the athletic department and you don’t get to tell the media what they can ask. You can tell us what you won’t answer and it’s our call as to whether or not we proceed further, but you can’t tell us what we can ask.

I’d say to Crean’s credit he’s become less and less testy in post-game press conferences after losses. He’s generally pretty energetic and long-winded with his answers and tends to go on lots and lots of tangents and sometimes talk too fast for his mind to keep up. That often leads him in directions that he’s not sure how to get back to the original question from. But he usually at least tries to answer what you’re asking and is usually pretty pleasant about doing it. Most of the time if the question is critical, he will still give an honest answer.

When you do ask a question he isn’t going to like, you do have to make sure you word it in such a way that he respects that you know what you’re talking about. You have to have your facts clear, present a cogent rationale for why you’re asking what you’re asking and know exactly what you want to know. If there’s a hole in the question, he will point that out and dismiss it. But if you do have it together, he’s generally gracious about answering critical questions. He does have his days when he’s just not having it and I’ve dealt with that on a few occasions. But I’d have to say that our relationship has gotten much better in the last year and as long as I’m clear with my questions, he’s usually good about answering them.

I’m not going to be at Friday’s game. Had to pick one or the other with football considering it’s a noon start in Madison. So I’ll leave it to Price as to whether or not he’s taking cameos. You do have to be willing to stay at the Hall at least two hours after the game, though, so be careful what you wish for.

ANDY: indianavelt:

I can stare into the computer with the best of them, and I imagine you can, too.

I’ll let Dustin and Jeremy handle your query, given they’re more consistently at the hoops games than I, other than to say any question can get asked — but that doesn’t mean it’ll get answered. Same for football and the other sports. There are no overt restrictions. Hopefully, we scribes are sometimes at least somewhat self-restricted by a sense of propriety, humanity, good taste and what is actually germane.

QUESTION: OSD is here baby! Brrrrrrr winter has arrived in NW Indiana or as we call it here “The place where you can see 1/4 of a mile on a good day.” Now onto the questions.

I know you boys don’t like to speculate but since our recruits are signing tomorrow, who leaves IU’s current team as we are over signed by 1 now. Will it be Noah going to NBA? AE? PJ?

From the first two games it is good we are signing shooters in the next recruiting class. Who steps up this year to put the ball in the hoop from outside? OSD still has eligibility left and could hit a mean jumper in his day if CTC is interested.

Is everyone healthy now? AE? PJ?

Is CTC still recruiting for next year and will he sign one more? What about Dante Exum?

Well you boys keep covering them and we will keep reading. Dude has big weekend planned as me and Mrs. Dude are meeting friends at Arni’s. Great pizza. If only they had one in NWI.

Like the wind OSD is gone……………..

Old Sports Dude, Crown Point


I appreciate the persistence, but if I wasn’t ready to speculate a week or two ago, I’m still not ready now. Two games in, it’s too soon to start writing people off, since there are a lot of things that can still happen. But for what it’s worth, it appears IU is pursuing at least one more player for the 2014 class in Australian Jonah Bolden, so there may yet be even more to speculate about in the future. I think IU is still interested in Dante Exum, but consensus is he’s headed to the

You may have eligibility left, but there are no roster spots, even for walk-ons on this Hoosier team. Some nights the outside shots will go down, some nights they won’t. But what Indiana has to do is make sure those 3-point shots are good ones and don’t come early in the possession for the most part. And when they do come, the ball should have entered the paint first. Obviously, Will Sheehey and Yogi Ferrell are the top two options, and I think Jeremy Hollowell is capable. Troy Williams is inconsistent, but when he spots up and gets his footwork right, he can be a decent shooter too. And Evan Gordon is probably a little better than he’s shown early as well. This clearly isn’t a great shooting team, but I’m pretty sure they’re not as bad as the first two games might indicate.

Is everyone healthy? Well, sort of. They are playing and practicing, but whether they are all at 100 percent, perhaps not. Stan Robinson continues to wear the knee brace, Luke Fischer the shoulder harness (and he had some sort of mask Tuesday that he did not wear in the game) and Peter Jurkin continues to have the air cast/splint on the left foot.

Enjoy the pizza.


You really, really want me to tell you they’re going to run Etherington or Jurkin, don’t you? Killing me with this question. Anyway, I answered this on one of them, though I’m not sure if I posted it on the Scoop, but my guess is Vonleh to the draft. He’s got two double-doubles already. His length is unreal. Good ball skills for a 6-foot-10 guy. The draft is pretty deep and he’s not going to be a top five pick like Zeller and Oladipo with Wiggins, Parker, Randle, Smart etc as likely pieces to this class, but I think he’s still a first-rounder and probably goes when it’s all said and done.

Who steps up this year to shoot? Well, Yogi Ferrell and Will Sheehey on some level anyway. And Evan Gordon will apparently at least take 3’s. Austin Etherington will take them when he’s in the game and so will Collin Hartman, but it doesn’t appear that Hartman is going to see the floor much. But I don’t know that there’s a 40 percent 3-point shooter on this team and there certainly doesn’t appear to be a 45 percent shooter. With the length, they’re going to have to score in close. but this isn’t going to be a great outside shooting team. I think Ferrell and Sheehey will make their share. Etherington will be OK in his limited role. Gordon will find some level in the 35 percent range. Troy Williams seems to have an OK stroke that I can see him using when he’s wide open. Hollowell can make shots and we’ll see if Stan Robinson has a reliable jumper, but I just don’t see this team coming anywhere close to the league lead in 3-point shooting. Jordan Hulls and Christian Watford are not walking through that door.

Etherington and Jurkin are obviously at least healthy enough to play. Jurkin is still warming up with the air cast and his shins will probably always be a problem on some level. (I don’t know that a 7-foot body is supposed to have ankles that tiny and there has to be a lot of pressure on them). But they’re at least good to play.

Tom Crean is always recruiting, but don’t know if he’ll sign another one or not. The Jaquan Lyle situation remains fascinating and I have no idea where that’s going. I haven’t seen anything that suggests Dante Exum isn’t going straight to the NBA. He’s projected to be a Top 5-Top 10 pick even in this class. I don’t see him going to school.

Thanks as always, OSD.


Again, CTC doubtless already has it pretty well mapped out. Past experience regarding oversigns should tell us that. Most of the conjecture is that Noah will go pro, but it is a very, very deep draft, so who knows? He’s very young for his class, too, so it might behoove him to stay and develop over another season. Last time I checked he was No. 18 on Chad Ford’s draft projections. Noah probably can do better than that if he gets another year of college ball in. Obviously, a lot will depend upon how this season goes for him. But it’s all just speculation at this juncture and, therefore, not worth much.

Yogi, Sheehey, maybe Hollowell, have to more consistently hit jumpers. Can’t really see many other guys with the capacity to do that as yet. Perhaps Troy Williams. But, frankly, it could be a “wait till next year” category.

Exum is expected to go pro by most folks but there is another Aussie, 6-9 Jonah Bolden, is still in the IU recruiting picture for 2014. He probably won’t sign till the spring. UCLA, Louisville and SMU are others most prominently in the mix for Bolden. JaQuan Lyle is another guy IU has obviously been involved with who is a likely spring signee.

Dakich loves Arni’s, too, from what I hear.

Like the wind? Not always, especially when it’s cold.

QUESTION: 1. Whew a little close for comfort for IU basketball. I am going to stun you and say I am not worried about it and think a close game against a really good low major might be just what the team needed for when it has closer games against tougher opponents.

2. You said on Scoop Talk that Dustin will be in Madison and Jeremy covering the game alone Friday. If that is the case will Jeremy use Zach Osterman for Scoop talk or do it on his own or not do it? Scoop talk after games is my favorite so I am curious?

3. Not a huge deal at all but how come your articles keep referencing attendance for Tuesday’s game as 17,096? The Box score on IU’s website says 17,472 (which is a sellout although to be fair anything over 17,000 is considered a sellout in IU’s mind). Which is it and why the discrepancy ?

4. Another minor thing but how come the Pacers and Colts don’t have a separate link under the sports tab that compiles all the AP Articles the HT runs on them? You guys run plenty of coverage on them and it would be nice if they’re was a little section that combined all the AP articles and made them easy to find. Most papers in the state do this (particularly for the Colts) and it would be nice if you guys did it as well.

5. Proud to see after such a lousy fall of IU sports that Women’s soccer at least put their team in the postseason, Will any other IU teams follow suite and make NCAA tournament (I mean team sports and not individual sports like track, swimming etc.) in winter and spring season (I would think Baseball has a REALLY good chance but beyond that not sure anyone else will)?

Darren, Martinsville

JEREMY: Darren,

1. I would agree that while winning by 25 might be more fun, getting a stern test is much better for the team long term.

2. I will be doing ScoopTalk, although Osterman is off the table since he works for the Star now. Not sure bosses at the HT or Star would be real keen on the crossover. But I may yet scrounge up a guest, we’ll have to wait and see.

3. Well, the box score we were handed after the game said 17,096 but the one on the web now says 17,472. Guessing that it was a typo on IU’s part one way or the other.

4. Fair enough question, especially if you’re looking for something a little older. However, if it’s a currenty story, the Pacers or Colts are usually the top story under the regular Sports tab. We’ll take your suggestion under advisement.

5. Well, first off you just never know but what the men’s soccer team doesn’t find a way to win the Big Ten Tournament and get in the NCAA. Second, I see no reason to think men’s basketball and baseball won’t return to the NCAA Tournament. Beyond that, we’ll see.

DUSTIN: Hey Darren,

1. I am kind of stunned. I expected a lot of hand-wringing out of you on that one. We’ll see how it works out, but I do agree that it wasn’t the worst thing in the world for them to get challenged this quickly.

2. Barring the unforeseen, Zachary Osterman, also known as The Ginger, has done his final Scoop Talk, as his corporate overlords at Gannett would assuredly never allow him to cooperate with lowly small-time newspapermen such as ourselves.

I kid, of course, but as you probably know, Zach is now the IU beat writer at the Indianapolis Star, and if we hadn’t said this yet publicly, a huge, huge congratulations to him on that. Speaking personally, he’s one of my best friends and I couldn’t be happier for him because he’s worked extremely hard and produced better stories than anyone realizes in his time at a variety of outlets covering the IU beat. He’s going to be outstanding in that job for as long as he’s in it.

But as far as ScoopTalk goes, we obviously are fairly direct competitors now. That doesn’t change anything between he and I, but I’m sure my bosses wouldn’t want me using an Indy Star reporter in Scoop Talk just as I’m sure his bosses wouldn’t want him doing videos with the Herald-Times. This isn’t like a Jets-Sharks thing and it’s not like there’s animosity between the two papers, but you can only be so collaborative when competing for readership. As for whether or not Jeremy decides to find someone for a cameo appearance on ScoopTalk Friday, that’s up to him. but he has the option.

3. 17,096 is the number we got in the box score we received. I just double-checked that actually. Not sure if that was amended for some reason, but I always go with the number I get when the box score is handed out and that’s what I’m sticking with until someone gives me a reason otherwise.

4. Suggestion received. It’s not something we’ve considered extensively simply because we don’t actually cover the Colts or the Pacers and we do just take AP, but it wouldn’t be the worst idea to separate it from the rest of sports. I don’t think anyone comes to us for Colts coverage, but since we have it organizing it wouldn’t be a bad thing. It’s not my call, but someone might be down to do that.

5. If you’re not counting “individual” sports, there aren’t actually a lot of options in the winter and spring anyway, because you can’t count wrestling, swimming, track and field, tennis or golf. For Indiana, the only remaining sports in the winter and spring are men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, softball, women’s rowing and water polo. I don’t exactly follow rowing and water polo, but the Hoosiers seem to be good at that. I think men’s basketball and baseball are both NCAA Tournament teams, and I don’t think women’s basketball and softball are. But considering the small sample size, that’s doing pretty good for Indiana, I’d say, in those months. But also, I think each of those “individual” teams have a good shot at team success.

ANDY: Darren:

1. I actually thought Indiana played better basketball while winning by one than it did last Friday winning by 30, but just couldn’t hit a jumper or finish at the rim. Any IU player could drive past any Chicago St. defender pretty much any time he wanted, so that’s about all that game featured offensively (plus all those fouls, of course.) LIU-Brooklyn was a much better test, all around. I think it was a much more beneficial game for the Hoosiers and their development.

2. Now that Zach is the primary IU beat guy for The Star, don’t know if either paper’s ownership would approve. But “more gingers” is my motto.

3. All yours, Dustin and Jeremy.

4. Fair point.

5. Well, men’s cross country just won the Big Ten title. And as strange as it may sound, I wouldn’t totally discount IU’s chances to win the Big Ten men’s soccer tournament. The Hoosiers already avenged themselves on Michigan in the quarterfinals. As to the winter and spring, I think men’s basketball has a decent shot to make the field and, as you say, baseball would be a disappointment if it doesn’t. There might well be others, too, of course.

QUESTION: Let’s just assume for a second IU football’s defensive play this season finally warrants a change at defensive coordinator. Has anyone thought about who might be a good candidate? Please give some feedback on this highly informal list:

Ron Zook – currently in tv

Mike Elko-DC, Bowling Green

Jim Fleming- DC, UCF

Ron English-recently fired from Eastern Michigan

Barry Odom-DC, Memphis

Ted Roof-DC, Georgia Tech

Manny Diaz-former DC at Texas

Nick Holt-DC, Western KY

Tom Bradley-former PSU DC

John Skladany-DC, North Texas

Art Kaufman-DC, Cincinnati

Matt, Salem


I hope you’re day job is a headhunter, because otherwise you’ve got too much time on your hands. Football dudes …

DUSTIN: I like this question, mostly because most of the options here are at least realistic. Again, don’t presume they will make a move, and don’t presume they should. Obviously, the defensive numbers are horrendous, and a move might have to be made just for perception purposes to continue to have any kind of recruiting success on that side of the ball. But if you’re not in the meeting rooms or at practice — which of course, even we aren’t — you don’t know the real answers as to whose fault is what.

But if we’re setting it at a presumption that the move will be made, the no-chance guys on the list are still Zook, English, Roof, Diaz and Bradley. Zook’s been a head coach at bigger programs and wouldn’t leave TV for anything less than another head job. English is a little radioactive right now. Roof has a better gig. I think Diaz will get a better gig, and as much as I like Bradley personally — I’m a Penn State alum, he’s a Western Pennsylvania guy and by so many leaps and bounds he was the best assistant to deal with for the media on that staff — I just don’t think IU is ready to take on anybody from Penn State after everything that went down there. I don’t know what Bradley knew and what he didn’t know, but he did have to testify in front of the grand jury, so he was just a little too close to it. I thought he did an outstanding job as the interim head coach down that stretch run, but I just don’t see IU making that move.

The rest of the guys on the list are all very intriguing candidates and I think the general sort of guys IU should be looking at if they make a move.. They’re all at smaller schools but have top 30 defenses in terms of total yards. They might be able to shoot a little higher and I have no idea what if any connection they may or may not have to Wilson, but I think that’s the general pool into which Indiana should be aiming if they make a move. Kaufman, Skladany and Holt might be a little old, but I still think it’s doable. But mostly, those are some decent looking candidates.


That’s still an assumption, obviously. But, okay, for the sake of discussion, you have compiled an interesting list. Have heard good things about the job Barry Odum has done at Memphis, despite the Tiger program’s overall struggles. Ron English obviously has a Big Ten background after his years at Michigan, and don’t know how his recent firing might impact considerations. I’ll let Dustin comment upon Tom Bradley, if he chooses, given the Penn State background there. I don’t really know off the top of my head which of these guys CKW has ties ties with, but I would bet he’s got some, and I would imagine he knows Manny Diaz from his Big 12 days. I’ll stop there, I guess, other than to say The Zooker would be an intriguing hire.

QUESTION: Good morning guys, I hope all is well. As always, thanks for this chat and for the rest of your great coverage. Dustin, you commented you were worried about the Will Sheehey feature and I know you have wanted to do that story for a long time. No need to worry because it was very well done and I really enjoyed reading it.

1. I was very happy that the football Hoosiers were able to execute in the 4th quarter of a close game and pull away for a comfortable victory. I know they won’t be winning in Madison but is there any reason to hope for a more respectable showing than we’ve seen the past few games against the Badgers? Basically, can the defense provide a bit of resistance on Saturday?

2. I think most of us expected a roller coaster season for the Hoosiers (basketball) and Tuesday night’s game was the first “dip”. That being said, they got a win in a close game. Tom Crean commented after the game that Evan Gordon’s contributions to the game were “obvious” and that they don’t win the game without him. I don’t profess to be an expert and I must have missed something. Is Evan Gordon providing things to this team that I just don’t see?

3. Why was Luke Fischer wearing a mask (for a few seconds before the officials didn’t give him time to get it on) on Tuesday night and why were his minutes so limited through two games?

Thanks as always, have a great week, go Hoosiers and God bless!

TJ, Noblesville


1. No reason, but you can always hope.

2. Well, I must confess that I completely agreed with Crean on that one. I thought Gordon was exactly what Indiana had in mind when they got him over the summer. He provided leadership and a steadying influence, particularly during that stretch when Yogi was on the bench in foul trouble for over five minutes. He didn’t attempt a shot in the second half, but made sure the Hoosier were patient offensively and ran through their sets. And defensively, I thought Gordon really made LIU’s Jason Brickman work to create offense. Hard to know, but that may well have been a factor in Brickman missing those final two shots.

3. Don’t know about Fischer, we forgot to ask about the mask Tuesday. I think the combination of him missing so much time with the shoulder injury and the fact that these first few teams are smaller and quicker, making for a tough matchup, may explain the limited minutes. But I truly believe that more often than not, IU is a better team when he’s on the floor.


Much appreciated sir. Just wanted to make sure I had a fair picture of his personality, and I’m feeling more confident that I did.

1. I’m not sure, simply because I really don’t think anyone knows how good this Wisconsin team is. They’re 7-2 and it seems like they have all the things you expect from a great Wisconsin team, but who have they beaten really? They’ve lost to the best two teams they’ve played in Ohio State and Arizona State (though that one was obviously a cheap loss). The 35-6 win over Northwestern was kind of impressive, but those guys have been struggling. After that, it’s Iowa, Illinois and Purdue, none of which are good. So maybe there is a chance there. But then again, it’s still Wisconsin, they have two 1,000-yard rushers already and one of the best wideouts in the league in Abbrederis, plus one of the best defensive players in the league and maybe the country in Chris Borland. I’d say Indiana fans would’ve had a lot better reason to hold out hope if Coleman was playing. Houston is very good as well, but taking out a homerun threat as a tailback is a big issue in a game like this.

2. Eh, I wasn’t super impressed myself, but he did move the ball pretty well and he at least provided some resistance on Brickman. I didn’t think he necessarily won that battle, but Brickman was 3-for-11 from the field even though he had 11 points and 10 assists. So that’s at least a contribution. I’ve got to watch him a little bit closer, too.

3. Not sure on the face thing, but anytime I see an IU player a face mask I assume Tijan Jobe’s elbows had something to do with it. And no, that doesn’t change just because Jobe hasn’t been with the program in three years. He’s in Bloomington somewhere and his elbows are omnipresent. But seriously, I imagine he just got popped in the nose. He is still working his way back to 100 percent health from the offseason shoulder injury. He can obviously play with it, but it’s not 100 percent. Plus, he missed a lot of time in practice and that helped him out some and therefore he’s not going to be as far along with his understanding of everything as Vonleh and Perea. Plus. Vonleh and Perea are pretty freaking athletic.

Thanks as always, TJ.


The Will Sheehey story rocked. All the kudos Dustin gets for that one (and I think it’s an award-winner) are fully merited.

1. Wisconsin is really good. Really good. I felt the Badgers were under-ranked most of the season, in the 20s, but they’re up to No. 17 now and that’s probably about right. I don’t think it’s entirely impossible for IU’s defense to stuff the occasional running play, even against Wisconsin, as it has with most other opponents. But I have trouble imagining that happening consistently enough, or it happening without IU then getting badly burned by the play-action pass. I guess I’ve seen stranger things happen. I was in Camp Randall in 2001 when IU led a good Barry Alvarez team 32-0 after one quarter. Recent history is not encouraging, however.

2. My guess (and it is strictly a guess) is CTC was referencing a Gordon perhaps helping the offense show a bit of stability and patience down the stretch, running the show when Yogi went out with four fouls. I thought IU had some good player and ball movement then.

3. Broken nose is what I heard, but that was unconfirmed. And I confess that I’m already a bit of a Fischer fan. I like what he adds on both ends. I think he can play some meaningful minutes if he can just stay healthy for a longer stretch. The torn labrum in his left shoulder doesn’t seem to be restricting him all that much so far.

QUESTION: Gentlemen!

I’ve yet to see the Hoosiers hoops team and their young guns play. Question: could this team be the most athletic IU has seen in a long, long time? Not the best, but most athletic? I roamed Btown in 1988-1994, and got to see the last of the great Knight teams in 1992-93: athletic and smart, I’ll go to my grave saying “IU would’ve won it all in ’93 if Henderson hadn’t gotten hurt.”

Any chance that Etherington gets any minutes to speak of? He can shoot, but is he too slow? Too much of a D liability?

Way, way too bad the football team takes on the Badgers without Coleman. Before his injury, I was going out on a limb and thinking Wisky could become the surprise game of the year for a Hoosier W. The Badgers are good but have not been annihilating teams. If IU hits on all of its cylinders, they could be there. Although a loss and likely 5-7 mark would be a bit disappointing, I think it would still make for a decent season, considering the strength of IU’s opponents. Navy, Mizzou, and Minn have all turned out pretty decent.


PacNW Hoosier, Olympia, WA


Absolutely this may be one of the most athletic teams Indiana has seen since the early 90s.

I think there are some defensive concerns with Etherington, but we’ve certainly seen worse defenders on the floor. The thing is that he has to make himself a big enough offensive threat to be worth having out there. He might be one of those rare guys that need to be a little more selfish. Plus, it’s hard to say where he’s still at coming off that knee injury 11 months ago.

DUSTIN: For pure, running, leaping and being really tall and long-armed, I mean, I haven’t been around forever but I find it hard to imagine a team with this much of that. Lots of bounce on this team, lots of wingspan, and the game above the rim is just at a different level for IU right now. Now as far as basketball IQ, well, that’s a different story.

I don’t know that he’s a liability on defense, but he’s not a great defender and he’s not superfast. I don’t think he’s necessarily deficient in those areas, but you’re not playing him over, say, Troy Williams in that regard, or Will Sheehey or Devin Davis. I think he’s going to get minutes as he’s clearly ahead of Collin Hartman in Tom Crean’s mind in the 6-6 spot-up shooter department and he’s got more athleticism than you think. He just doesn’t have as much athleticism as some of the other guys they have.

I’d agree with you on most of the football stuff. I think IU would have had a hard time either way, but I think Coleman would’ve given them a puncher’s chance. I think Houston is really good, but I think you need both to beat Wisconsin and Coleman can get you right back in a game in one play in ways that Houston can’t. It’s a significant loss. That being said, I don’t know how they’d stop Wisconsin from scoring anyway with Gordon and White. We’ll see. But yeah, I think fans wanted more than 5-7, but I think it would constitute progress, just not as much as IU fans wanted.

Thanks as always PacNW.

ANDY: PacNW Hoosier:

It is the most athletic, overall, I’ve seen in a good, long while — perhaps all the way back to those early 1990s teams you reference.

And you’ll head into eternity being right about IU winning the 1993 national title, no doubt about it, if Henderson doesn’t go down. That team went 17-1 in Big Ten play (and the conference was nuclear back then), and the only loss came at Ohio State in overtime after Alan’s injury. He got hurt at a Friday practice. IU beat a good Purdue team at home that Sunday, then had to go right to OSU for a Tuesday game, and nearly won that one. That group of Hoosiers beat Michigan’s Fab Five 3 out of 4 games, head to head, and beat them out for the conference title each year. And that group could have actually won two straight NCAA titles were it not for Henderson’s injury and some ref named Valentine. Those guys absolutely deserved a banner. I’ve always felt that the IU careers of some guys is under-valued because that didn’t happen. Damon Bailey, for example, graduated in the school’s top five career for both scoring AND assists after playing in more wins than any IU player before him.

I think Etherington is a pretty good athlete. He might see some meaningful minutes as things progress, but maybe not that many, because this team’s rotation could pretty clearly go 10 or 11 deep.

Agree with every point you make about the Wisconsin game and the football season generally. That’s exactly how I see it. Well-stated.

Onward! Indeed.

QUESTION: Gentlemen!

I’ve yet to see the Hoosiers hoops team and their young guns play. Question: could this team be the most athletic IU has seen in a long, long time? Not the best, but most athletic? I roamed Btown in 1988-1994, and got to see the last of the great Knight teams in 1992-93: athletic and smart, I’ll go to my grave saying “IU would’ve won it all in ’93 if Henderson hadn’t gotten hurt.”

Any chance that Etherington gets any minutes to speak of? He can shoot, but is he too slow? Too much of a D liability?

Way, way too bad the football team takes on the Badgers without Coleman. Before his injury, I was going out on a limb and thinking Wisky could become the surprise game of the year for a Hoosier W. The Badgers are good but have not been annihilating teams. If IU hits on all of its cylinders, they could be there. Although a loss and likely 5-7 mark would be a bit disappointing, I think it would still make for a decent season, considering the strength of IU’s opponents. Navy, Mizzou, and Minn have all turned out pretty decent.


PacNW Hoosier, Olympia, WA

ANDY: (I believe this group of questions from PacNW Hoosier got sent through to the chat twice, and responses have already been submitted. Having said that, it was a very worthy group of questions to be repeated.)

QUESTION: I’m back after all but only briefly just to say nice win in OT yesterday against Michigan and congratulate the Women on making NCAA tourney! I am sorry if I missed it but I didn’t see a write-up on the win yesterday for men’s soccer online. Did I miss it? Again thanks for putting up with me this year.

Iu Soccer Fan, Bloomfield

JEREMY: IU Soccer Fan,

I thought you were done with the men’s season already? Anyway, somehow our story on the men’s game failed to make it online, something we will correct this afternoon.

The women’s soccer team is at home Saturday night for the NCAA opener, so feel free to check that one out.

DUSTIN: Soccer dudes.

ANDY: IU Soccer Fan:

Thanks. Don’t know why the write-up wouldn’t have been posted. Will check on that.

Glad you’re passionate about following the program. We don’t always share perspectives but, hey, that’s okay.

Strange as it may seem, I wouldn’t completely put winning the B1G tournament past the guys. Odds are it won’t happen, but it isn’t like there are any league teams IU can’t beat, Penn State included. If the Hoosiers find a way to win Friday’s match, they might just make that NCAA field after all. Wouldn’t that be quite a twist on an already twisted season?

QUESTION: MODERATOR: That’s all the time we have for today’s chat. Thanks for joining us and be sure to follow the games and news on The Hoosier Scoop blog and app. Should also mention that former Hoosier and Bloomington South basketball standout Jordan Hulls is blogging for the Scoop. His first post from Poland went up this morning.

Gentlemen: What else should we know before we inch closer to the weekend? Thanks, as always, for your time.

JEREMY: It’s a busy weekend, with men’s basketball home Friday and Sunday, men’s soccer at the Big Ten Tournament on Friday and maybe Sunday if they win, football at Wisconsin on Saturday and women’s soccer hosting a first-round NCAA game Saturday night. And just for good measure, women’s basketball is at Indiana State Friday and home to Central Arkansas Monday. All of which is why that Hoosier Scoop app is a must have!

DUSTIN: Ah the first dispatch from Poland is up? Outstanding. Have to send thanks out to Mr. Hulls again for helping me with my Sheehey feature. Some of his quotes were bedrocks to that story, so that was critical.

Anyway, we’ll have preview coverage for IU-Samford in tomorrow’s paper and then IU-Wisconsin preview stuff in Saturday’s. Andy and I will be going to Madison and Jeremy will anchor the basketball coverage on Friday because we’ll be driving up to Madison for Saturday’s noon game. I’ll be back in town on Sunday for Stony Brook, though, so Jeremy and I will both be there for that one. Thanks as always everybody, and stick with us.

ANDY: Posts from Poland! Looking forward to reading Jordy’s entries.

Now if we can just get Elston to send us some Missives from Malta …

Looking forward to visiting Madison. Great town. They roll out the barrel pretty early up there.


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  1. Not to beat the subject to death, but since I had to miss today’s chat: from a pure public relations standpoint, I don’t think Wilson has any choice but to kick Mallory to the curb. Even if the issue is primarily personnel/youth and that no other D coordinator could have done any better, there are just too many disgruntled Hoosier fans to ignore the D coaching situation. I live out here in the tuitty fruitty granola land of the Pacific NW. After RG3 and Baylor set multiple school offensive records against the UW Huskies a couple of years ago in the Alamo Bowl, the Huskies had no choice to fire the D coordinator. And what did it get them? Well, the following year (2012) with a new D coordinator they finished with the same record as the year before: 7-6. This year: the Huskies now stand at 6-4, with 2 up-in-the-air games. If I were a betting man (which I am), I say 7-6 this year, maybe 8-5. In this day and age of super offenses and rules that handcuff defenses,it’s hard to be really stout defensively. So Hoosier fans, careful what you wish for…..

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