1. I don’t even have the energy to refute all of Andy’s glass half full nonsense. Unless this team shows me something against UW or O$U, this is my last football post of the year. Also, watching the CKW video of him complaining about the crowd leaving and hearing his players latch on to it makes me sick to see them turn on the fans. Nick Saban can complain about fans leaving early because his teams do nothing but win. CKW is not Nick Saban.

  2. This loss almost made me sick at my stomach. The final play could now be called the fumble that lost a bowl bid. There is simply no way IU goes to either Columbus or Madison and wins.

  3. Going for 2 points instead of kicking probably cost them the game. A field goal at the end would have won the game most likely. Very poor decision making by the coaching staff.

  4. One or 2 plays at end of game does not make for the whole game. Sometimes trying to hard or over thinking results in bad decisions. Ther were probably 20 to 25 other plays during 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters that impacted game just as much. Examples: Choice of QB for extended period of time and defensive pass coverage especially earlier in game resulted in big first half point deficit. IU should have 10 to 14 point lead toward end of game against Minnesota.

  5. The Memorial Stadium fans left in droves in the 1st half because the coaching staff rode an ineffective QB too long. To their credit the team continued to fight. Took a lead, lost it and ultimately was in position to win or go to OT. In my opinion, the final play decided the game because the NEXT play is the only one that matters. The call was awful, the pass was worse and playing until the whistle on on this play flies in the face of sports fundamentals.
    We can go back a pick out all of the missed opportunities and bad plays prior to the final 25 seconds, but the fact remains our team was in position to win this game. The play call execution and execution put us into the loss column once again. Go Hoosiers.

  6. Aruss, this will be your last post of the year. What in the world could this team show you against UW or O$U except the ability to maybe give up 100 points to either? At least be realistic and say the team needs to show you something next week against a loaded Illini squad that has only lost what, 18, 19 B1G games in a row.

    Glad CKW is plugged in to the important things, like calling out any fan stupid enough to waste his time and money at an IU fball game. Way to alienate what few fans are left. He manages a game like he’s looking for a way out of McNutt again. What a jerk.

  7. here’s a scarey thought;Illinois,the loser of 17 straight BIG 10 football games is thinking they can beat the Hoosiers

  8. It’s getting to the point where I can’t even watch IU football because of the health problems it causes me.

  9. JPat once called Wilson a “jerk”…..and he was never allowed a dignified return to Hoosier Scoop.

    And JPat wouldn’t leave a football game early. He would stay for free pancakes and a chance to have Wilson not even acknowledge his large family, extend a handshake of appreciation for the support they have shown throughout his life a proud resident of Bloomington.

    JPat….The last true Hoosier football fan. Can you see him in his lonely basement of Hoosier memorabilia he used to speak of such pride? Cast aside by Wilson as unimportant…The humble cheers of a Bloomington faithful have long been forgotten. JPat never asked for much…He loved his Dagwood subs and his Hoosier football team. He was railroaded off of Scoop and treated like a turd by the egotistical “jerk.”

    Ignoring JPat is the reason for this voodoo curse and the crushing heartbreak of a game with such a perceived level importance. I see you JPat. I don’t forget you. You would have stayed faithfully in your seat and your honest passion would have witnessed a different ending to Saturday’s game.

  10. “Was never allowed a dignified return Hoosier Scoop.” Classic example of pure nonsense. That’s not even an exaggeration, its a lie. JPat made a choice to withdraw from or reduce his participation in The Hoosier Scoop. No one prevented him from doing anything. And on those rare occasions when he does post a comment, many people like myself welcome him back to the discussion.

  11. Everyone that was here when JPat made his “jerk” comment knows how he was treated thereafter.

    But your spew about Mallory on the day his hire was announced was not given the same crucifixion.

    And the comments above while bigots bathe in the mud this loss are given nothing of the same railroading treatment extended to the best and most humble of a loyal Hoosier football fan. JPat asked for nothing in his return for his steadfast and long support of a team he never abandoned…(other than a smile of thanks and acknowledgment from the egotistical “jerk”). There is no lie in that pure perception though juxtaposed against your sea of deceptions, witch hunts, and warped values of what it means to support something you love.

  12. I have not heard CKW’s comments “calling out” IU’s fans, but if he did that, that was the worst mistake, amongst many, that he made yesterday. If he did that, Wilson is not as smart as everyone says he is. If he tries to shame or blame the IU fans who showed up for the game in the first place, some day in the near future he’ll look back at yesterday’s crowd at kickoff and consider yesterday as “the good old days” of IU fan support.

    Wilson needs to take responsibility for not preparing his team, after an extra week, to hit the field ready to play. Sorry coach, that’s all on you. Blaming the fans just creates a widening divide between you and your fan base. You want fans to stay until the second half, prepare your team to play better during the first half.

  13. Not much difference between the Coach complaining about fickle fans early exit or goofy fans thinking they know better about FB. For every fair weather fan lacking in support there is a supportive fan who can see the big picture stepping ahead into the open space.

  14. Well, that’s obviously not true. If it was, you’d have seen Memorial Stadium sold out yesterday and still full through the end of the game. And you suggesting that I’m a fair weather fans is laughable. You don’t have to be Pollyanna to be a supportive Hoosier fan. You can be a supportive fan and still express your discontent when your team plays badly. In fact, the most supportive IU fans, the ones that have made a real “investment” in the program, have every right to express their discontent when the team is not performing up to expectations.

  15. The team wasn’t playing the day you showed your utter contempt for the defensive coordinator’s name. You’re not a fair weather fan. You were a dark cloud of nasty weather surrounding Wilson’s judgment from the very beginning.

  16. HC: you support of HCKW is more than stubborn to a fault. It’s ridiculous. Every single word Po – wrote there is accurate. I know you stated HCKW is the smartest – genius – who knows so much more than any of us idiots you played or watch football – etc.. I see where you posted about people posting opinions with no basis is your exact quote.

    Here’s a basis. HCKW is 8-25 as a HC and 0-10 as a HS HC. That’s 8-35 in charge. He hired the worst DC out there (we’ve got the 121st worst defense in the nation – maybe worse if somebody held their opponent under 40 yesterday) – just made god knows how many bad decisions yesterday that literally cost IU the game ( take your pick – going for 2 – failing to pull a struggling TR earlier – play call at goal line – etc. ) – still has faith in Mallory (“I better”) – and is 2-13 in games decided by one score or less while at IU.

    And is outright dumb enough to question the fan base. As I’ve used Saban as an example of success in the past. “HCKW – I know Coach Saban – and you sir are no Coach Saban”. Difference is National Championships and a TEN YEAR WAITING LIST FOR TICKETS. It’s America – when you paid for the tickets you get to come and go as you please. Won’t even go over the stupidity of questioning the fans motives. If YOU or HCKW PAID for the tickets and gave them away to people – then you can complain.

    There’s the basis for being skeptical or reserved about HCKW. Your blind devotion to the man strange. I don’t dislike the guy – but I’m intelligent enough to question him.

    I think it’s fair to say – your blind support – which you’re entitled too ( like leaving early from a game ) – is truly an opinion without basis.

    You have to literally ignore every single fact to not at least question our HC. He managed to blow a game – empty seats during it and most assuredly next week – criticize those who actually showed up – screw the fans/players/alums/university out a bowl game and the many benefits that would bring – all on the way to the “big picture” you speak of.

    I’m sure the 10 HS HC’S you beat him watch TV weekly with their $ 3500.00 tack on salaries to the gym teaching duties and are just amazed at the multi-MILLIONS HCKW gets to steer us to the “big picture”.

  17. Po, I have no idea what you are directing to me as “investment”. If you had some forthrightness instead of being just a bitcher I am sure you would have made it more clear. Now you will have to right another post to explain the last.

    IUG89, We have so many differences I shall not waste the time you did exploiting them. But do you have any idea(the non smart ass variety)why Coach Wilson takes the gambles on offense that he does?

  18. We’ve had season tickets for quite a few years and ALWAYS stay until the often bitter end….maybe Wilson should worry more about play calling then fans leaving. The place was pretty crowded for the Navy and Missouri games…last night’s crowd wasn’t terrible, what in the heck is he expecting after some recent performances?!

  19. Here’s the deal. Indiana is putting a lot of focus ($) on football right now. Way more than, um, take your pick. Akron. Florida Atlantic. North Texas. Louisiana-Monroe.

    Defense is half the game. But on any number of measures, we are one of the worst defenses in college football.

    If you spent $10,000 on a heating/air conditioning system, and got a $7,000 air conditioner out of it but no furnace at all, you’d be pretty mad.

    I leave the games because after two quarters it’s obvious the defense isn’t going to stop the opponent. It feels like a ripoff. I ordered a Big Mac – not a sirloin steak, a Big Mac – but I got a piece of stale bread with some jelly on it. We’re not asking for national championships at Indiana. We just want a team that can compete.

    You can’t compete in the Big Ten when your defense is the worst in FBS. I don’t care how many miles your QBs can throw, how fast your RB gets up the middle, or how much the WRs look like they belong in Cirque du Soleil. If your defense gives every opponent more than 500 yards a game, you’re going to lose too many games. You can’t go to bowls if you put your team in a position where they have to score 7 points every single time they touch the ball. Offense is never consistent like that. Defense is.

    By focusing on offense, we get a team that sometimes dazzles and sometimes sputters in terms of scoring points. But in terms of defending, our team is bad every single game. Every game. Mark it down, whoever we are playing is going to break school records for yards and points, in the air and on the ground. They’re going to make 80 percent of their 3rd downs. They’re going to march up and down the field like ghosts of the 1980s San Diego Chargers. Every game. Consistent!

    Eh, I’m done.

  20. HC, I don’t have to “right” another post, or further explain anything to anyone. You should be smart enough to interpret what I wrote about fans who have made an investment in IU football. If not, than no additional comment is going to help you understand. But your comment about “goofy fans thinking they know better about FB” is really funny. It’s arrogant, but its also funny. It’s another of your straw man arguments (i.e., using a false premise). You’re the only person on this site who acts as if “they know better about FB.” Clearly, you make yourself out to be an expert. According to you, anyone who expresses discontent with the quality of IU’s current football program is a “goofy fan” who does not understand what’s going on. And those of us who question or complain about IU football’s level of performance are either not true IU fans or don’t know enough to have a “basis” for our displeasure. That’s kind of funny. Its upside-down and backwards, but its funny.

    HC, I think you are a true contrarian. I believe you’re well accustomed to opposing popular opinions. My guess is that you believe that the majority is usually wrong, and that you possess superior insight and deductive reasoning skills. My guess is that you’ve been this way most of your life, or that you simply enjoy playing that role. I’m not sure if you intend to or not, but you post comments that suggest you simply know better than everybody else. Like all of us, you’re entitled to your opinions, and I enjoy reading a lot of what you write. But the problem is when you start telling people whose opinions you disagree with that their opinions are wrong, or without basis. When you try to diminish them or belittle them for having an opinion that differs from yours, that’s when you diminish your credibility and lose the debate. You can disagree with someone’s opinion, but that does not make you right and them wrong. Furthermore, just because someone expresses discontent about the quality of IU football does not mean they are not true, loyal and steadfast IU fans. It may signal that they have made a significant “investment” (significant is a relative term) in IU football and are unhappy with what they’re getting in return. In fact, I believe that the most passionate and committed IU fans are those most likely to complain and express their discontent. If a person does not care about something, why would they even bother to make any comment at all? As the saying goes, “love hurts.”

    Here are the facts that I know. IU lost another football game Saturday. IU will not have a winning season this year. IU will not go to a bowl game this year. IU has a terrible defense. I love IU sports. When IU loses, I am unhappy.

  21. I am really struggling trying to evaluate where our FB program is currently. IU has made progress. We are much more competitive than we’ve been for many years. We could still win 5 games this year which is an improvement particularly with 3 B1G wins (if that happens).

    On the other hand, the same issues still plague the program. We have an exciting but inconsistent offense, an unreliable defense and erratic fundamentals (blocking, tackling). On any given Saturday, if our offense is clicking, we can outscore many of our opponents; particularly those with questionable pass defenses. Our run game is improved and now contributes where it had not before this season.

    But conceding all this, can a real winning program be sustained? That’s where I’m skeptical because if you look at the consistently winning programs in any of the major conferences, while their strategies may differ widely from team to team, common denominators seem to be good fundamental execution “between the tackles.” Bottom line…we do not have that and I’m afraid that until we get that figured out, we may well have made about as much progress as can be expected.

  22. Po, please be advised your psychoanalyzing skills are simply more chest beating fluff. Oh and I absolutely meant “right” not “write”. Other than that you’ve written another wonderful but too wordy dissertation.

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