1. Really nice win… Nice because Dub has legit size, athleticism and talent… Nice because several guys played well… And really nice because it was a 40 minute effort.

    The one thing I’m starting to understand is just how important Yogi is going to be this year… That seems kind of obvious, but it’s for different reasons than I originally thought. Before it was about things like experience and leadership, but now it’s because of how dominant he is in the current refereeing environment. He is so strong and savvy with the ball and he can really knock down FT’s. He is also quick enough, low enough, and defensively savvy enough to stay out of foul trouble himself. He is playing chess within the new rules while most everyone else is still playing checkers.

    Really looking forward to his match-up with Napier tonight.

    Hollowell better come ready tonight, my lord son…

    I’m thinking we need a combined 20 and 10 from Fischer, HMP, Davis, and Stan.

    Have a sneaky feeling that Gordon is going to be really important to the outcome.

    Watching a little bit of the UConn game, and looking at their roster, I’m not sure who has a shot at slowing Vonleh down. HS significantly either bigger, stronger, or longer (or all 3) than anyone they have.

  2. UW’s coach said it best when he described us as a pack of dobermans on the boards. We’re the #3 rebounding team in the country and #10 scoring team. I’d rather have a long, athletic team like this year’s that can attack and create their own shots then the soft, 3 point shooting team of last year. Williams reminds me of Shawn Marion and I can see him, Noah and Yogi leaving for the league after they hang another banner after next year’s season.

  3. Aruss… It’s early, but I definitely agree with your sentiment. It just has to continue to play out this way. This team makes you realize the softness of last years team. They were skilled and experienced but not hardened. This team isn’t hardened yet, but they go so hard that good things happen by accident. It makes guys like Hollowell stick out like a sore thumb.

    While I still think that last years team beats this years team about 70-80% of the time, I don’t think last years team would have much success against NEXT years team. Which is really exciting.

    (Don’t leave us Noah! One more year…)

  4. Geoff hopefully Hollowell has a big breakout game soon. Jeremy obviously looks a little out of place right now, but at times really shows that he is capable of being a really good, savvy player. I wish Coach Crean would have left Stan in a bit longer, he was just getting warmed up. Maybe, Stan doesn’t get the whole concept of what Crean wants him to do just yet. But…IMHO, I believe Stan brings a little more to the table than Gordon. (maybe Gordon will settle in also)
    Last nights game was a good team win, everyone contributed, and like the announcers were saying, “these guys are just getting started”. The team played well, showed promise in every aspect of the game. They played fast, slow, rebounded well, hit from the line and the field, played aggressive D. Tonights game will definitely show what IU has and where they are truly at, as a team.

  5. HS, got it. I can only add after watching the performance last night it appears to me more times than not Hollowell is out of place or doesn’t fit what is going on with the other 4.

  6. Mass! How are ya man… Yeah, I’m rooting for Jeremy too. If he becomes consistent and dependable we could be really tough THIS year… He has all the physical gifts and versatile skills, but his decisions and demeanor seem to nullify most of that. Really all we need from him is 10/5/3 with solid defense and fewer than 3 TO’s per game. We don’t need him to be even 3rd Team All-B1G… We just need him to be solid.

    I’m hopeful, but not encouraged.

    I really like Stan… I’ve been saying for quite a while now that he was going to surprise. To play as many minutes and get as many wins as he did at Findley Prep… You can’t fake it against the comp they play all year. He’s a better version of Lenzelle Smith Jr. He’s a glue guy that can score… He’s an athlete that enjoys defending.

    It was a little curious that Crean didn’t play him more. My initial reaction to him getting subbed out at the end of the 1st half was frustration, but then I looked at the time and score and understood why Crean wanted a more veteran presence in the game to not mess up (potentially) what they had built. It was a conservative move and I’m fine with it. Definitely wished he’d gotten a little leash in the 2nd half though.

    The other thing that surprised me was Hartman’s absence, especially with all the zone. He was first(?) off the bench against Samford, and played well, then was ok in 12 minutes against SB, but doesn’t see the floor until mop-up time in this one, and only for a minute? Must have had a very inconsistent week of practice.

    I’d also like to say that I’ve been waiting for IU to get a player like Davis… I’d always watch these other teams and see a biggish guy who just makes things happen, surprises you fairly often with a skill, and is a total bitch to play against. At the end of the game I don’t even remember the dude’s name, but I just say to myself where is our guy like that…. Now we have him. (As a side note, I bet you he really makes teammates better in practice. My guess is he’ll make you look stupid if you aren’t bringing effort against him all day every day)

  7. Yogi is an absolute beast to defend this year. Excellent observation that he is using the new rules emphasis to his advantage.

    Tonight’s game will tell us a LOT about how good we are. We need to be able to stop penetration in the lane. Our fouls were almost always a product of letting UW get past our perimeter defense and then our bigs were in a bad position to defend (foul) or out of position to get a rebound or our perimeter defender would bail out the UW player by fouling from behind. UCONN will know this and try to exploit it.

    We very much miss the outside shooting prowess from last year’s team. The absence of that shooting will keep us from being a very top level team this year. But, as Mike Davis would say, “Help is on the way!”

  8. Husky Tom… First of all, you were right. Secondly, did you see the UC-Irvine game? Holy crap, that dude is huge. 7’6″ with an 8’1″ wingspan! Actually coordinated and looks like he has a real understanding of how to play. He’s going to be a problem for teams this year…

    By the way, why is it that every basketball-playing Ndiaye is named Mamadou? I swear he’s like the 3rd or 4th one… And they’re all 7’+. Does Mamadou mean “wicked tall” or something?

  9. Top to bottom

    TW – Breakout night – delivered on “potential” on this night
    YF – Making the Leap – schooled a Freshmen McD all-american
    NV – Consistently powerfull
    WS – Doin’ what he needs to do
    SR – So efficient in so few minutes (Give me more minutes please)
    DD – Swiss Army Knife (with too many fouls)
    Luke – showing capability when given opportunity (more minutes please sir)
    EG – below average tonight
    AE – hustlin’
    HMP – out of position – 2013 version showed up
    JH – Well, if you can’t day anything positive don’t say anything! Come on man you don’t have to suck.

  10. Without Vonieh we’d be lost. He’s better than Cody in the blocks. More quickness to the ball. More savvy. More balance..More getting to the rim faster..More ability to feel the defender..Better shot blocker. the only problem? He’s so damn mature and comfortable in the game beyond his tender young age, that he could get overworked(much of that due to lack of having a more balanced attack with sound perimeter shooting).

    I was also very impressed with Robinson for the few minutes he was out there…He plays bigger than his size. Or maybe it’s just that his size is bigger than I had realized.

    Hollowell is doing more than he is getting credit for…Don’t ask me for specifics. I just sense his value when he’s on the floor.

    Why was Husky Tom referenced when he doesn’t have a post on this thread? Something I don’t know? SpankyBtown is Husky Tom? How is Geoff privy to this information? Was it shared at a Happy Valley bar?

    Hope Husky enjoyed his “win-win.” Don’t let the purple lose it’s red and turn you blue. I honestly believe your Huskies would have fared better against last year’s Hoosiers. The baby Syracuse zone would have given us more problems and your guys underneath would have exploited us more. The current Hoosier team will have more trouble with disciplined squads(dare I say Wisconsin?). I like Romar. Seems like a really decent man…And that’s just going on nothing other than visual/first impressions. His teams won’t quit.

  11. …and forgot this tidbit that I mentioned many moons ago.

    Lorenzo Romar still reminds me of Morris Day…Though it was not exactly Purple Reign Rain last night. Some ‘rain’ from Wilcox.

  12. Great game. It was indeed a win-win. Nothing wrong with sayin’ it here. I walked the campus of UW as a young idealist looking for parties and relaxation and watching Rick Neuheisel’s Huskies compete for Rose Bowls and Bob Bender’s basketball team make the occasional tourney appearance. I walked the campus of IU as an adult on a career path, and loved getting to know the tradition of IU basketball even through the tumult of the Davis/Sampson/Early Crean years. I have different emotional attachments to each program, and each is very satisfying. Through it all, I’ve learned to hate Kentucky just as much as I hate Oregon, and when I saw the UW-IU box score this morning, I was excited to read about what Hoosiers contributed to the win.

    Romar is a good coach, Harvard, appreciate the nice words. There’s a reason he’s been around so long at UW despite the ups and downs. He doesn’t win many of the big recruiting battles, and can’t crack the Elite 8, but he sends a lot of local Washington boys to the NBA, coaches well when he has lots of juniors and seniors to work with, and is very well respected.

    Geoff, didn’t realize the N’Diaye thing. Sounds similar to the Vietnamese Nguyen thing.

  13. Why does Bob Bender sound familiar…?

    Bloomington kid? Two championship game appearances for two different NCAA teams?

    See how the DNA of Indiana ballers spreads through the nation? Probably planned on going to Duke all along. Most likely as paid by anonymous Blue Devil Establishment donors working for Coach K to stay at IU for one year(’76), ride pine, and suck more genius out of the General’s winning designs to filter down to those Blue Ridge privileged hicks.

    . Bob Bender (1978-80) — Bender was a freshman on Indiana’s 1976 NCAA championship team, but he played little and transferred to Duke midway through the 1977 season. He was projected to become Duke’s starting point guard when he became eligible, but by the time Bender joined the team in late December, the starting job belonged to John Harrell (see below). The two essentially split the job for the rest of the season — Harrell started, but Bender averaged slightly more minutes — as Duke made an improbable run to the national championship game(courtesy: GoDuke.com)

  14. How’s Ohio….? Soon to be a Kent State fan? Cleveland State fan?…Buckeye fan? Bearcat fan? Xavier fan? Remy Abell!!! Akron fan? Go Zips!! What the hell is a Zip?* Ohio U. fan! Bassett for three!! Down goes Frazier! Down goes Georgetown!

    Zippy is the female mascot of the University of Akron athletics team. Zippy is a kangaroo, and was chosen by a committee in 1953.

    The school’s nickname, “Zips,” is a shortening of “Zippers,” a pair of rubber overshoes and a brand name of the BF Goodrich Company of Akron. It was originally adopted by the school in 1925 after a contest to give the school a nickname. “Kangaroos” was one of the choices at the time. In 1950, the current nickname was adopted because of the rising popularity of zippers in use on pants. Three years later, a committee suggested the kangaroo as a mascot, and it was accepted by the student council on May 1, 1953. Originally, it was met with derision, as it was not put to a campuswide vote. However, over time, Zippy has become a fan favorite at the school(courtesy: Wikipedia).

  15. Just hardening back to post #11 from the “Video: Hoosiers talking Washington…” thread.

    Husky was right. When he’s right, he’s right.

  16. We also need to recognize the fact that Washington had a hell of a long flight. The start time was pushed even later than anticipated(the game didn’t tip ’til just after 9:30 EST)and it all could have contributed to UW being flat.

    Not taking anything away from the Hoosiers, but Bloomington to NYC is a hop-skip-jump in comparison. There will be no fatigue in a team from Connecticut basically playing in their backyard.

    When Washington has to play marquee “non-conference” opponents, it usually involves extensive travel. The whole environment of NYC was likely far more foreign. Many of our guys were recruited form the East and likely just have a sense of being closer to home.

    Washington even had their difficulties when traveling to play Saint Louis when coached by Majerus in 2011.

    Send IU to Los Angeles to play UW and we may have been the team much more flat.

  17. Geoff, I am well. Are you guys getting sleep now?
    I agree about Jeremy, he has flashes. I thought the same concerning Stan being taken out last night, probably needs to build a little more trust with coach. I said in an earlier thread that Stan and Devan would be kick ass off the bench. We might need a scoring spark from Stan also. I’ll take him either way. Davis is definitely the guy you want on your team. Your not going to push him around, and probably don’t want to guard him.
    I liked how Fisher played, he was active, got involved. I can’t wait for tonights game. Hope everyone makes the most of their minutes. It will be a true test.

  18. Not used to Geoff addressing me, let alone referencing something I said. Weird sensation. Next thing you know, Dustin might dare to say the words “Husky Tom”(but I doubt it). I think Dustin is still influenced by Korman and Kellenberger-era suspicions that I was the big troublemaker around here.

    Harvard, that is nuts about Bob Bender being linked to the IU family tree. You are right, dig down into the earth a few feet at any reputable basketball program and you are bound to find at least a trickle of Indiana blood running in the groundwater.

    Ohio is good. Thanks for asking. Don’t think I’ll ever adopt a sports team out here; too much on my plate already with Seattle and IU sports. I love Browns fans, though, and I can appreciate the Indians and Cavs. The Zips are fun, too…but it’s the MAC.

  19. Yeah, I remember reading that. But wasn’t the center they lost to injury still very raw?

    I think we handle UConn. Thought the Hoosiers should have broke into the top 20 this week…We’ll be 18 or 19 on Monday.

    The true test comes against Syracuse….and most of the Big 10 schedule, and any team that plays with utilizing more of the shot clock and disciplined at both ends(e.g. the style of the old Butler squads under Stevens). We’ll have more difficulty against well-coached teams that don’t have a coach telling a player to dunk in order to make a statement. That sort of playground mentality works against teams like UW that want to counter such “statements” with their own showboating and a general lack of maintaining focus. A well-coached squad will eat that crap alive.

  20. Well, if you didn’t slither around making a career out of using multiple blogging names to insult people, maybe Scoop journalists wouldn’t be suspicious.

    When you bring Husky Tom you’re all love and kisses…

  21. I haven’t had good experiences with people from Ohio. I find them to be quite distant and shallow. Sorta flat-lined emotionally in the fashion the duplicates from the film, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”….

  22. Yep, I agree, hopefully these games help prepare the young Hoosiers for the upcoming challenges. I just want them to focus on Uconn first.
    By the way, does anyone know when Patterson will be playing for the big bad world beat’n Orangemen? Is he playing now?

  23. Don’t think Patterson is seeing many minutes…I sorta feel for the kid. It’s probably hard to get baggage out of your head when you feel you were screwed. This is the young man that coined the phrase “The Movement” that he never got to be a member. Doubt if his heart is really at Syracuse.

  24. I’m hoarding again…I’ll depart this thread now. Let’s beat those UConn Establishment boys with a bit of Indiana mustard and savvy mixed into some of their own hotdogs.

    I leave with a dedication song for Steve from Ohio(a.k.a. Husky Tom).

    I’m having chest pains..Hope it’s not harkening of the arteries.

  25. I was impressed with what I saw last night. Of course, I saw some negatives that a young team is expected to endure balanced by some areas where we are clearly ahead of the game development-wise.

    Mostly, though, here is what impresses me: the collective attitude this team and the identity they’re establishing. Throughout the game, this team just has the ability keep moving without the ball, they crash the glass on every shot, and the second a board is brought down, they are quickly getting into position in transition. My oh, my are they a much different team than the one that bunched up and didn’t really have their spacing in transition in their first game vs Chi St.

    I can’t say enough about Vonleh. I think he’s an amazing presence in our half-court game that we didn’t have last year. He’s so active without the ball and really gets into great position where our guards can feed him the ball. The pick and rolls open up and just watching all the other Red jerseys cut and find lanes when Noah has the ball is super refreshing.

    I think we’ll play some stinkers. All teams go through it, especially young ones. Our lack of an outside presence will likely bite us in some games this year. However, I actually see this team as being far tougher and more resilient than last year’s team. When shots aren’t falling for this team, they continue to attack the basket and are all over the glass. Last year, if the shots weren’t falling, we were dead in the water. This team is probably capable of winning some ugly games when our tempo isn’t quite where we’d like it. It isn’t often you can shoot in the high 30’s/low 40’s and score 100 pts. That’s more than our athleticism and length, it is toughness.

  26. Hey Clarion- living in NE Ohio these days in the Cleveland/Akron/Canton vicinity. I never really announced it on the Scoop. Harvardx must be doing “independent tea search” of his own. I like it out here. Different from Indiana but some positives.

    Harvard- regarding post #27, “slithering” perhaps, in the sense of name changing, but “insulting” no. Nice try. Surprised you still try to blame your Rico behavior on me,

  27. HT, Good to go. As a young teenager my family lived in Columbiana county south of Salem. Ions ago. My attachment to football developed from living there those 4 1/2 years. I would suggest traveling to Holmes county and spending an afternoon. Quite a pleasant change. Probably in the area of an hour from your man-cave. Enjoy!

    1. HC,
      Small world, I guess. My father’s family was from the Salem area, and we lived there a year or so when I was a wee lad before heading south to N.C.

  28. I remembered the conversation from last summer.

    Mariner Tom
    Saturday, June 15, 2013 – 1:03 PM UTC

    It’s not a goodbye, that’s why. I’ll be just as present as I ever was; just a different IP address in a neighboring state (not Seattle).

    Didn’t think it would be Kentucky. I guessed correctly. Take a weekend to Put-in-Bay next summer(I believe it was about 15 years ago my visit). It’s touristy but sorta fun to ride the ferry over. I always believed I was the reincarnation of William Henry Harrison….It’s a weird story. A couple very old beautiful homes in Put-in-Bay…nothing of extreme opulence, just very calling in deep unassuming character. I did a painting of one. I don’t think it’s anything fabulous. I just had to paint that house…I love old homes. This home was on a one of the more less beaten paths around the town. It appeared to have a thousand tales inside it’s old stucco walls and expansive front porch…Windows lined up like soldiers as it stood in comfort it’s age not afraid to expose. So much character and so wonderful that nobody had attempted to bring back to a state of the sounds a first spike driven into its framework. The place talked to me. I simply had to honor it with a painting.

    The Battle of Lake Erie, sometimes called the Battle of Put-in-Bay, was fought on 10 September 1813, in Lake Erie off the coast of Ohio during the War of 1812. Nine vessels of the United States Navy defeated and captured six vessels of British Royal Navy. This ensured American control of the lake for the rest of the war, which in turn allowed the Americans to recover Detroit and win the Battle of the Thames to break the Indian confederation of Tecumseh. It was one of the biggest naval battles of the War of 1812.

  29. Thoughts on the game. Prediction would have easily stood without the refs Establishment wrench.

    Eastern Promises(Calhoun in the stands = Remove Hoosier’s hottest player and main answer in penetration/offensive put-backs): Refs made damn sure Vonleh wasn’t going to be a factor. Really sad that refs have to basically change the entire complexion of the game right out of the gates. The fans lost a chance to see what a real fight might have looked like between the teams…

    Movement Watch/Indiana Classroom: Davis, Hollowell, Gordon, Ferrell….I thought the Indiana boys showed a lot of their grit tonight. Even Etherington contributed midway through the second half with a nifty pump fake followed by a wonderful assist giving an explosive dunk to a cutting Williams. Davis has such wonderful presence for a freshman.

    Serving Detention: Is Hartman on a sh___ list?

    Lost and Game Not Found: Unfortunately, my hopes may have gotten carried away in the belief that Perea could offer significant minutes in big games. It’s just not there yet…Not sure if it ever will be with so much depth and better options screaming for minutes.

  30. There was so much hype around Perea..Do you think he was basically used a pawn to get some recruits on the fence to commit? Sorta sad in a way…Freakish athletic bodies and their heads being pumped full of dreams. How can that flourish on a team so deep? Is it an ethical sell job? This kid made the cover of an ESPN piece that attempted to derail his early growth..Makes me wonder why all the ESPN panties in a fuss. At the end of the day I’m left with wondering if it’s all gone too far..It’s as if we’re going down a road of objectification the athlete based merely on body size, wing spans, and biceps..Worshiping the bodies and the raw beauty a form more than a man. For a few it happens…How many hundreds does it simply break hearts? Basketball isn’t a game mastered overnight.

    What a misguided disregard in all the salivation over bodies for what the soul of basketball now put up for sale(as a true devotion and applied pursuit that combines years upon years of work with so many intangible gifts that grow through repetition the thousands of games testing new skills in a hardwood laboratory)with flippant misrepresentations by carnival salesman ripping away its depth and the doctoral degrees earned by way of surgical mastery seen in the few that have not bought into the objectification.

    Basketball in Indiana has never been an after school “project.” Bodies sometimes grew into a love and passion for the game..Sometimes they did not and savvy and grit and jumps shots and numerous other intangibles grew into the lifeblood a system in our state without size of classrooms or measuring tapes the length your arms to segregate. Objectification should not be synonymous with “Because it’s Indiana.”

    The frustration often witnessed in Perea’s face, the struggles warring on his mind why the sales job his “natural gifts” doesn’t offer rewards in his heart and hard work over the last couple years. It is a product of hype used to lure the others around him as he struggles to emulate a game learned in a classroom never attended. Hopes are crushed. We need to tone it down. We need to give basketball its respect.

  31. Harvard- I know, and you know, you didn’t just “guess” it from that Mariner Tom post last summer (Indiana happens to border Illinois and Michigan also). But it’s OK, I forgive you. Put-in Bay sounds great. Coincidentally I had just been looking at it last week on the internet. Lots of under the radar gems in this part of the country. Mackinack Island is another one I want to visit.

    Clarion- nice to hear about your Ohio past. Football is king here, that’s for sure. But hoops still draws lots of attention.

    Hope IU can beat the spread today…difficult but not impossible at +35!

  32. Husky-

    Think what you may, but Ohio was an educated guess.

    I don’t know if I’d waste my time with Mackinac Island(unless you go during sometime outside the summer months excessively touristy)..If you head that far north, I would do Sleeping Bear Dunes(take water bottles if you hike them in the hot months)…Charlevoix and Potaskey were charming shoreline towns when I visited them many years back. We also took a trip to the Grand Traverse Light House(all the way to the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula(north of Traverse City). It’s a pretty drive up the peninsula and you’ll see signs for small wineries along the way. I’m sure there is some great bed and breakfast stops(maybe even some that are part of the winery scene). Great golfing in Northern Michigan if you’re into that sorta thing. I found a beautiful course up near Sleeping Dunes…Pinecroft?

    Anyway, thanks for forgiving my intuition. Good luck at your new career.


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