1. Hope Hutch made the right decision as FOX has sold off Scout.com to a private group. Always seemed to me that was just outside of FOX’s bailiwick.

  2. DD

    Something I haven’t heard much about regarding IU this year is the record of teams that have beaten IU. In other words, IU has one of the toughest schedules in the BCS YTD. Not that this changes anything but it proves that IU is even better than people think most likely. A few plays against Navy and Minnesota and we are bowl eligible right now.

    Also, I agree with the first post that I think we have a better chance against OSU than Wisc (they just have our number with that running attack / ball control offense).

  3. AZ, I think you went a little too far. While we have had a tougher schedule than in years past, we definitely and most certainly do not have one of the toughest schedules in the BCS YTD. The Big Ten is still a pretty weak conference. We’re square in the middle of a conference that only managed to go 2 – 18 vs opponents ranked in the top 25. Only 1 – 10 vs teams in the Top Ten. This isn’t an absolute measure, but in comparison, it tells the story that there just aren’t that many Big Ten programs that are able to hang with the better programs yet. Right now, it looks like only OSU and MSU are legit contenders. The rest of the league is mediocre and we’re a part of that cohort.


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