1. Fundamentals win games. If someone could teach Noah how to set a screen legally, Indiana wins the game.

  2. They called 4 offensive fouls the entire game. 3 were on Vonleh. One was just typical post banging. 1 was Yogi driving by and his defender ran into Noah as he cut through the paint. The other was a very questionable illegal screen.

    Since the refs decided to set a precedent of calling “impeding defenders” in the first minute-and-a-half of the game I made sure to watch very closely all the ball screens for the rest of the game. There were several far more egregious than Vonleh’s from both teams… But no other whistles in the last 38.5 minutes.

    The problem wasn’t Vonleh’s technique, it was the refereeing. I’m not saying there was a plan to get Vonleh out of the game. I’m saying there was a total lack of consistency that unfairly effected 1 player and had a major effect on the outcome of the game.

  3. I could pick out countless plays, shots, free throws, had the outcome JUST been different Indiana wins the game, a few TO’s especially down the stretch.

    Was this the only screen Noah set? I didn’t think so, I’m guessing he set a number of legal screens, maybe not the one your referring to. I’m still not willing to send this talent back to high school for more education.

  4. I think if we just sit Hollowell and play/start Davis we win this game. Hollowell is a TO machine, forces shots, doesn’t hustle and can’t play defense.

    But really, the hit 3 more 3s than us and took 11 more shots due to our TOs. We had 11 TOs in the first 13 minutes!

    And we missed 6 FTs.

    All in all, I like these young guys and we likely needed another wake- up call. We’ll have 3 Ls before the Big 10 season & be fighting for a berth in the tourney. Likely 10 or 11 more of these this year.

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