1. I thought Ethrringtom and Hartman were recruited as shooters. And Etherington was supposed to be so strong.? Matt Roth redux.

    Where are those guys? If Roth could do it, what’s stopping them?

  2. Ok, beat #207. Done – by one point at home.

    Next up is #236.

    Than it gets interesting with #’s 72 and #58.

    (IU at #42)….(numbers by KenPom)

    If Coach Crean can mold these kids into a team by March, while winning enough games to get into the tourney, anything is possible with this group. Said while wishing I had not watched the Michigan State game.

  3. One thing I thought should have been mentioned was lack of bench points. Just 5 points. All by Robinson. Visions of last year arose, when I saw that stat in the box score. Probably just a fluke, but we need the bench to contribute more then ever this year, to stay in these tougher games ahead.

  4. As we read on here a day or 2 before the game Coach Crean emphasized their good spacing and Brickman enjoys his prowess in assists because of it. I think if Will had shot just close to average in the 1st half this game would not have been a squeaker.

  5. per Ben & bench points;

    36 substitutions last night by IU. Probably dictated by the first half pace and fouls in the second.

    Possibly not realistic but would like to see a second unit consisting of Luke, Gordon, Austin, Davis and Robinson play together for 4-6 minutes a half. Probably lose some momentum with the switch but potentially gain game experience which will be needed later this season. Thought the same last year but injuries killed that idea. The current sub’ing into the game for 2 minutes 3-4 times a game has to somewhat limit game experience and growth.

    Course if I was the Coach and utilized the above I would probably be gone the next year, but the concept sounds good…Maybe..?

  6. Ron, I was wondering the same. I assume it was nerves. The kid was wide open, all he had to do was pull up, set his feet and release the shot. Hell, he should have drawn iron, glad he didn’t. I think it was their PG.

  7. Valpo hanging tough with Illinois. Formula for winning appears to be drive and get the foul. Expect the B1G to ease up on the current enforcement.? Which could be a bad thing for the tourney where the enforcement could be strict. How I dread the first game with Teddy Valentine.

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