1. Was Robinson hurt? I don’t remember seeing him in the game.

    You saved the best for last. 12:48 mark..You’re sensing it, aren’t you Dusty?

    “He’s a smart player…Plays hard…Stuff like that.”

    Really? Stuff like that? Do you mean the casual stuff as in…?…the mojo, the headiness, the first noticeable sprouting of the Hoosier DNA, the “it factor” filtered into decades upon decades of genes creating a superior gutsy and mentally equipped basketball species?

    Or maybe you’re having difficulty admitting that same unmatchable hardwood presence in Hartman we’ve seen in countless other born and bred Hoosiers because it hurts and it’s your reluctance to put your Establishment thumb reality onto a truth that nothing in the nation can compare to a mysterious quality a Hoosier baller?

    It’s Darwin meets Milan vs Muncie Central. It’s evolution in tournaments and teachings across the decades of a state tournament that forced coaches and players to use their minds beyond and combined their talents. It was a raw and rare island of challenges bred into Hoosier ballers bloodlines …an awareness in the savvy and the necessary fundamentals for survival; instincts passed through generations of coaches to fathers to mothers to sons to daughters to grandsons to granddaughters merging into every crazy loud packed gymnasium in the sharing of countless varied skilled hoopsters put into a pot of basketball amongst a varied Gal├ípagos Islands haven of cornfields and main streets where fertile playgrounds of peach baskets on barns shared nature’s basketball paradise with every pounded dribble a rural driveway into the same hoops breeding ground of the hardwood waking up ‘The Big O” to his morning practice alarms.

    It was passed from city to farm, from Indy’s Crispus Attucks to Gary’ East Chicago Washington High School and back down again to be mixed with the same “stuff” thrown out in the morning trash with a long a toss a garbage truck driver in French Lick a kid with no name named Larry Bird….

    Is that the “stuff” you speak of, Mr. Establishment? Guess what? Can’t have any. It’s not Tom Crean’s..Not yours..Not Geoff’s…Not Seth Davis’s. It’s ours. It’s survival of the Basketball Fittest you can’t put your damn casual flippant thumb for the regard our hoops on. Isn’t it beautiful..? Isn’t it the nature of the game in it’s most natrually developed state a challenged environment? All in this tiny bubble of a hick state supposed to be just about cornfields and tyrants wearing plaid suits known for chair tossing. Oh, if it were all so simple…that evolutionary stuff.

    Eat your damn heart out because what’s in Hartman’s “stuff” you’ll always have to shrug your shoulders over. Much like they shrugged their shoulders over Wooden’s stuff, and Bird’s stuff, and Robertson’s stuff…and Alford’s stuff, and Downing’s stuff….and Skile’s stuff…Hulls stuff…and Bailey’s stuff…and McGary’s stuff…and EJ’s stuff…Landon Turner’s stuff, and Plump’s stuff…and Hayward’s stuff, and Hinkle’s stuff.

    Know what you can do with it? Stuff it.

  2. Stuff it into your suitcase when you have you’re own “Going Home” party to one day leave a place you’ll forever miss. You’ll long for the stuff in our collective basketball hearts you’ll find only species with hints anything remotely similar our Hoosier island of Indiana hoops.

    It’s bigger than IU, that stuff. It’s bigger than Bryce Drew…It’s bigger than Butler..and it found an Ice Age at poor Purdue.

    And I hate to burst bubbles, but it’s bigger than Indiana U….And even bigger than a ‘General’ from Timbuktu.


  3. .
    I am pretty sure Washington, Illinois, 1 of the towns hit by tornadoes yesterday is the hometown of Matt Roth.

  4. Really don’t know what to say about this upcoming game on Thursday. The Huskies are on a long plateau of mediocrity right now, but they are still better than anyone that IU has played so far.

    Don’t be shocked, people, to see a narrow UW victory. They have shooters, and athletes.

    Either way, it’s a win-win for me: Either the Huskies win or Tom Crean and Indiana win. Early season, not much pressure…Go Hooskies.

  5. Of course, anything can happen, but U-Dub provides a favorable match-up to the Hoosiers. Their interior defense is pretty weak and Vonleh should take advantage, with our guards and wings taking advantage of driving to the basket as well. We rebound the ball a lot better, so it’ll be hard for the Huskies to beat us on the glass.

  6. Seems nearly sacrilegious to not have a team to fully invest your heart. Sounds terrible to never have your heart broken or your unconditional love for one unconditionally satisfied.

    Tend to think that a blogger calling himself “Husky Tom” has a true favorite. And another dead giveaway is through the overcompensation where his true passions can’t be found evidenced by his use of “Tom Crean and Indiana.” Translation: I love Tom Crean so much that it almost places Indiana on equal footing my Huskies. Sounds just like Crean when he left Marquette and claimed “Because it’s Indiana.” So simple to uncover fraudulent love.
    In reality there is nothing that could divide Husky’s heart from his Seattle home(at least not in terms of basketball).

    Of course, we are talking basketball here..In the realm of other worlds of thought, I can envision a win-win for Husky Tom.

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