1. It is now time to regroup and take out the years frustrations on the toiletmakers. This is the time to get the bucket back and go out on a high note. This would also help with the State’s recruiting battle between IU and Purdue. Hoosiers need to finish with 5 wins which would be an improvement over last year. You get a new DC and make some major improvements on defense in the off season. Go Hoosiers!!!

  2. I have so many mixed emotions about this game. Part of me is just numb to getting waxed by superior teams. Another year, another butt kicking from OSU. Another part of me is just fed up with getting utterly humiliated; not even making the other team sweat.

    So, emotions aside, we played a team that is a National Championship contender, with one of the best coaches in the game, hungry to prove to voters that they deserve to play in Pasadena for the crystal trophy.

    I, for one, don’t see the improvement on defense that a few commentators have mentioned. We still are getting blown off the ball on the defensive line. Whether OSU ran or passed, they were able to do so with relatively little trouble as our white shirts were stood up and pushed back causing our linebackers and secondary to step in. We only gave up a few huge plays this game, but it doesn’t matter. Without any improvement on the D-line, we’re doomed.

    Offensively, it was a tough game to watch. Less the weather and more just facing a team that is so quick off the ball. Superior talent, coaching and preparation. In hindsight, it was tough watching these short screen passes get lit up. We were handing the ball off and sent our backs into a brickwall for most of the game. It didn’t help that Sudfeld was telegraphing a lot of those screen pass plays. He continues to get rattled by pressure. Our offensive line has done well considering the inexperience, but OSU exploited our youth and lack of depth to an astonishing degree. They are just an excellent team.

    So, I’m Jack’s complete lack of surprise that we played poorly against a very, very good football team. But, that still doesn’t mean that I am not damned tired of this. I still have no idea what it is like to win a game that we’re supposed to lose and to compete in a way that “shocks” the college football community.

    Kevin Wilson better be preparing this team like Ike prepared us for Normandy. There is NO turning back if we lose to Purdue next week. He won’t get fired, but there will be a LOT of empty seats at Memorial Stadium next year. Fred Glass will not be happy shooting off more fireworks that people in the stands.

  3. Well, I maintain if we’d improved we’d at least be able to compete with the OSUs and Wisconsins for a quarter. The answer to that has been obvious.

    And while there is some credence to this narrative about a bucket win meaning one more B1G win, hence technically progress, the more significant issue is that losing to a 1 – 10 team would be catastrophic. See Double Down’s last graph.

  4. I truly don’t know what to expect in the Bucket Game. One bad team playing an equally bad to worse team in a rivalry game.

    End of year three and we are still without a bowl game, any discernable improvement on defense, and we’re still using the same excuse of being a young team.

    I don’t see beating Purdue as being a huge shot in the arm for instate recruiting. None of the truly elite Indiana kids are going to seriously consider us or Purdue. And please don’t use the excuse that we can offer early playing time for these kids. We’ve been a young team that struggles to be competitive, why would we think playing more inexperienced players is going to improve our fortunes?

    This game will just be an end to another disapointing season.

  5. Double Down, Not many thought we would win the PSU game. Beating Penn State and reaching 5 W’s with a PUke win is improvement.

  6. Clarion,

    My memory might be a little rusty, but I seem to remember Indiana being +1.5 a home vs PSU. Usually, there is about +3 pts given to the home team. In the interest of give and take, lets say the expectations on that game were a wash. The historical ramifications were big for IU, but PSU isn’t really that good this year.

    We have improved this year up to this point, but I thought we were going to be much better. As I mentioned, we better beat a 1 – 10 Purdue team this weekend. If we lose, it effectively wipes out any improvement we saw for 75% of the rest of the season. It wouldn’t just be a bad loss, it would be a horrendous loss.

  7. It would be great if we beat Purdue. Five wins including 3 B1G wins is progress. Yes, the season was disappointing but perhaps expectations were unrealistic. I don’t know. What I do know is that IU now has some talent on both sides of the ball that, with the right coaching, can be developed. This is a marked difference from past seasons where the level of talent could not have been coached up by Vince Lombardi!

    Fundamentally, I see two issues. First, we continue to be seriously undermanned. As the season wears on, we get progressively banged up and our reserves are not at a competitive talent level. We are improved here but we have a long ways to go. Second issue is defensive coaching which, simply put, is not at the B1G level.

  8. If IU does not beat Purdue this Saturday, some day, sooner than any of us would like to admit, we will look back and say, “that loss to Purdue in 2013 was the beginning of the end of the Wilson era.”

    I think we will beat Purdue, especially since the game is at home. But if they we don’t, I think the support and patience the fans have shown Wilson will suffer significant, immediate and irreversible erosion. If IU loses this game, Wilson won’t be in immediate jeopardy of losing his job, but I don’t he would recover from it. Wilson needs fan support to continue building the program. A loss to Purdue would stop that support dead in its tracks. But five wins, three of them over Big Ten teams, provides the Hoosier Nation with reason to be optimistic for next year and the future and should help Wilson recruit another stronger class.

    Mallory still has to go though. I just don’t see how he can stay on at IU. If there was any improvement on the defense, it was not enough to justify keeping Mallory around for another year, which I believe would place Wilson in jeopardy after next year.

  9. As I’ve said previously, Coach Mallory will not be back next year. I’m not suggesting that all of the defensive perils are his fault, but the bottom line is that he failed to move the needle and that is just not acceptable. My guess is that Coach Wilson and AD Glass are looking at candidates now and probably have been for some time.

  10. iufan23, is that your prediction or do you have some inside knowledge that lead you to make the statement? Do tell.

  11. I guess I. The idiot. I’ve said numerous times if Indiana don’t beat Purdue, the house of very fragile cards will begin to fall. (Fan base). Everything Podunker said is right on. Can’t be argued. Let’s not let personal emotion get the best if us, and wishing bad on a blogger.

    Podunker, if you ever make it it Dothan, the beer is on me. I like how you think. Many of your posts say what I think.

  12. Double Down, I do believe your memory is correct. But I doubt 15% of the people in MS that game day knew that fact and if asked would have said the Hoosiers were the underdogs. So I’ll stand by my statement that not many people thought there would be a W against PSU.

  13. Podunker…no inside knowledge…just the same conclusion(s) that everyone else has come to. Talent/depth issues notwithstanding, it is apparent to all that defense was not performing up to even close to an acceptable level. Coach Wilson and AD Glass are bright guys…this is not lost on them.

  14. The Mallory family has done more for IU Football than all the so called fans called Podiaper together. I want to see Podiaper do something for IU Football before he spits out his hate. But what is sad is not that “fans” like him say what they say, it’s that this blog and the newspaper that created it condones and protects such behavior. Some journalism! Hey, if Mallory doesn’t return next season I surely hope I won’t see you some of you yellow press around either.

  15. Ouch.

    And my Lord, you removed the harmless YouTube clips.


    if by chance you looked at those clips, please know it was purely intended to get a chuckle out of you. I hope you didn’t take offense. I grew up in a town where many of the same generalizations/stereotypes could be used as evidence from images with limited understanding.
    You can have all the same fun with Chesterton..(along with every other community/town/city across this nation).

    To be so excessively politically correct(going as far to remove a clip I posted of a guy from England that believed he broke a sleeping record in England and using said clip as comparison to Mallory’s new career opportunities)speaks of a righteousness that threaten the great internal character of our people always present in this wonderful and free country; the rare ability to laugh at ourselves(collectively and individually)and see ourselves(even in most destitute times)as bound by deeper spirit. To find humor is a claim that ‘the man’ cannot take you all the way down. To laugh together and at each other is the only real chance to break free. It provides small chance of an example that we can step aside our self-importance on this beautiful planet where the misfit species of various beliefs and theories of rulers in the clouds and stars we have deemed to be their earth to ruin, divide, pollute, and rule over nature as its supremely deserving inhabitants.

    Everyday on the national news we highlight the ugly deeds of very few. We ignore the decent man underneath the stage a limited show. We manufacture horrible people based on their weak moments of crimes with ignorant tongues while sweeping the true ugliness a corporate society protecting/indoctrinating/structuring/ through the means of political and economic clout a privileged vs. a consuming and complacent zombie land of Walmart survivors in a system of class divisions and deep impassable lines of poverty, dead towns and inner cities that have become prisons of economic hopelessness/boredom/education starved, building our own ‘Iron Curtain’ of distinctions increasingly making this a country the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots.’

    It’s a YouTube clip..It’s not like a stepped out the front door to kill a deer simply because it thrills me to kill something beautiful when I have no need for its flesh as food or survival.

  16. correction:

    …where [we], the misfit species of [temporary occupancy]. [with] various beliefs and theories of rulers in the clouds and stars, we have deemed [the oasis in space], this wondrous earth. [theirs] to ruin, divide, pollute, and rule over nature as its supremely deserving inhabitants.

    So, why in hell, not give a chuckle in the mirror? Such anal righteousness to believe when an ideal and chosen god gets it right, we’d all be as flawless the judges so self-anointed as such.

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