1. Only seasoned and uber-objective veteran journalists could find a silver lining for the team with 3 points in a 55-3 massacre. Seriously?

    Would you watch “In Cold Blood” and then talk for 10 minutes about Robert Blake’s nose hairs?

    I’m still hoping Wilson can bring legitimacy to IU football at a program where no real sustained winning has been witnessed and where losing is more comfortable to be now counted in decades. But when things get as brutal as it gets in Wisconsin..?

    I just paint it black..Too graphic to form explanations. Too unmannerly to bother with words from your dictionary of sports.

  2. Solid post Harvard. Come on Dustin&Andy, I know your the home team writers, but I thought it was quite desperate trying in vain to fin positives. We were humiliated. Case closed. Blaming the weather isn’t an excuse. Football was made to play in the elements!

    Purdue is a must win. 5 wins would keep the program making progress in the victory department under Wilson. Though if the game is lost, the fragile fan base will come crashing down hard. Btw, my goal this year is 5 wins, and what I voted for on Scoop poll.

    It will be very interesting who Wilson gives pink slips too at season end.

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