Sundae Scoop: Bucket Game matters

An excerpt from Andy Graham’s column following Saturday’s loss at Ohio State:

There is an Old Oaken Bucket to win. And that matters.

Yes, it does.

People outside the state won’t care. Not that many people inside will, either, given Purdue’s 1-10 struggle this season and Indiana’s failure to produce a break-through season at 4-7. You might not care.

But soon enough specific memories about seasons fade. And the numbers remain. Five wins are more than four. Three Big Ten wins are more than two. If IU wins next Saturday, it will continue an upward arc for the program in both those key categories.
And that counts. Among other things, it matters when Indiana’s coaches can tell recruits that the trajectory remains upward.

Plus it has been three years since Indiana held the Bucket and put an I-link on its chain. The Hoosiers need to reclaim it. The program needs that to happen.

IU coach Kevin Wilson made it perfectly clear, post-game Saturday, how much he wants it.

“What I’ve told (Indiana’s seniors) is that we’re going to have the best week of my three years here, this week,” Wilson said. “We’re going to coach the best, we need them to play their best.

“We’re playing our rival. We don’t have eligibility to play a bowl game. We did address that … but a lot of teams in college don’t have a strong rival. We have a great, strong rival in Purdue. It’s a trophy game. It’s the last game of the year. I want to have my best week as a coach, to put our kids in the best position we can, to see if we can get to five (wins) and three conference wins and play well and get a victory for these guys in our last go.”


  1. Thank you Jeremy! Nice job Andy! Now, if we can get you to wear an IU hat. I am not a Cubs fan but a Cardinals hat while covering THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF INDIANA?

  2. Score 70 points and beat Purdue. Then fire the Defensive staff to get us off to a positive start for the next season.

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