1. Coach, does scheduling teams like LUI Brooklyn and ..and..and you’ve also got Stony Brook coming up…just lend to the fact where the culture has gotten to and where the progress of the program has gotten to…

    Seriously? Was the entire room smirking during that one? Hell, I would have gone to my water bottle move after snidely question. Not sure the reporter that asked that question, but it sure came off as sounding rather sarcastic and delivered with the quintessential spirit of Smirk ‘n’ Jab..,.

    On the same night ESPN is kicking off the college basketball season at the United Center with UK vs. MSU, followed by Duke vs. Kansas, I’m thinkin’ Chicago St, Brooklyn, Stony Brook Trout, and Samford & Sons played in our house speaks volumes of our regained “elite” status on the national stage of college hoops. Who did our scheduling? Food Network’s Cupcake Wars exec?

    And then our first real test comes against the Washington Huskies. I thought they were more known for their rowing team…? Husky Remix!!

  2. Dustin-

    Took your suggestion and tried to pick my spot….Hope it’s what you were looking for..Now I just sorta back off and let if ferment like the guy who posted the Titus piece? Is that how blog etiquette works?

  3. Here are a couple things that I am going to keep my eyes on during this game:

    1) Our spacing on offense. One of the things that I noticed as we were running in transition was a lack of spacing. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that we are running so many different rotations. A bunch of freshman just don’t have the instincts yet to know where they belong as they run on the break.

    2) The half-court offense – especially if LIU goes zone. The inbounds pass to Noah up on shoulder. Last year and in the last game, it seemed like our guards had a hard time getting him the ball in that position. If we can get him the ball there, Noah is going to wreck havoc. If they double team him, we have guys with the speed who can cut to the basket. If they stay one on one, we see the Noah can eat up guys driving from that spot. Again, we need spacing here!

    3) Yogi’s shooting – he had a pretty awful game shooting the ball last week. People keep swearing he’s shooting the ball better, but I don’t see that much difference. His stigma right now is inconsistency. 3 – 11 and 0 – 5 3pt% just ain’t gonna cut it. We just don’t have the horses this year to mask performances like that. I’m not going to be convinced that Yogi’s improved until he can string a couple of games together where he’s hitting his open jumpers, especially behind the arc.

    4) Hollowell – his game has gotten a lot better, but it sure is weird seeing him in the PG role. He doesn’t look really comfortable in that role yet. Not from a skills perspective, but he doesn’t have the Field General characteristic that Yogi has yet. Dunno of Jeremy has that in him.

  4. Be careful, Double Down. You came on numeral shy from stealing Geoff’s long Scoop tradition…This is where we all start beating drums as if to summon the Lobster Kong from the Maine jungle for his “Five Keys to Victory.” It’s o.k….You probably didn’t know. He was likely going to wait until a more challenging opponent anyway.

    Five Keys to Victory against LIU Brooklyn..

    1) Show up
    2) Don’t play Tom Crean in the opening 10 minutes
    3) Limit trying Peter Jurkin at point guard to every other possession
    4) No Dulcolax three hours prior to tip-off
    5) Shoot at the correct basket

  5. Double Down… RE: your points

    1) One big difference between the way we were able to run in the past and this year (besides experience) is that we don’t have 2 guys that are automatically running to the 3-pt line. The fact that Hulls and Watford timed their runs and generally stayed outside of the arc in transition kept the paint open and/or gave wide open high-% 3’s…. This year’s team doesn’t have those players. The other big difference would be that we have 8 rotation guys that can start the break… Basically everyone except HMP and Fischer… The roles of running are far less defined on this team.

    Bottom line – you’re righted this is going to be interesting to watch develop.

    2) I hope that Crean forces them to run some half court and play through Vonleh in the high or low post. They really didn’t work that aspect of offense at all last game and I definitely want to see what happens.

    3) Yogi’s actual stroke looks way better to me this year. Clearly he didn’t shoot well in the first game, but 8-15 from 3 in the 2 preseason games counts for something. I just think he put on a lot of muscle heading into his freshman year and it took time for him to adjust to his strength and upper-body flexibility. I’m not sure hell ever be great, that I saw a much more fluid release in those preseason games.

    What I’m looking for… Greater presence from Fischer. A few more minutes for Stan and Devin. I’d like to see a 5-freshman line-up out there too… Stan, Troy, Devin, Noah, and Luke for like 5 solid minutes.

  6. He beat me to the punch while I was typing…

    This team will be known as the ‘Burlesque Hoosiers’…Fast, long, flirtatious skill sets, the often boob mistakes, fun to watch…followed by lots of whistles and bonus minutes of some Peter Jurkin. I’m pumped!!

  7. I had to look up what Dulcolax was. Ewwwwww. Someone should have informed Bobby Hurley of this “key to the game” back in Duke’s NC run.

  8. Geoff, I too would like to see more Luke Fischer. IU needs to get a dependable big man developed. Hanner has improved, but it would be nice to have a couple of options when Vonleh needs a break, or if they want to go big, big. I think Stan and Devin will get the roles that Will and Vic had their first two seasons. Thats some kickass energy coming off the bench.
    You guys are right, it will be fun watching this team develop.

  9. I want it ragged …I want it ugly. I want us struggling to find continuity…I want to see us slipping down in the Big 10 standings in late January. I want to watch them come together through the adversity the doubters and the growing pains. And then big victory/upset on the road…Suddenly they appear to be gelling and believing….Very little expectations as they squeak into the NCAA tournament with very little national attention. And then all hell breaks loose(like it often can with young talent lighting up for the big stage). The depth and the multiple options of a hot team with interchangeable parts finds chemistry settle in upon a season of pot stirring and confusion. Crean is calm and watches in delight at his young guns tearing up everything in their path. Final Four.

  10. I am also a proponent of the tougher non-conference schedule. I do remember Glass saying the UK cancellation caused a lot of problems as getting a marquee opponent in the non-conference isn’t something that comes together overnight. Hope next year, we can pick up a few better early season games.

    Izzo is the blueprint here. His teams are always playing tough non-conference schedules. They NEVER go into conference play without a loss or two or three. But that team is always much, much tougher in the conference play and in the tourney. Especially his “younger” teams.

  11. Watford…Hulls…Cody…Remy…? Didn’t they all seem to be old souls in young bodies? Maybe too much so. I’m expecting a whole different personality from this team. I think they’ll be hungrier and not as vulnerable to getting down on themselves. It’s the personality of the team that will shine through the young mistakes and could make things very interesting in March. And as the chemistry blossoms, they will be hell to run an offense through, score points on, or find second chance buckets. The complimenting factors of no ‘expectations monkey’ on the back of this team to go along with an overall upbeat personality not regimented to the Puritanical style of Indiana high school hoops Jordy and Cody found their comfort zones….? It’s very possible this team is far more dangerous than any of us realize.

  12. Time to shut up..Pick my spots…Listen to Dusty.

    Have a good day, all. Go Hoosiers!!

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