1. Why does a coach even find it necessary to do a postgame presser after an exhibition game against Hillsdale….? How damn ridiculous. You just played against a school that schedules the rest of their season against teams with names that could form a folk music band.

    And we demean the crap out of Wilson and Mallory for the shame they bring upon our historically dominant football program?

    All press conferences should end until we beat someone resembling an “elite” basketball school in the NCAA tournament. Then you can go ahead and put your Pinocchio face in front of the cameras and pretend you’re John Wooden.

  2. In reality H4H, if you asked most coaches, they would probably love to skip press conferences altogether, even Tom Crean. For them it is a necessary evil. The press want their and the players’ opinions about the team and individual play after the game and they are somewhat forced to do so by the university and the NCAA. Look at the trouble Knight got into when he didn’t give press conferences or showed up late to them. It is the nature of the beast. Whether you play an NAIA school or Kentucky, as a coach, you are obligated to perform in front of the press.

  3. I just think it’s ridiculous after such an inferior opponent in an exhibition game. It’s like the Globetrotters having a press conference after playing the Washington Generals.

    These games are schedules as blowout follies and massacre scrimmages before we really notch it up into playing the barely Division 1 cupcake teams. There is very little that can be gauged from playing a team so completely out of their talent league.

    The press should feel somewhat insulted to be even wasting their time with questions pertaining to a match-up analogous to Mike Tyson getting in the ring with your church pastor.

    It’s horribly shallow from both side the podium. In my humble opinion, it validates just how much needless dollar spending, pointless energy, and time is wasted on the growing sports blob and the feeding of a purposeless infatuation to give coverage to anything merely for the sake of more coverage.

  4. And here’s an idea…Pour yourself a nice tall glass of water so you don’t have to continually unscrew and rescrew …and unscrew and rescrew… and unscrew and rescrew ….and cap on…and cap off..and cap on…and cap off the cheap plastic bottle serving as your personal pacifier for the 2 seconds your lips aren’t preoccupied with gibberish about the meaningless nothing scrimmage against the Danny Moore Five from Holy Cherry Blossom on a Hill University.

    I can deal with the nervous energy and the bottle and cap routine after a Syracuse victory. But watching that breather moment from the b-ball scientist taking his hurried swig during the dialed in intensity acting job carried to the podium for a presser after a Hillsdale exhibition? It just makes me tense. It also makes me sad that Indiana Basketball and her five banners has turned into Camp Dasani via a hiring committee’s hasty pick of a desperate oil salesman’s names in a hat. Poor the water in the hat and make Hillsdale salad dressing….

  5. No H4H this is all about your hate for Coach and his players who leave for the NBA before their senior year is over and not try and win the NCAA tourney. Your old school like I am with high school basketball. I hated it when they pulled Hoosier Basketball to play class basketball, but we can’t change a thing. It is what it is the only difference is you hate the coach with such a passion and I disliked the the state making class basketball but I got over it.

    Dustin is right coaches are obligated to meet the press. You have a mind that can make great basketball discussion but you allow you dislikes to get in the way of being a great addition to this site. Somehow you need to move past it because you just sound really unhappy with IU until they beat an elite team. By the way that little school took 2 other Division 1 teams to the the wire. One was a last second shot in overtime so they are not as bad as you paint them to be.

    IU beat the team in last year’s final game twice last year along with many other “elite” teams but your comments did not change last year because you so dislike the Coach and some of his players. It’s time to get some new material because most folks have given up on you a long time ago and I am starting to wonder why I care..

  6. Watch a pro..Notice at the 3:59 mark how the cap takes a seat while the go-to bottle remains open for a future sip? Don’t you just get a sense of calm confidence?

    It’s also shows a lot of respect for ‘Sir Fauxhawk the Wolverine’ to keep distractions to a minimum.

  7. I don’t hate the man. I simply think he’s a slithery charlatan that knows how to sell a bag of goods.

    It doesn’t make for a good coach. Our added athleticism is still no match for a Kentucky squad and still won’t stack up against teams stacked with McDonald’s All-Americans. Give our current squad to Bob Knight or a John Calipari and I’d have some hope that their good hearts and talent would not be wasted.

    The Big 10 and our deep heritage provides a great stage for clean-cut boys of the proper faith that have the goods to play at the next level. I don’t care about the next level. I care about getting Indiana back to winning big games on the big stage.

    We had enough talent last season but the coaching couldn’t answer the bell. Without Zeller, we would have had a miserable last two seasons and there would be a sea of fans wanting Crean’s head to roll more than that fraud on the blog that never stops beating his drum about the incompetency of our football coaches.

    Butler still holds the recent memory of the nation for their back-to-back trips to championship games…Valpo and Ball State have made it to Sweet 16’s…Purdue has made an Elite 8 within the last five years. Notre Dame will have a strong team this year.

    Our last tournament hurrah was under Mike Davis…I think he could have planned better for the Syracuse zone. Sampson could coach better than Crean. Too bad he liked the cell phone more than the twitter pasting of biblical quotes.

  8. My confidence in Crean resides in this gaze.

    See that smirk…? Now that’s almost hatred(hatred of not the man, but of the incompetency and the damage to the institution once nationally renowned and envied by Establishment journalists and East Coast wannabees for its high b-ball IQ).

  9. H for H… I’ve seen plenty of your “comments” in the past, but I don’t think you are really concerned about the players next level or about IU getting back to winning on the big stage. You just want to see how many times you can see your posts on this site. You really need to come up with another hobby. But since we know you will respond, what connection do you have to IU, and what is your answer to replacing Tom Crean since you obviously know (from your expertise).

  10. Hi everyone it’s me H for H, and I haven’t sent another response for a while. Let me come up with another long BS comment to show you how big of an IU fan I am. I am so smart.

  11. Wait, it’s me H for H… really I know alot… look at all the words I write in my comments(I use big words too).
    Poor guy… if he really knew how lonely and stupid he sounds. I vote H for H coach of the year. Watch out coach Crean, this guy is taking his team of one to the championship of losers.

  12. I am really ashamed that I responded to H for H. I now vow, and I hope the rest of you do as well, to not respond to any more comments from H for H. Remember, if you ignore it, it will die.

  13. I am with you IU89. Lord knows I have tried to get through to him but he is a lost cause
    that only he can fix

  14. Oh, my….First I had Loaffie(please forgive…His regular blogging name is now banned in 15 states) wanting to pull me into his SnailPond cesspool of vulgar insults…Now I have Southport65 wanting to take me home to grandma’s homemade sugar cookies and save me.

    It’s hard out here for a pimp.

    Thank you Mark Titus for one of the funniest lines referencing Tom Crean that I’ve read in a very long time….

    There are two trains of thought among Indiana fans when it comes to college basketball’s creepy uncle. :mrgreen:

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