Wilson, Hoosiers trying to accentuate positives

The Indiana locker room was as despondent after Saturday’s 42-39 loss to Minnesota as Kevin Wilson had ever seen it. There were obvious reasons, of course, with the Hoosiers having stood 9 yards from a critical victory that would have put them on a path to bowl eligibility only to let it slip away thanks to a fumbled lateral.

“You want them to hurt a little,” Wilson said at his press conference Monday. “But the locker room was hurt a lot, because it’s like, hey, man. I mean, I heard a comment from a couple people, ‘that’s the first time I’ve ever seen it like that,’ because that was a game we wanted. We had a chance. We just weren’t able.”

But Wilson decided quickly that he couldn’t let that feeling fester, not even for a day. Though conventional wisdom suggests that they lost their best opportunity at a season-turning win and that taking three games out of four would be a stunning upset with road games at Wisconsin and Ohio State still on the docket, the Hoosiers (3-5 overall, 1-3 in the Big Ten) still do have almost a month left in their season.

“We talked about four weeks to go, two-thirds of the season,” Wilson said. “Prognosticators say everything’s over, but in our world, there’s a lot of football to play, a lot of things we can accomplish.”

So later in the evening on Saturday night, Wilson rallied the coaching staff together and made the point to accentuate the positives of the Hoosiers’ comeback from a 35-13 deficit instead of dwelling on how the game ended. The staff would take responsibility for its mistakes and try to point out what went right more than what went wrong.

“We tried by late Saturday night to snap out of it,” Wilson said. “I tried to rally the coaches up and say, ‘Man, these kids are giving us a good go and they’re fighting. We gotta keep coaching them better. We gotta keep coaching them to do better. We gotta keep pushing them to do better. But there’s a lot of positive energy, because I think we’ve got a lot of good guys in all phases of our program buying in.”

Wilson said he made a point to focus on the comeback and the 2 unanswered points the Hoosiers scored to show the players that they aren’t as far away as some might think.

“We tried not to get rid of the Minnesota game,” Wilson said. “We went back and talked about, ‘Look at all the good things you’re doing here. Look at 15 minutes and 51 seconds, it’s 26-0. You’re flat out rolling playing in all phases good. Look at this first half, we’re out of sync. We give up some things. We had a critical error at the end. If you get in a one-possession game, you can make an error. But because of their effort and fight, they gave us a one-possession deal.”

That’s not to suggest that the staff didn’t also hone in on what went wrong in the Minnesota game, because there was a lot. The Hoosiers dragged on offense throughout the first half. The defense came up with a few critical stops to keep the Hoosiers in the game, but also gave up some huge plays to fall behind and surrendered 573 yards of total offense.

“There was a lot of things that needed to be corrected,” Wilson said. “We had a lot of direct, straight criticism yesterday on things that need to be corrected. We got certain guys that need to quit worrying about if they’re better than someone else and start being the best you can and start beating yourself out, start playing as well as you can. … It wasn’t like, ‘Hey, feel good for us.’ No. That stunk. There was a lot of bad football in that game. A lot. A lot of bad coaching, a lot of bad playing, a lot of bad execution. There was a period of time when it was pretty doggone good. So how do we accentuate that? How to learn from the mistakes.”

The Hoosiers who were at Wilson’s press conference seemed to have shaken off the loss, and were preaching the message of continuing to fight and taking heart in how far they’d come.

“Since I’ve been here my freshman year, the change that you can see not just within the stadium but on film is staggering,” junior safety Mark Murphy said. “If you pop in one of our games from 2011 to this year, just everyone flying around, the speed that we play with, we’re just going to keep fighting and keep building the program that we want.”

Said defensive coordinator Doug Mallory: “We’ve been every game that we’ve played. We’ve had a chance to win every game that we’ve played. We’ve gotta continue to do the little things right and do the things that are going to help us be successful and pull out those wins and flip the coin on that. … But the attitude of this team and this program is we’re gonna continue to work and we’ll get it fixed. We’ll get this thing flipped sooner or later.”

Littrell regrets call
Wilson called the swing pass that turned into the game-clinching fumble in Saturday’s game, “not ideal” and took responsibility for it, but offensive coordinator Seth Littrell said it was his call and his fault and that what Minnesota showed pre-snap on the play tricked him into it.

“They got me good,” Littrell said. “What can I say? I saw something that would’ve been a check on any normal down situation. They showed it to me, and they did a great job of bluffing me. So it happened and that was on me. That was me. Do I second-guess it now? After the fact? Absolutely. One-hundred percent. But at the same time, we just gotta continue to build, continue to grow. I gotta get better as a coach each and every day. I say it each and every week. Hopefully I’m a week better.”

Littrell was asked what he would’ve called if he had the play over again.

“You could hit another zone (run) there, cram it down in there,” Littrell said. “Get inside and try to split it. It’s a cover zero blitz, they came off both edges, they played cover zero, so you’re not going to have enough numbers in the run game either. Knowing what I know now, would I have stuck another run up in there and got zero yards or maybe a couple and call a timeout, maybe, because you could split it. There’s a number of other plays versus zero that are very good too that you have an opportunity to score a touchdown. I’m for being aggressive and scoring touchdowns. That what I’m always trying to do. Hindsight 20-20, would I have called that play? Absolutely not.”

Wilson trying to keep coaches healthy
After Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak collapsed at halftime of his team’s game with the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night and Denver Broncos coach John Fox set to undergo surgery to replace a valve in his heart, Wilson was asked what precautions he and his staff have taken to safeguard their health.
Wilson said he hasn’t had any health problems himself, but he’s been trying to work out and lose weight and he asks the coaches to workout as soon as they can after every practice.

“Right now they all should be working out,” Wilson said of his assistants. “One, you need to get away from it a little bit. You need to get your blood flowing. It’s good for longevity, but it’s also good for your mind. You’re going to get some better ideas instead of grinding, grinding, grinding. … We need to be more productive and we need to do a better job, and one of the best ways of doing that is taking care of yourself.”


  1. Mark Murphy’s comments continue to assault the senses. Someone needs to muzzle him. No wonder this kid can’t tackle anybody or know where’s he’s supposed to be on the field. He lives in a fantasy world.

    Please get better players. Please beat Purdue. (Spoiler alert: Illinois will snap its 18-game B1G losing streak this Saturday.)

  2. Agree with you Dunbar. But my favorite fantasy land inhabitant is still Doug Mallory…….

    Mallory: “We just have to CONTINUE DO THE LITTLE THINGS RIGHT…”

    WOW! You wonder why there is no improvement. BECAUSE THERE ISN’T EVEN ” PROPER ” RECOGNITION OF THE PROBLEMS.

  3. Send Cutler back to Santa Claus or the North Pole …or to Rex Grossman’s Spoiled Brat Island of Soft Misfit QB’s that can’t perform in the clutch.

    McCown!!!!!!!!! Bears in tie for first!


  4. I’d tell Jay that we want to play it safe and let him rest that groin muscle one or two more weekends.

    I thought it was supposed to be a 4-5 week injury? Wasn’t it a substantial tear? Those can be very stubborn and cause great discomfort to the discount double check pouch. Suddenly he’s healing fast. What da ya know..? Hmmm..The amazing healing powers of a 34-year-old QB that never saw a snap in two years.

    Suddenly Jay doesn’t like looking like a pouty Calvin Klein model on the sideline.

  5. Contract year…that’s why he’s in a hurry to get back. McCown…no interceptions, controlled play, managed the team with confidence and control, used up some 9 minutes with a four-point lead, went and got a fourth down conversion, ending with 50 seconds to go after a field goal made it seven.

    Just like we plan it every weekend!

    Da Bares!!

  6. Besides…he just got married (a model)… so you know he’s straining that muscle! (oops, no…back to plan B…she’s expecting…)

  7. Harvard- I particularly liked this description of (Da Coach) Trestman: (He looks like someone out of an English Comp class at Ballantine Hall…and, he knows his football).

    From tonight’s Trib-
    “…It’s no wonder Trestman opted for a gutsy run call on fourth-and-inches at the Bears 32 with 7:50 left. Forte converted with a 3-yard run, and the Packers didn’t see the ball again until 50 seconds remained, after an 18-play drive ended with Gould’s 27-yard field goal.

    “I can’t say there was great analytical reasoning involved,” Trestman said. “It was a sense that we needed to stay on the field, and I felt we could. … I knew one way or the other, I wouldn’t look back and have any regrets on the decision.”

    Comment- Now, our panel of football ‘experts’ in the Scoop would have been howling ‘unacceptable’ and f**rting at the moon for days. How Hoosier!

    Da Bares!

  8. Regarding Saturday’s football game and the future response by IU’s players and fans, here’s something to think about by Ptr. Anderson: “It doesn’t take much to quit, but it takes everything to finish.” And that holds true for IU in continuing to make progress as it works the process of failure which leads to success and a successful Big Ten football program.

  9. Honest to God Dunbar you hit the nail squarely with a 2 lb. maul. Get better talent and more than just for Murphy!

  10. Many fans were down on a BB coach and wanted him fired after a couple years. And then things started to click for Duke and Coach K. That was BB…This is FB with a lot more players and a traditionally dismal history…….Be patient and see what happens in a year or 2, then compare it to the history of IU football and go from there.

  11. t, you’re right, but that was also 30 years ago. These are different times in college sports. Wilson’s not going anywhere this year or even next year. But it will be interesting to see if any of the assistant coaches jump ship or are terminated after the season.

  12. The “press conferences” are read into way to much. Coaches come out, stand behind a podium and the kabuki theater starts. There are plenty of people that need to be held accountable from players to coaches for poor performances and losses, but none of that is going to come up as they address the media. Reading into tone, body language or anything else here is a fool’s errand.

    The fact remains, IU has the 103rd overall ranked defense in college football. Until this figure improves, we’ll continue to under-perform. I think why we’re all frustrated is that they don’t have to be THAT much better. Just below-average. They can get C- or D+ grades and we’ll start winning more games. Our offense is really good, but it still makes enough mistakes and hasn’t quite gone from really good, to great.

    Anyway, funny enough, you know what team is ranked #119 out of 120? Undefeated Baylor. You think our defense is bad, their’s makes our’s look like the ’85 Bears. I guess it helps when you have the #1 offense.


  13. This may become my favorite thread of all time. Walt D. is nothing but thoughtfulness and wisdom. Hoosier Clarion is observation and consistency, and Double Down, your last two paragraphs in #15 are an education. I doubt if more than 5% of the Scoop readers knew that fact, if more than 50% of that 5% will even notice and if more than 50% of the 50% of the 5% will mine and extrapolate its meaning.

    What is most frustrating is that we are getting sooooo close to what we want and I’m not sure we have either the patience or the courage to see it through. Yes, what we are seeing offensively is decades ahead of where we were two years ago. Yes, our physical resources (recruiting, facilities, physical care of the athletes, cerebral development, facilities) are growing by leaps and bounds.

    Yes, our defensive output needs to be thought about, analyzed and developed. No one better than CKW, the offensive ‘mind’ who can identify both weaknesses and strengths and probably define defensive answers that can improve our product by 40%-50% and put us in the same category with Baylor…maybe even Oregon.

    What will hold us back…? Why not try this. This time, instead of turning on the coach, as we have for 5-6 coaches following John Pont and Bill Mallory (and eventually, even Bob Knight)…why not turn on the “supporters” who have criticized, weakened and demoralized generations of IU fans into despondency.

    For those who deserve this progress and are willing to struggle to the goal of a competitive, respected football program…everything. For those who betray the Hoosiers with their narcissistic pessimism …not even justice.

  14. “It doesn’t take much to quit, but it takes everything to finish.”

    I don’t know…? It sorta sounds like a ‘that’s what she said’ line….Discount double check.

  15. Can we have some sort of poll question for the MALE GAMERS ONLY Wartune ads popping up on my Scoop page…? WaltD’s sharing of the quote “It doesn’t take much to quit, but it takes everything to finish”…while glancing over at the hot Wartune warrior babe dressed in provocative flesh-toned Victoria Secret and sword giving me her “WARNING: MEN ONLY…Enter at your own risk”…? How in the hell am I supposed to think basketball or football?

  16. I dedicate the following tune to the Wartune, sword-wielding, seductive mistress of mayhem to the mind.

    Also a great tune for a future Hoosier Morning…? Jeremy Rhinestones…? Yes?

  17. DoubleDown:

    Couple things. Please do not mention our D and the 1985 Bears D in the same sentence. At best – they should be pages – nay – chapters apart.

    Also – you have got your stats all wrong. Somehow you got a year ago or two years ago stats.

    NCAA uses 123 FBS teams (really 125 with 2 in transitional stage). Baylor is the #6 D in scoring ( gives up 15.9 per game ) and # 11 in Total D ( gives up 316 ypg).

    IU’s D is # 113 in scoring ( gives up 37.8 per game ) and # 117 in Total D ( gives up 507.5 ypg ). Yeah – averages giving up over 500 ypg.

    By the way – that’s around 50 more than last year under Mr. Mallory. Thought I’d throw that in there.

    Your second paragraph there is correct in the sense a C- to D+ defense would make all the difference in the world.

  18. Egads. You’re absolutely right. Chalk it up to jet lag. Fittingly, the NCAA default search for 2013 brings up the stats for last Jan. That’s the technical wizardry of a monsterous, irrelevant, bureaucratic institution at work.

    The Baylor story is even more intriguing to me now. How did a team that was second to last in total D, go to 11 in one season? That’s incredible. I’ll go to healthcare.gov to look for answers.

    Also, look who is number 1 in total D: MSU.


  19. I’m sorry but I just don’t see the improvement, and I am specifically speaking about coaching.

    CKW and his staff are woefully coming up short week in and week out. You don’t see Minnesota making the same mistakes this year that they did three years ago when Kill was hired, yet we do with Wilson’s squad. Look at Lembo at BSU, he has his team playing smart football. IU suffers from too many brain farts and that is a direct reflection on the head coach.

    You don’t build a succesfful organization from the ground up, you build it from the top down and it starts with having smart, capable and qualified management. After three seasons I am not seeing it with Wilson. Just because he has created a prolific offense at IU doesn’t get him off the hook. He’s the head coach and responsible for offense, defense and special teams. I’ve come to the realization that Wilson is an OC disguised as a head football coach. Some people are just not made to be head coaches. I believe Wilson falls into that category. He’s a great OC, just a lousy head coach because his attention to detail for the overall picture is just not there.

    I had IU going no worse than 6-6 and a bowl game this year. We’ll now be lucky to 4-8 if we don’t beat Illinois.

    Other Big Ten teams hire unknowns and see improvement. The only thing that changes at IU is the name on the head coaches office door. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  20. Waitingforwins makes a valid argument. As he points out CKW has never been a head coach and so we are seeing on the job development. CKW is capitalizing on his success as an OC and trying to learn the other aspects of the job as he goes along. By contrast, Jerry Kill has been a head coach and moreover, has assembled a long term subordinate staff which is paying big dividends for that program as they deal with Coach Kill’s health challenges. Unfortunately, CKW does not have a strong subordinate staff in the areas where he needs it most (we all know what that is).

    So, CKW is definitely a work in progress. All that said, I do believe we are making significant progress in developing the program. We’ve had and will continue to have setbacks and we clearly need to make some staff changes (I think we all know where).

  21. I completely agree Iufan23. Getting rid of Wilson now would be suicide for the program. The man has never been a head coach, so some hiccups are expected. It’s obvious the program is making strides in recruiting, and not being blown out nearly as bad, as under Lynch or Wilson in his first year.

    However, I fear if we don’t win 5 games this year, the fan base of IU Football will collapse like a house of cards. The football fan base is a very fragile thing. We are all looking for improvement. I am gunning for 5 wins as well. That was my goal before the season started. Illinois is a MUST, and I repeat MUST win for the program.

    We all know staff changes need to be made. However, I hope we hold on to Litrell. The man is a piece of talent for sure. I also hope we hold on to William Inge. This is his first year on the job, so he can’t be judged. Mallory on the other hand should be handed his papers at season end after Purdue, or after a bowl game. It’s clear he’s struggling. It’s not the talent. We have good, talented kids. Somehow the teaching from Mallory isn’t clicking with players.

  22. Agree completely regarding Litrell and Inge, though it will be a challenge to keep them engaged. I’m pretty certain you won’t see Mallory at IU next year. Being a DC at a B1G school is a daunting challenge for anyone but particularly at IU where we don’t exactly have a strong defensive tradition. Finding a replacement for Coach Mallory is the real challenge now and I’m sure that is being attended to.

  23. IUGrad89, Ben, IUFan23, WaitinforTwins…others (if the shoe fits…)- If your goal is a C-/D+ defense…you’ll never reach it and the failure would illustrate why you should stop giving advice in blogs like this. If we are going to do a review of defense; then, I would suggest it 1. be thorough and comprehensive 2. breakdown performance to every facet (including fan support)and responsibility by positions, functions and personnel (available talent), needed talent, schematics, coaching personnel, adjustment capacity history, recruiting roles… It should not, as you are proposing now, be a name change, except in those areas where the analysis (by those with authority- i.e. the Head Coach- determines a deep-change is needed and specifically indicates we have a clear plan of action, name available and resources set aside for significant improvement ready.

    I really fear what most here are asking for, however, is no more than a name change ONLY, just to satisfy fan ego and performance anxiety-guilt more than Hoosier football itself needs; and serves only the self loathing so many Hoosier fans seem to suffer from…eternally. Yes,…in most cases, this means YOU.

    And, I also fear that the results of that analysis and the change they suggest are impossible because they would call for a change at every level of Hoosier football. This would be especially true in the pay structure for coaches (that’s an Indiana problem, not a coaches’ problem) that would handcuff us into the same hiring patterns that we have used during the last twenty years of losing, and seem to have resolved only three years ago.

    Only, during the search that led to Coach Wilson, did Fred Glass’ vision seem to finally force IU into joining the Big Boy level. To illustrate, I believe that the first time IU sought to use the methodologies of professional ‘high level recruitnment’ was during the search that led to Coach Wilson and he was underpaid by any measure.

    Worse, when Wilson was hired he was hired for an amount that barely put him in the bottom 30% of the coaches in the B1G, with a total income of about $1.5 million. And, even then there were several bloggers who wrote into this very blog outraged because, paying above $1 million ‘to be football coach’ was- according to them- ‘obscene’ and totally out of kilter with salaries in the area (Bloomington/Indianapolis/Monroe County, Indiana, the B1G). If you really want to be embarrassed take a look at those blog posts and realize the ‘competitive football world’ sees Hoosiers as rubes who undervalue our athletic programs and undervalue our coaches (and our professors and administrators…and cops, and…) because we consider it ‘noble’ and natural to be underpaid and somehow a ‘duty/obligation’ to accept compensation for amounts way below what the ‘adequate’ require what the ‘talented’ are worth.

    When Coach Lynch was hired, one factor leading our ‘search committee’ to him, without even really considering opening up the job, was that he was ‘cheap’ (not a condemnation of Lynch, but a very harsh comment of those who thought…’hey, he was an assistant at about $200,000)…’he should be happy with $500,000′ or ‘how is a football coach worth $more than $200,000’?

    So…think about this carefully. At barely $1.5 million we have a coach in Coach Wilson who is being remunerated at about 50%-70% of his actual and real worth. Not sure what Mallory is being paid (and not interested either because I’d bet the bank it is under $700,000). So…you want a top level D-Coordinator? Get ready to pay more than $1,000,000 ($750,000 for the D-coordination + $250,000 minimum for the position coaching) and possibly add another $200,000 for incidentals (car, clubs, time-away-from-home, equipment fees.

    And, if we pay the D-Coordinator at the correct level…then we have the obligation of tearing up CKW present contract and replacing it with one that pays him $2.5-3.0 million (head coaching duties and leadership only) and another $1.0 for incidentals.

    Which, of course puts us around the middle of the pack in the B1G where the Ohio State coach gets paid more than $5.0 million and the Michigan, MSU, Nebraska and PSU coaches (and maybe Iowa’s) re paid around $3.5-4.0 million.

    And, Louisville’s and Cincinnati’s coaches are all making more than $3.0. Both of those schools have declared their intentions to be national powers way above our level. Or do you think we could make the offer to Coach Strong at Louisville and make him do anything but laugh until tears roll down his cheeks.

    Have you figured it out yet? All this moaning abut ‘win now’, ‘I just want a better than .500 season’, ‘why aren’t we competitive?’….is so, sooo, sooooo small time from Podunk, Indiana (hey…that came out good)… (absolutely not a reference to Podunker).

    We say, Indiana deserves a top level, nationally competitive football program. Deserves? Why? Try earning it.

    I really believe, the ones with skin in the game now are the coaches and some of the players.

    Indiana…ohh Indiana/ Indiana…we’re all for you…. Indiana…ohhh Indiana…but don’t make me/ send money too….

  24. Tsao, I am just offering an opinion. Everyone don’t agree with you. I don’t mind advice, but you act like myself, IU Fan, and Podunker are some sorry souls who can’t form an opinion. I respect you, but don’t need your help. The above is what I think. This is a blog. I am merely acting as a fan, and appreciate not being slammed for producing an opinion.

  25. Tsao- My pea brain thought Lynch was a good hire when it was made. IU had previously hired coaches (Di N, Cameron) who were opportunists who thought (for whatever reason) that IU was the next logical step in a career path. Lynch seemed like Hep in the sense that he would be tickled to coach at IU and that that kind of enthusiasm would rub off on the program. Boy was I wrong. Agree that Glass deserves big kudos for applying “best practice” methods for selecting Wilson, but strongly disagree w/ your assessment that Lynch was hired ’cause he came cheap. The $1,000,000.00+ contracts for football HCs at lower tier big Ten programs such as IU, Minn., and Ill. didn’t happen until revenues from the Big Ten Network started to be realized. The same revenue stream probably allowed Glass to employ said best practices.

    Ben and iufan23- This FIRE MALLORY NOW ranter certainly isn’t for canning Wilson. IU has an excellent shot at winning five this year and that is certainly progress to be embraced. But my frustration (and that of many others) stems from knowing that had the IUD given up “only” 30 ppg. this season, the record would be 6-2 not 3-5.

    Key to five wins is beating Ill., but I’m nervous about a let-down after the Minn. loss- which is why I think it’s critical to rejuvenate the players by giving them a reason to play hard- namely, a chance to show their stuff to a new defensive coaching staff. TACKLE HARD THIS SATURDAY, VALIANT HOOSIER LADS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Davis,

    I have never ever proposed firing Wilson. Again, it would be suicide to the program to fire Wilson. Nobody can deny the program has improved. We all know in our hearts what needs to happen….

  27. Davis… and my pea brain thought the same thing. Especially, given the circumstances…a statement on the road chosen. And, I did at the time when the issue of firing Lynch came up. Read my posts at that time and there was some hesitation, funny enough because I thought Lynch was doing an ok job with offense but had tired of watching Barnett and others ‘escort’ opponents into the end-zone.

    Lynch had plenty of warning he had to make changes to a ridiculously overwhelmed, non-competitive defense and didn’t. I’ve said all along that CKW is no-one’s fool. He’ll make changes.

    But that’s not the core problem at IU. The issue has been, all along, the absence of commitment to football from the administration. Greenspan had nearly buried football at West Point. A ‘brick and mortar’ man. You saw his weakness and its impact on the Sampson debacle when he failed to confront a Board gone member gone mad.

    By his very nature Glass is a promoter who understands what it will take to put more butts in the seats and make an additional $4 million or so per year from football to add to the budget. Winning football. He’s got it partially right with Wilson and Wilson is definitely smart enough to figure out the part that we still need to bridge.

    IU needs to head in one solid direction, without compromise. We’ve made our choice and it shouldn’t be a debate of ‘I’m right, you’re right’. Penn State is a good example. Their mess is deeper and even messier than ours has ever been. But they take a solid stand to rectify, head off in one direction and don’t look back. They don’t even ask ‘if’.

    One thing you don’t do is empty symbolic moves like firing someone on the staff on the spot just to prove a point. Nothing, absolutely nothing, hurt our campaign in Afghanistan than when Gen. Stanley Mc Chrystal was forced to resign for symbolic yak-yak. The decision on the Defense lies and belongs to Wilson; it is for him to make when he decides to make it and in the manner he sees fit.

    You Davis should know this, being from Chicago. There’s only one thing you don’t do when you have the power. You DON’T negotiate it (especially with followers looking in). That’s why leaders lead (and reporters are assigned to tell their stories).

  28. Ben- never, ever thought you advocated firing Wilson. Just wanted to point out that wanting to can Mallory/Inge does not equate with “Wilson must go!” I think that going from 1 win to 3 wins to (fingers crossed here) five wins is solid progress and indeed firing Wilson would be suicide.

    Tsoa- your big picture/long term view placing the lack of IUFB success at the feet of successive administrations is as correct as is it is obvious. But what I don’t understand is how ticked-off fans wanting better IUFB undermines IUFB. In your remedy for the IUD (post 27, supra) you wrote “breakdown performance to every facet (including fan support) and responsibility by positions, functions and personnel….” Fan support? What kind of analysis does KW apply to that? “Hey, you in Section 214, row J, seat 22! Clap harder!” “Davis, Podunker! Get off your computers now! Drop and give me twenty!”

    If fans griping about coaching undermined football programs, Nebraska (and some other big time programs) would be doomed. Pellini is on the ropes in Lincoln, so I guess the key to ending the string of awful 8-4 seasons there is for ‘husker fans to shut up and let Bo be Bo.

  29. Tsao, after post #27 and #31, you should never call anyone a blowhard again. Together, you and H4H set the standard for blowhards, never to be equalled on this site.

    davis, be careful, Tsao is likely to begin questioning your patriotism, calling you a terrorist, and accusing you of being a part of Al Qaeda in America soon. When you write posts that oppose his opinion, threaten his superiority complex, or simply fail to acknowledge his vastly advanced perspective, he starts to come unglued and reveals his true character by slinging insults, childishly calling you names and then making outrageous attacks against you. And his buddy H4H, will back him up.

    I don’t think either Tsao or Harvard will be happy until they are the only two people left writing comments on this site. Why they don’t just authorize Jeremy or Dustin to reveal their email addresses to each other so they can crete their own little private chat room is beyond me. I can envision the day when no one writes any comments disagreeing with any of their opinions. That’s the day they’ll convince themselves that they’ve finally won everyone over to their points of view and that everyone agrees with them. But in reality, that will be the day when they’ll be the only two subscribers left on The Hoosier Scoop.

  30. Davis, I believe your post is a reference to a comprehensive review by Wilson of the football situation (at the end of the season)to include all aspects including “…positions, functions and personnel (available talent), needed talent, schematics, coaching personnel, adjustment capacity history, recruiting roles……”. In other words a structural and functional review, by Wilson based on his vision and plan, but at the proper time.

    Which, I believed, would contribute a lot more than what you and some others were proposing, the orgasmic moans of ‘FIRE MALLORY NOW!’ I thought were rather weak lamentations some propose here. And, whatever we do, it should be a statement of strength and part of a plan headed and implemented by Wilson, as he determines.

    Otherwise, it is merely just another episode of impotent self-pity brought about by the same people who have kept IU football a stagnant pool of defeat since Mallory. Fans with a lot to say and criticize but no solutions.

    Does that clear it up for you Davis?

  31. PO- not worried about Tsao. Sticks and stones. I suggest that everyone else here take the same attitude so we can stick to football.

    Tsao- not really. My response was a response to what you wrote in #27- that KW should evaluate fan support.

    Not sure whom you mean by “the same people who have kept IU football a stagnant pool of defeat since Mallory.” People like me who spout off from their basement? I still don’t understand how a bunch of electrons bouncing to and fro on a dozen computer screens “contributes” (negatively or positively) to IUFB. It appears that you actually think that we few lost souls on this site actually have a role in the IU program: “And, whatever we do, it should be a statement of strength and part of a plan headed and implemented by Wilson, as he determines.” Whatever “we” do? Don’t remember KW giving me any blocking assignments for the Ill. game.

    If criticizing the coach is a negative “contribution,” then what about the pre- Big Ten network years when I would spend fall Saturday afternoons maneuvering around my back yard with an transistor radio, antenna extended, trying to pick up IUFB games on an AM station out of Gary. (My new wife thought I was nuts. Still does.) Was that a positive “contribution?”

  32. Davis- I believe I used ‘fan support’ as one of a series of criteria that CKW will want to look at when the season is over. I sure didn’t mean he had to necessarily allow it to shape his vision. But, I think you knew this.

    Nor, do I think you are a ‘bad’ fan. But I do find the call that CKW needs to fire his top assistant in the middle of a season to be humorous at best. I think CKW is professional enough to know how he should handle it. And that has been my point all along. Obviously, we disagree.

  33. I think you’re finally starting to get it Tsao. As fans, we are voicing our opinion. If everyone agreed on everything, then blogs wouldn’t be needed. I think it’s ok to question Wilson and assistants. Bottom line is we all care about Hoosier Football, and want this things to rise out of the inferno.

  34. Tsao- We do disagree, but that’s OK. If we both take a deep breath, the reality is probably somewhere in the middle. I do concede and agree that fan support is important to a program; maybe you’d agree that the tiny universe of this blog, and grousing fans in general, don’t have much effect on anything.

    Everyone- let’s stick to football. If someone posts a stupid idea (mine is FIRE MALLORY/INGE NOW, but I’m sticking to it), please do sound off about why the idea is stupid, NOT that the poster is stupid/disloyal/agent-provacateur-of-an-international-conspiracy-to-keep-IUFB- down. Ben’s right, it would be boring if we all agreed- but what’s REALLY boring is to have to scroll through ad hominem attacks to get to the scraps of honest debate that can still be found here.

    Chgo. Trib today is picking Ill. to win ’cause the UI QB is good enough to pass for enough to score enough to beat Indiana. GIVE ‘EM HELL TODAY, IUD, AND MAKE THE TRIB EAT ITS WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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