Wisconsin pummels Indiana, 51-3

MADISON, Wis. — Senior running back James White rushed for 205 yards and a touchdown, sophomore Melvin Gordon rushed for 146 yards for a score and Wisconsin once again rolled Indiana 51-3 in front of 77,849 in Camp Randall Stadium on a soggy Saturday in Madison.

Backup tailback Corey Clement rushed for 108 yards and two touchdowns and wide receiver Jared Abbrederis rushed for 86 yards and two touchdowns on just three carries on reverses. The Badgers rushed for 554 yards and gained a total of 676 yards to Indiana’s 224.

Indiana’s normally potent offense had a miserable day all around, gaining just 122 yards through the air and 102 on the ground. Sophomore quarterback Nate Sudfeld completed just nine of 22 passes for 99 yards and threw an interception early. Redshirt sophomore Tre Roberson wasn’t much better, completing just three of his eight passes for 23 yards.



  1. I don’t know if I enjoyed the preparation, game plan or execution of it more today. Tough call.

    Two plays in particular stand out to me – that kind of tell the whole story of the day.

    1. 1st UW play from scrimmage. 95 yd. TD run through the 4 hole. Who would have thought UW would run the ball between the tackles. Great start – thanks again Doug Mallory – I appreciate what you’ve done with the boys.

    2. 3rd and goal for IU at the one foot line. DELAY OF GAME PENALTY. You don’t often see a no-huddle team get a delay of game penalty – especially than. I assume we couldn’t decide which way to throw the lateral pass in the flat!!!??!! (all sarcasm intended).

    3 guys over a 100 ( Navy flashback ) – unfortunately for UW #4 he wasn’t given the ball on the same WR reverse once more or they were to close to the end zone when they gave him the ball. He has run that same WR reverse 4 times against IU (S/O to Doug Mallory) for 3 TD’s and 130 plus yards the last two years. Ridiculous.

    How many offensive records by players or teams have one thing in common. They all end with: VS. INDIANA.

    Our offense must have game planned in the same room with the defense this week. Pathetic.

    I repeat – DELAY OF GAME PENALTY at the one foot line from a no huddle offense. How can a HC – OC or any other coach on that sideline be so oblivious to not call a TO. I guess the same staff that haven’t coached the players well enough to call the TO there either. It’s irrelevant in a 51-3 game or is it really telling of why there is a losing record here.

    Vent over.

    Almost – I repeat ( Mallory should have been fired at halftime of the Navy game ).

  2. IUGrad, it would have been dumb for us to call a timeout there. We needed to save all 3 (which we did) in case we needed them late in the game. It just so turned out we were down 48 and didn’t call them. But Kevin Wilson is always thinking ahead.

  3. Another opportunity next week to add to the list of reasons why this team needs to fire the Defensive Coordinator. No adjustments, young players are not improving under this staff, and the Offense continues to have to score 70 to have a chance at a win. Mallory has been a terrible DC at every stop. It is time to let him coach elsewhere. Open the checkbook Mr. Glass and hire a real defensive coordinator. Sudfeld, Roberson, Latimer, and Coleman are quality offensive weapons that only have two more years max. At season’s end, please hire a quality defensive staff before we lose the quality offensive staff out of frustration over the defense.

  4. Losses like this do enormous damage to the IU football program. It’s not the fact that IU lost, but the way the team was just totally dominated. That did not look like a Big Ten team on the field against Wisconsin today. It did not even look like a team from a mid major conference. I wonder if Glass understands that? More importantly, I wonder what he intends to do about it?

    For those of you who argue, “be patient, it’s going to take more time,” I wonder how much different the outcome would be if IU played Wisconsin the next two seasons? Do you think IU’s defense is going to get that much better in a year? In two years? IU’s defense is grossly undersized. Yes, they’re young, but they’re also small. You could add 10 pounds of muscle to each IU defender, and the outcome against Wisconsin would be the same. The enormous size disparity is not going to be remedied in a year, or even two years, no matter how effective IU’s weight training and nutrition programs are. Is IU going to make up the difference through recruiting? After games like this, especially when they’re broadcast on national TV, recruiting just became more difficult.

    I was watching Washington State play Arizona today. WSU beat Arizona in Tucson. I was reminded that just a couple of years ago, WSU was one, if not the worst football teams in America. They were pathetic, and the laughing stock of the PAC 12. Now, after beating AZ, they have the potential to go to a bowl game. How is that possible in just two seasons? How come WSU, two years removed from being an atrocious football team, is now beating teams like Arizona in Tucson? COACHING! Leach is a winner. He knows what it takes to transform a losing program into a winning program. And don’t tell me that IU was worse off compared to WSU three years ago. That’s simply not true. WSU had been a train wreck for years before Leach was hired.

  5. Valpo Dave & D-BONE, I agree completely. Mallory should be fired immediately after the Purdue game, win or lose. If Glass and Wilson are not already searching for candidates to replace Mallory, they’re being derelict in their duties. No excuses, justifications, or rational arguments can stand up to the terrible performance my eyes just witnesses. Right now, these debacles are on Mallory. If Glass and Wilson don’t replace him, next year they will be on them.

  6. Where there is life there is hope…I remember a story my mother told me of a severe infection her father had settled into his body after his gallbladder ruptured(this was likely in the 40’s..long before I was born)…Her dad was basically given up for dead with vitals failing. Most doctors would likely do nothing. …He was lucky. He had an emergency room doctor that would not give up. “Where there is life, there is hope,” he told my mother. My mother said this doctor took her father into a last ditch effort to save him. He immediately sent him back into the operating room and cut his abdomen wide open…He sprinkled Boric acid throughout his internal organs. He lived. He would grow old and loving once hold little Harvard in his lap for hours in his rocking chair to watch boxing matches on a tiny black and white television.

    Where there is life, there is hope.

  7. Side note:

    How embarrassing is it when throughout the game the IU defensive stats ( yards allowed – points given up – etc. ) keep getting put up on the screen. With the announcers talking about rushing for 200 as a team is excellent – 300 is great – 400 is incredible – on so on. How numb have we become when rushing for 600 IN A SINGLE IS THE NORM ( ho-hum – seen it before ).

    I again – DO NOT like the Mallory D scheme. Where we try and tire out the RB’s and WR’s by having them run 100 sprints all game long in hopes they fail late thru exhaustion.


    I might suggest a career in personal training for him.

  8. Tackling. Can be taught. Even I taught some third-graders (Welles Park Cowboys) to do it, but earned a lot less than Mallory.

  9. I don’t care how young the players are. IU is 117th out of 123 FBS teams. Last in the B1G in every defensive category. No way all 116 teams have better athletes than us. That’s BS

  10. Right Juan, but not all 116 have to play against the B1G week in and week out… (IU’s strength of schedule is 52nd – just as a comparison Alabama’s is 42nd)

  11. it’s so endearing watching Indiana play. it reminds me of watching a five year old trying to tackle his father in the backyard.

  12. I understand that Geoff. However it is no excuse for letting opposing players have career days against us every single week. Is it?

    Look at the 2 teams that held Navy to 7 points. Duke and W. Kentucky. Please try to tell me Western has better athletes than IU.

    Look at Michigan. You think Akron has better players on D?? They held michigan to 28 points. Nice try with the Bama comparison but this Hoosier isn’t buying it.

    No way this isn’t on the coaching staff. Strength of schedule… Give me a break.

  13. Some valid points this time Juan. I just thought your previous post was silly… So I put things into perspective a bit.

    Btw, I’d be careful using Duke football in your examples. An 8-2 team with wins over VaTech and Miami… They’re actually legit.

    Carry on… IU football…

  14. In general tackling can be taught. But you cannot teach any HS player to perform his responsibilities well at college speed. How would those 5th graders who know how to tackle do against HS players? We have no one on our starting D who would start for the 7-8 leading teams of the conference this season. Year 3 of a 5-6 year rebuild is where we are at. The graduation of our decent D tackles from last year has anointed players with playing time who in other programs would be red shirting. If you are observing, our few good defensive plays this season are always when someone on the front 4 wins his LOS battle. There is no defensive scheme that can consistently make that happen. Bad losses have done damage to IU recruiting for over 60 years. But our recruiting ticked up a notch this year. How does that happen? We have good coaching and good coaches can recruit.

  15. HC – I know we don’t see eye to eye ( which is good in my way of thinking ) – BUT as they say on NFL Today – C’MON MAN!

    How you can write about a 5-6 year plan in college football – that is insane. 5-6 year rebuild ( currently in it’s 47th year ). Here’s a secret – you get 4 years to play. Is the plan to train current players and than have those players have children and than 18 years later those kids come in ready to play. Man – HCKW is a genius and does plan way ahead.

    What’s the recruitment speech – “Well your son will absolutely be terrible as will our team – however – does he have a little brother?”.

    5-6 year plan. (LOL) I believe that is what every one term politician needs isn’t it. C’mon man!!!

  16. Geoff, He is playing as well as can be expected for playing beside many other underclassmen across the LOS from upperclassmen. His growth next year from this years experience and a years physical maturity will be measurable. He will possess the kind of size and strength Podunker speaks. IU’s other need is FB talented upperclassmen. That is the reason 6 Frosh and a new JUCO LB have played so much on D. The upperclassmen just haven’t produced even as upperclassmen. As far as the coaching goes I give the staff as a whole a high C+ considering the lack of talent in many positions. They have room to improve too.

    IUG89, Keep the edge in your voice, as it is all you offer. By the way a “5-6 year plan” are your words not mine. Also the word you needed to use was then not than, C’MON MAN.

  17. Wow, Clariton, just wow. In #21 you say, and I QUOTE, “Year 3 of a 5-6 year rebuild is where we are at.” Then in #25, you say, and again I QUOTE, “By the way a “5-6 year plan” are your words not mine.”

    So are you delusional, or just a liar? You’re both, right?

  18. Dunbar, I have no idea how many times you’ll have to reread it but if you do reread it enough it will finally be plain to you. Go for it or you can just continue your silliness also.

  19. Dunbar, I guess you were not aware that Hoosier Clarion is the expert authority on Hoosier football, and that the rest of us, especially those of us who express dissatisfaction about the current level of performance, just don’t know anything about football. We’re lucky to have Hoosier Clarion, with his superior insight and reasoning skills, available to point out how flawed our perspectives are.

    “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.”

  20. Please stop the name calling guys; this board’s been relatively grown up lately so let’s not sink back into infantilism. ARUSS- if you don’t want to discuss football, kindly not discuss it somewhere else.

    HC- do agree that the key to the rare defensive gems the IUD has provided happen when the Dline does its job on the LOS. Not an unusual conclusion; that games are won/lost at the LOS is hardly news. For the record, I have previously called out #93 as showing a lot of promise. Of course IU is undertalented, but I do feel compelled to stick up for DB #24 Bennett, I think he’d start on a lot of conf. teams.

    But do I understand correctly that you favor retaining Mallory for 2014? Agreed, good coaches do indeed recruit good players- but I don’t think too many good players will be liking what they see this winter if it’s Doug Mallory on their doorstep.

  21. Davis, You’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere I’ve said anything as to Mallory and 2014. What I have vehemently been against is firing a coordinator mid-season based on the emotional chest pounding and bitching on here. That is a no plan approach. My point is Wilson will do what he believes is right and nothing I do changes that. Yes, Bennett is the only 1 who could have a chance, maybe. As far as Mallory standing on a recruits doorstep, well, the Mallorys all are very well respected in the HS coaching domain. Those relationships is where recruiting starts. In other words he most likely already has a toe in the door. Recruits realize W/L records are much about talent and knowing IU has been starting and playing many young players tells them of the situation IU is in. The opportunity of playing time right away is a plus.

    Dunbar, I do not consider myself an expert authority on Hoosier FB but I am absolutely not the expert bitcher about it.

  22. HC- Indeed, you haven’t opined on whether Mallory should be retained in 2014, but some things you’ve written (end of post #21, supra) seemed to imply it and that’s why I asked. I respect that you and others have valid reasons for NOT FIRING MALLORY NOW. I accept “bitching” as a fair description of my anti-Mallory statements because I agree with you that KW will do what he thinks best and nothing I (or anybody else here) will (or should) affect that. Bitching rarely does any good- but I’m not trying to do good, evil, or anything else except blow off some steam.

    ANNOUNCEMENT OF POLICY CHANGE: I’m now moving to the FIRE MALLORY AFTER PU GAME camp, but not for any “emotional chest-pounding reason.” It’s simply too late to do any good now; a mid-season change might have given a new D staff to change things but that window of opportunity is closed. My previous position was not a “no plan approach,” my stated reasons were 1) rejuvenate the D players and 2) get a jump on finding the new DC. You and others disagreed. Great. Let’s keep talking football.

    So let me be direct, HC- do you think Mallory should be retained for 2104? Rest assured that whatever your answer is, I (at least) won’t consider you disloyal, subversive, stupid, or trying to influence what Wilson does or doesn’t do. As ‘ve said before, this is just a big, electronic water cooler for shooting the IUFB breeze.

  23. Davis,

    Supra? Now that is an interesting twist for use on a blog. By the way you developed that implication on your own as I merely meant what I stated. As far as any staff changes I have neutral feelings. I think there is a 50-50 chance there will be some. There is a better than 50% chance it may not be who bloggers on here are asking for. What I do have is strong positive opinions Coach Wilson and AD Glass will maintain a steady hand as they push/pull/cajole the program on through difficult rebuild as I continue to believe it is only 1/2 done.

  24. Firing Mallory before the seasons end would have not changed anything. I don’t feel it would make play better, since you are not going to change your scheme mid-season and I don’t think the defense could play worse. We need a solid DC to come in, you are not going to get that guy mid-season as he will already have a job.

    At the beginning of the season, I was all for giving Mallory this and next season before making any decisions. At this point, I don’t see any improvement, and think there needs to be a change on that side of the ball.

    I feel Jon Fabris needs to be put on notice as well. Defense begins at the line, and the way this team has been rushed on, the d-line is not getting the job done. Off-season fundamental and technique development and increased strength and conditioning is a must. I honestly think the guys we have can be very good, but they need to be polished fundamentally.

  25. Mike P.,

    Interesting to me you mentioned Coach Fabris. I like him because his coaching background is so strong. But for over 1/2 this season I keep rolling around in my head that something just does not link up. I’ll list 1 example. After last season Zack Shaw(1st year playing at DE)was named to the BTN.com All Big Ten Freshman honors. This season I have hardly heard his name mentioned since the fumble recovery against BGU. JF took over all DL duties when Hagen left. I believe he also has some ST duties as he has an honors listed background coaching there. Patton was hired from the offensive side of the ball and is assisting Fabris. So he is also mentoring him. After losing B, R and S at DT has this transition overloaded him? Hate to see him gone as he also has a great relationship with HS coaches in that state of Georgia. But I do prefer progress over any 1 coach.

  26. HC- thanks for sharing! Because you’re a neutral, maybe we can call you Switzerland? No, wait, that would be Oklahoma in the ’70s. Sorry, two bad jokes in a row. Anywho, I too think the program is in good hands. But dying to know what your crystal ball says about the unexpected staff changes. Do tell!

    Mike P.- Especially conditioning! I’ve noticed on TV close-ups of IUD players that even early in the game these guys seem to be breathing awfully hard. More than anything, the staff (whoever it might be) should be hammering footwork, tackling, and conditioning into the IUD during 2014 two-a-days.

    As to defensive scheme, there’s probably nothing wrong with Mallory’s schemes- on paper. But the players are obviously not getting it. So Mallory’s woes are most likely either failing to teach it, or failure to adjust it in light of the personnel.

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