AP Top 25 ballot

Because there are no more football press conferences to attend to, will be making more of a point to get this out there weekly before the polls come out, but here was my AP Top 25 ballot for this week.

1. Michigan State
2. Arizona
3. Kentucky
4. Syracuse
5. Louisville
6. Kansas
7. Ohio State
8. Duke
9. Wisconsin
10. Oklahoma State
11. Memphis
12. Wichita State
13. Connecticut
14. Florida
15. Oregon
16. UCLA
17. Villanova
18. Iowa State
19. Michigan
20. San Diego State
21. Gonzaga
22. Indiana
23. UMass
24. Baylor
25. North Carolina


  1. Hard to get too excited about polls this early in the season- but every team I’ve seen so far has warts. No obvious favorite that I’ve detected. For example MSU is very good, but not deep, especially along the front-line.

  2. Interested in the UNC vote… Was that in spite of the loss to UAB?

    I tell you what, I’d be tempted to vote Zona #1 after watching them beat up on Duke the other night. They are much better than I thought. I had no idea what a solid piece of the puzzle the transfer PG McConnell is. He is exactly what that team needs. Nice mix of size, experience, shooting, athleticism, and lots of depth up front. That’s a good team.

    Ant just watch the end of that UConn game? Napier strikes again… Kinda a punk ass though… Not real classy in victory… Got reamed out by Ollie after he pulled that little kicking the Gators out of the building stunt.

  3. It was. I don’t like them very much, but I still think the Louisville win is one of the bigger wins so far this season and there wasn’t anybody else I really liked at that spot. Unless they put up a really good fight against Michigan State I probably bounce them, but the Louisville victory is the reason I didn’t do it yet.
    Wouldn’t be shocked if Arizona ends up taking that spot. Wouldn’t be shocked at all. That’s a heck of a team.
    And yeah, Napier’s got some arrogance. A lot of the best do, though.

  4. Arizona looks really, really good. Nice to see a blend of youth and (relatively) veteran leadership. Makes all the talk of UK going 40-0 before a single swish of the net this year all the more silly.

  5. Love Jordan…

    Hate Kobe…

    Both as arrogant as they come. Never once saw either of them hit a game winner run into the tunnel, run back out to the floor, and then as the other team was leaving the court follow them and pretend to kick dirt, baseball manager style, on them while yelling “get outta my house” (or something to that effect).

  6. Btw, I’m taking BYU at 25 over UNC… Give Carlino a little love. Quality wins over Standord and Texas, a heartbreaking loss to a really good Iowa State team, and their only other loss is to undefeated, and Final Four participant, Wichita State.

    With Haws, Carlino, Mika, and Collinsworth that team can score with, and beat, anyone in the country.

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