1. Wow! Must be IU coaches voting for this award :-{

    Bailey was effective and did an excellent job filling in for injured player. Congrats and well deserved.

    Watch Hudl End Zone view for Simmons play…awful. Initial reads were wrong, couldn’t shed a block or fill proper gaps and made most tackles in 2nd or 3rd level after being knocked down. He gets up fast though.

    Coach Inge loves Simmons and made excuses for Simmons mistakes with no repercussions as he played every play. Football fundamentals are not there with this player and will not change. Reading plays, shedding blocks and making tackles are requirements for MLB position and are instinctive with good football players. Being fast in shorts does not equate to a BIG TEN MLB. This player was promoted by Coach Inge without earning the position before August camp as he was highlighted in preseason media promotions without strapping on his helmet. So much for earning a position by your play on the field.

    Seems like 2nd & 2 yards to gain is acceptable with this coaching staff vs. strong LB play that should make it 2nd & 5 or 6.

    Check the MLB’s from Mich. St., WIS. or OSU. They read the play, shed blocks and make the tackle…simple. IU’s LB corp of #2, 42, 4, 44, and 34 make me puke compared to those MLB’s.

    IU ranks 123/124 in run defense. Pathetic and frustrating as the scheme or sense of urgency never changed for two years. And this player/program was rewarded by ESPN? Really?

    Not impressed.

    Inge should be fired!!!

  2. Watch the Hudl end zone view of the Michigan game. Completely missed reads and open field tackles by Simmons. Watch Gardner juke Inge’s LB’s.

    Oh…and 751 yards offense by Michigan against IU’s defense. Yes…751 yards in one game!

    And no changes afterwards!! Are Inge and Mallory still coaching?

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