1. Seems like if Mallory was going to get the boot, it would have happened already. Safe to assume that he’s coming back?

  2. Probably right, DD. But Wilson could be talking to coaches whose teams are going to a bowl game. He might also be waiting until after the holidays. One way or another, I just don’t see Mallory surviving beyond next year. The defense is not going to improve that much next year. Some improvement will result from physical maturity and experience, but not enough to justify trying to build the future around Mallory. And if Wilson does not fire Mallory before next December, then he’s putting his job at risk the year after that. This year’s defense was the worst, over the course of an entire season, that I’ve ever seen at IU. And I’ve seen some really bad defenses in the 48 years since I watched my first IU football game.

    ESPN’s grades were right on the mark.

  3. Wilson HAS to fire Mallory…you simply can’t fail as bad as he has and keep your job. Nepotism or no, Mallory must be fired immediatedly in the new year in order to send the right message to the team and new recruits – losing will no longer be tolerated!

  4. We should probably keep half the funds intended for the new defensive coordinator as a bonus package for Tom Crean if he makes another Sweet 16 by 2016.

    Personally, I believe beating Notre Dame or Butler in basketball is a bonus for Crean equivalent to five more years on Wilson’s pay stub.

    When considering money to throw at a defensive coordinator, we must not forget that Crean’s salary will soon be doubled by Glass for the basketball coach’s discovery of introspection.

  5. Have to reluctantly side with Double D and JGregg that Mallory is probably coming back. The IUD was really, really, bad when Mallory took over, and since then it has gotten even worse, giving up more yds. per game each year over the last three years- notwithstanding that the talent seems to be improving (however slightly). What could possibly be the reason for retaining him?

  6. ESPN gives our Defense a F and our Offense an A-. In any sport or industry, a F gets you replaced. Bill Mallory was a heck of a coach, but that is not a reason to employ his kid. If Glass/Wilson does not make a change, then both of their employment should be re-evaluated. I think both are quality people, but change is necessary in the football program to keep it moving upward.

  7. I would be if there was going to be a change it would happen after some of the bowl games. Coach Wilson may be allowing some of these coaches to coach in their bowl games and then begin the process.

  8. JGregg- not sure what to make of the footballoutsiders chart vis a vis DMallory, except that it confirms what we already know about his performance. IU is 62d overall here, but 55th on the Saragin rankings, which is of course different ’cause it’s based only on comparative strength of schedules. The 108/125 ranking for the IUD is actually a little better than the NCAA’s 120/123(total defense) and 114/123 (scoring defense) rankings, which probably reflects IU’s tough schedule.

    iuhoosier1992- hope you’re right, but that leads us back to JGregg’s earlier post #4 and whether Mallory is out there recruiting. If he is, IU has to be ready to yank any offers he will have made (depending on the new DC’s comfort level with the offerees in question). IF he’s not out recruiting, then surely that’s a sign he’s doomed?

    Dustin, what are your spies reporting to the mother ship? Any Mallory sightings out on the recruiting trail? Has anyone from the athletic department booked any hospitality suites at some of the bowl games to do some wining and dining of DC prospects? Seems that Freedom of Information Act (or whatever the Indiana statue is) requests could reveal that info.

  9. davis, I posted the information but haven’t had/taken the time to decipher the information. I do know that this year IU was 124th (25:13) in time of posession. Lynch’s last year at IU ranked 29th (31:21). The offense is a contributing factor to the defensive problem.

    I don’t believe that anyone has the answer. Just to say fire him, that doesn’t make it with me. Can you coach speed?

  10. Looking back on the season, I really do think we made some progress. The Penn State win was great and unexpected. Disappointing were losses against Navy and MN and really no excuse for not winning both those games. Mallory was clearly unprepared for Navy’s blocking schemes and he should have been. MN loss was just not playing well enough on both sides of the ball. The other losses were to teams/programs that are just more mature and stronger that we are at this point in the building process. So, all in all, a good but not great effort results wise.

  11. JGegg: Respectfully, I don’t buy that the IUO’s scoring proficiency is partially responsible (to any degree) for the IUD’s poor performance. Of course there are certain game situations that call for running down the clock, but the offense’s job is to SCORE POINTS, period, and I can’t fault the IUO for doing that quickly.

    That’s KW’s philosophy. I can’t recall IU ever putting the heat on an opposing punter during the KW regime, and I think that’s part of said philosophy- “If the other team is punting, we’re getting the ball back in the hands of our potent offense, so why 1) risk a running into the kicker penalty and 2) waste practice time on punt block stunts and schemes when that time could be spent on the return game?”

    You wrote “I don’t believe that anyone has the answer. Just to say fire him, that doesn’t make it with me.” Someone out there has the answer, and that’s KW’s job to find him.

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