Fischer withdraws from Indiana

Indiana freshman center Luke Fischer is withdrawing from Indiana according to a release from the athletic department. Fischer was averaging 2.8 points and 2.1 rebounds per game.

The release follows.

 Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean has announced that freshman Luke Fischer in no longer enrolled at the University.

“Luke has decided to withdraw from Indiana and pursue another educational and basketball opportunity,” said Crean.  “He explained to us he is looking for a different fit for him. We hate to see a fine young man like Luke leave, but he has made his decision and we wish the entire Fischer family well.”

UPDATE: Indiana coach Tom Crean wasn’t very forthcoming about Fischer’s reasons for leaving at availability on Monday.

“I think it’s pretty much what the release said,” Crean said. “He told us this morning at 10 o’clock this morning that he wanted to do something different with his parents. It’s always in those type of situations, timing issues can always surprise you, but I can’t stand here and say I was in complete shock. It is what it is. You wish him the best. We’ll miss his potential. We’ll miss him as a person. He did an outstanding job here academically. He’s an excellent young man. We move right on. The team moves on. Practice moves on and we just go. That’s really what it was. It wasn’t anything that anybody really saw coming.”

Crean was asked why he said he wasn’t in complete shock even though he said it wasn’t anything that anybody saw coming.

“That’s just my personal opinion,” Crean said. “That’s what that means.”


  1. According to CTC’s tweet’s Fischer let his ego get the best of him while at home on break and his immaturity and lack of focus took over. It just means more playing time for Hanner and a tighter rotation which we all wanted. Another added bonus is the scholarship number issues again takes care of itself.

  2. OMG, are you kidding me? As his playing time has picked up, who could see this coming? The only thing that I could figure here is possibly home sickness? What else could it be? His playing time has increased over the last couple of games so, what ele could this be? Somebody get on here and explain this so that it makes sense.

  3. Dustin – don’t be so naive. There is no such thing as coincidence.

    Ron – Fischer has to sit out a year, can’t accept an athletic scholarship from another B1G team and has to have the team he wants to transfer to cleared by IU.

  4. What does that tweet have to do with Fischer’s Ego? It does imply that something happened over the holiday break, but that could have been anything!

  5. Aruss, does that mean he sits out JUST this year or this year AND next year? I hope it’s both. We could have recruited someone else.

  6. Crean’s tweets were obviously about Luke’s departure. He could say those things before it was announced but not afterward.

  7. If he transfers somewhere by the beginning of the spring semester, he will only have to sit out the fall semester next year and then can begin play after that. He has to do a “full year in residence.”

  8. Walt – I take exception with people saying Fischer will be missed. This guy abandoned his team right before the start of the B1G season. Do you think someone of this makeup wouldn’t have folded under the pressure on the road at O$U, MSU, UM, etc?

    Let’s put this in perspective. We give Jeremy grief about his turnovers this year but he faced much more pressure to leave the program last year and stood tall for IU. One of the rumors going around is Fischer is homesick but ask yourself was Stan homesick when he transferred to Las Vegas in high school to be better prepared for IU or Troy playing away from home at Oak Hill or Noah in Massachusetts.

    I think we should be grateful for the the character and mental strength we have in the group we have here than regret the player who left who would have been unreliable in the heat of competition.

  9. Crean said he learned of the situation at 10 am. The post was nine hours ago (as of 5:30 pm). That would be before he knew.

  10. Saw this in another forum earlier:

    ‘ Interesting tweet from Tom Crean: “If your coaches are telling you to work harder, listen better and pass the ball they may soon be telling you to slide down the bench. WORK!!” ‘

    Pretty cryptic. I don’t use the Twiiter machine, so I don’t know who it was directed at or what precipitated it or what came after, or where it falls in the timeline of Fischer’s departure. But you have to wonder if it’s all somehow connected.

    The timing of this just sucks, though. That’s a lot of unneeded distraction before a big game; especially one that looks to be as pivotal a conference opener as we’ve had in a long time. I Hope Luke’s alright and wish him well, but I sure would like to know why this seemed to come about so abruptly. Just strange…

  11. Aruss,

    Certainly you can take exception to my saying Luke will be missed. Though I don’t know the reason why, he seemed like a fine young man. And he looked like he was going to make a good contribution to our team this year, and in subsequent years, since recovering from his injury.

    Whatever his reason, in the time he spent on the playing floor, he never gave me any indication he would let his team down in the “heat of competition.” Nor, to the best of my knowledge, did he do that with his high school team. So, whatever his reason for leaving, I wish him well. And I still believe he will be missed.

  12. Dave – what part of CTC saying he wasn’t shocked about this don’t you understand? Do you really think CTC isn’t in constant contact with his players while they are on break?

    Dustin – stop being childish. Look at Fischer’s twitter timeline during break and all the stuff he posted about Germantown trying to relive his “glory” days. I hate to say this but he’s an 18 year old kid who has never faced adversity and needs to mature like CTC tweeted.

    Walt – if I were around when Larry Bird transferred from IU, I’d have treated him the same way as Fischer. We can either be a program like Calipari’s who says it’s a players first program and just focus on NBA draft night or we can be about the name on the front of the jersey. CTC and I think it’s about Indiana and it’s time to continue moving forward and focusing on a very winnable game at Illinois.

  13. Yes, Aruss. Your comment board criticism of players you have never met who leave for reasons you don’t know but presume to know based upon Twitter postings for which you presume context is critical to maintaining the standards of Indiana basketball. Tom Crean is lucky to have you for this venture.

  14. Dustin – it doesn’t take an Edward Snowden type genius to connect the dots between CTC’s tweets and today’s announcement. EVERYONE at Peegs knows who CTC was tweeting about. If you changed the Scoop poll to ask if CTC was tweeting about Fischer, the overwhelming majority would answer yes.

    I really hope you’re trolling me and don’t lack the critical thinking & intellectual curiosity you’re displaying. Although it would explain the lack of information about Doug Mallory…

  15. after watching the video;I think Fischer went home with 2nd thoughts and at kitchen table with his parents made decision. I THINK he AND his parents wanted him closer to home.The fact he left school AND basketball on same day..has me thinking it wasnt about JUST “basketball”

  16. Aruss,

    You’re too hard on the kid, regarding being homesick. Some people can handle it, some people can’t. Relating him to Troy, Noah, and Stan just isn’t fair. Everything is different and unique. In my case I never ventured far, because I like my family close. Not right next to me, but close in case something happens, and I can care for them.

    Try being balanced, and not attack the kid. Maybe you could handle distance. Good for you. The world don’t revolve around Aruss. However, if it isn’t about being homesick, then this thread serves no justice.

  17. Since first seeing Fischer play, and in every game since, I understood why he was not heavily recruited by Wisconsin. He’s soft. He may be the finest young man to ever put on pin stripes, and a great student, but I thought he was a soft basketball player from the get go, and this news reinforces my opinion.

    I wish him well. I hope he learns from this experience and matures quickly. But as for his quitting and if it will affect IU basketball, I think it will have minimal or no impact on this season at all. He was going to be playing less in the Big Ten games than he was in the pre-season games. My guess is that he knew he was in over his head and he did not have the maturity or strength of character to stick it out and fight to get better. That does not make him a bad kid, it just means he did not have great mental toughness.

    If a kid does not love playing basketball at IU, in front of the best fans in college basketball, then I wish him well and prefer that he leave as soon as possible, to make room for someone who really wants to have that experience and contribute to IU’s success in basketball. All the best Master Fischer, good luck to you regardless of where you end up.

  18. I love this one – “I hate to say this but he’s an 18 year old kid who has never faced adversity.” Nice comment based on, well, I’m assuming a complete lack of information you have on the subject.

  19. The kid had better post moves than Zeller. His recent play began to give a glimpse at his very high ceiling.

    The outrage has more to do with just how much it hurts our depth and prospects. I doubt if he is a heartless young man. I doubt that he doesn’t feel he let down some teammates that were becoming friends.

    I don’t think Crean should make any insinuations on Twitter or claim he is not surprised. Most of us are not surprised that Crean can’t figure out a Syracuse zone. Maybe Fischer doesn’t want four years of possibly facing the same set of “not surprising” bewilderment from a head coach against teams we should otherwise be able to beat based on rosters with marginal talent disparities. Maybe once you get into a Crean locker room you begin to see the light at just how in the dark the chalkboard stands.

    Fischer isn’t going to ‘wow’ any NBA scouts…He likely needs at least a couple years. He needs a program that can get him exposure through solid runs in the tournament, beyond Sweet 16’s, on a team where the coach can get the five on the floor to collectively play better than their individual talents. It’s about fit and future. Maybe once he absorbed the genius of Tom, he realized Indiana is more of a showcase for “diamonds in the rough” recruits more than “diamonds in the rough” teams that a top tactician/game-planner can take deep.

  20. Aruss,
    I am kind of trolling you, because you’re kind of trolling Luke Fischer and saying he was “reliving his glory days” when all he did was say like three nice things on Twitter about his hometown and his high school when he went home for break. Generally, I don’t think it’s a good look for grown men to start straight-up hating on teenagers they’ve never met, so I’m responding in kind.
    I’m not surprised most people at Peegs presume that Crean was tweeting about Fischer, and I’m not certain he isn’t. But I’m also not certain he is, and beyond that, even if the tweet was inspired by issues he was having with Fischer, I can’t say for certain that everything he said applied to Luke directly. And if I’m not certain, you’re not certain, and you shouldn’t pass off things you don’t know as fact.

  21. Good luck with your life Luke. I thought you would be a Hoosier we could be proud of for many many years. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy your time at IU. I’ll root for you wherever you end up, unless you’re playing the Candy Stripes. I hope you find happiness.

  22. If a kid does not love playing basketball at IU, in front of the best fans in college basketball, then I wish him well and prefer that he leave as soon as possible, to make room for someone who really wants to have that experience and contribute to IU’s success in basketball

    e.g. Matt Roth. Damn you, Roth. Damn you for not wanting to wear the cream and crimson in your final year of eligibility. Damn you for not wanting to hear the screams of the IU faithful as you drain triples from LeBron range. Damn you for not surprising Tom Crean that you were disloyal and spineless and just wanted the healthiest year of your college career in a different jersey.

  23. Fischer is a center, who I’m sure wants playing time…have you seen Noah Vonleh play?
    Until he decides it’s NBA time, Fischer was going to be his back-up. CTC wants to run and wasn’t going to play both of them at the same time…at least not for extended minutes.
    The handwriting was on the wall, and probably on CTC’s blackboard.
    Hate to see him go, but good luck!
    Go Hoosiers-Beat Illinois!

  24. Wow…I thought only lowlifes living in their parent’s basements spent their free time obsessing over Twitter comments…?

    And for those of you that are choosing to obsess, you really need to up your game when it comes to separating the Twitter blow(opinionated nonsense and the irrelevant day-to-day self-infatuations, slights, jabs, insinuations, reactionary snidely remarks, etc, etc)from the needles in the haystack of truths from the beautiful minds that use the tweet to spread the word of hope and harmony and salvation.

    Who knows what Crean meant with regard to Fischer…? What is most important is that we come to the same place Tom Crean found while sharing his most recent tweets with the world after he learned of Fischer’s departure:

    Tom Crean ‏@TomCrean 14h

    “And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your

    Tom Crean ‏@TomCrean 14h

    Trespasses. But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trespasses.” Mark 11:25,26

    We must forgive Luke. Much like Tom Crean forgives Jeff Meyer….We must forgive and move on.

  25. However Harvard,

    I don’t understand the whole follow recruits on twitter, and basically stalk their every move. It’s sick, and sadly many words are put into their mouth, like the example above. It’s ok being a diehard fan, bit when you start dissecting someone’s life on Twitter, and twist it to fit your, philosophies, then you have problems.

  26. I liked Luke and he was going to be one of my favorite players. I hope he finds what he’s looking for, but once gone, I won’t root for him or care how he plays or follow any of his stat lines. He’s no longer a Hoosier and so he is now like every other player at any other team. What I’m sure of though is that there are so many people that will continue to follow his moves, the press will give us stories of “where they are now” and why would IU fans care? He left. For some reason he felt he and IU were not a match. He broke up with us if you want to put it in relationship terms. So goodbye and good luck in your next life. Time for the next man to step up.

  27. I give Crean 4 years. He needs to get a top assistant that’s an X’s and O’s guy because he cant coach. I am an avid IU fan and I was his biggest supporter last year until the Syracuse loss. I realized that night that this guy is a little strange. The sporadic rotations, the non-time outs during crucial moments, The “why did you mess with that? It was working”! Moments. The answers he just gave in that interview about Luke. He is a very strange man. We wont make the tourney this year. Next year he better make a leap like he did in 2011. I don’t care how many years he has on his contract.. Two -three seasons of under preforming and he’s done. And Last year was under preforming. Very immature comments in the video. Embarrassing.

  28. ALL the posts suggest that Luke was the MAIN decider in this “action”;perhaps, IF anyone REALLY listened Crean said “Luke and his family….”. Maybe Luke wasnt the REAL decider but his family. Not being close to watch him play regularly,Marquette is right down the road.PERHAPS he felt caught between the perverbial “rock and hard place”–playing with teammates he likes vs playing closer to home so family can see you more often.Like my dad always told me…..Blood is thicker than water

  29. Crean seems to be building a trail of disappointed players who were initially highly sought recruits.

    This is going to start impacting his ability to recruit successfully. Making a sale is one thing, living up to what was sold is another. Both parts of the sale need to work out in order to remain a successful salesman.

    It’s not like Luke was the first highly sought after recruit to commit to IU with high hopes and leave with those hopes dashed, having to pick up and start over where the broken promises left them. They ALL have had serious delays, dents, even derails in the bright basketall futures they expected when they CHOSE IU over many, many other choices.

  30. If a kid does not love playing basketball at IU, in front of the best fans in college basketball, then I wish him well and prefer that he leave as soon as possible, to make room for someone who really wants to have that experience and contribute to IU’s success in basketball.

    Apparently they come for Crean, who’s Podonkey’s bestie (and a genius recruiter) but they leave because they’re very soft. That’s what Podoink would have us believe… In all likelihood though Luke Fischer will go on to shine somewhere else under the direction of a basketball competent coach like Jordan Crawford did. Like Mo Creek. Like Remy. Like even Matt Roth could have if he had not stayed true to the IU colors until the last year of his eligibility.

    With Hulls and Zeller gone say goodbye to banners of any kind, IU fans. And let’s see Crean (king of happenstance and coach of the half-season once–behind the resurrection led by Hulls and Zeller) win the other half of a coaching award (any type of coaching recognition if he is any good) now.

  31. In my day they were called WUSSIES! SUCK IT UP! And for the ones that say u may not have all the info! Doesnt matter in life many things dont go the way u want and u have to deal with it but u dont QUICK unless u r a WUSSIE!

  32. It’s the way the cookie crumbles. The worry about scholarship #’s is now dubious and in the rear view mirror. What is a concern since there is only 2 Seniors this year is next season we have none and the following season no Frosh. The cookie action has kept Coach Crean from getting those 3’s evened out and that situation remains status quo. LF is going to make somebody a damn good ball player in a year or 2.

  33. Can’t believe I am saying this, especially after winning the B1G last year, but I think CTC might have 2 more years at best to prove himself. The recruiting seems to be very impressive, but the coaching is lacking in my opinion.

  34. does crean really tweet scripture or is Harvard messing around? I wonder if he has prayer circles which make some players uncomfortable.

    I wonder if fischer saw that crean and staff couldn’t help develop his game. I still suspect zeller left early for that reason. after all, crean would not let zeller shoot from the perimeter. zeller also did not improve in his two years here.

  35. Crean’s Top 10 public statements after learning of Luke’s departure:

    10. “It simply means more Peter Jurkin.”

    9. “I always thought Luke came to IU so he could be near grandpa Don Fischer.”

    8. “It’s not like I make more money than Jay Cutler.”

    7. “Luke wasn’t always on the same page. When we were discussing Noah’s Ark in the locker room, he became overly defensive with an outburst claiming his jumper was no flatter than Vonleh’s.”

    6. “Our relationship? It was always a bit Luke warm.”

    (to be cont.)

  36. If he doesn’t want to be here, then fine. IU is not the right school for everybody. As long as he doesn’t end up at another Big 10 school, I can live with it.

  37. 5. “Not surprised…He’s from the state that ends in ‘sin.’

    Top 10 Intermission: Pot becomes legal in Colorado tomorrow. A song dedication seems appropriate….

  38. If he is going to another Big school we should know pretty quickly. Won’t he need to enroll for the next semester? It seems like he is rushing to withdrawal and get enrolled so he can play second semester next season.

  39. 4. “Was he soft? I do know that he didn’t take well to Buckley referring to him as the ‘Bride of Frankencody’…”

    3. “Luke Recker..Luke Fischer. It’s the curse of the Hoosier Luke’s…It moves…It just moves.”

  40. I love where crean says about fischer leaving: “what it is, is, it is what it is”. brilliant. that sums up crean in a nutshell.

  41. 1. “He was tired of fighting the self-fulfilling beliefs and the ego of the Dopirak Establishment; an Establishment that conspired to give Hanner ‘Hakeem the Dream’ Perea more press while keeping Luke in the shadows.”

  42. How did I know that some of you would find joy in this? Our basketball team, for this year, got worse overnight and some of you are happy-happy-joy-joy. This a situation in which you, nor anyone on here, knows anything about, yet your conclusions in eternal search of evidence have found a gasoline can.

    The perpetually outraged continue their outrage. I’m just looking forward to the start of Big Ten play tonight.

    Alternatively, the Mitch McGary Fan Club has reduced prices on membership. If you buy an “I (Heart) Mitch” sticker, you can donate to the replacement of his spine. You can even visit him at home because he won’t be at practice. The sticker is very diverse. It can bring life back to your rusted 89 Cutless Sierra. But, you can also use it to patch the holes in the washing machine sitting in your front yard.

  43. NoMendacity – can you please name some others in this “trail of disappointed players who were initially highly sought recruits”… I can’t think of a single other one under Crean.

    Creek was the only other “highly sought” recruit that left and that was only because a string of injuries, nothing more. Abell, Capo, etal were not highly sought.

  44. Except that I’m in Denmark, Harvey. It is night time here.

    I see that your insults are as unimaginative and lacking in creativity as your comments.

    In the New Year, I hope that you quit being so crabby.

  45. Fischer obviously has potential or else IU wouldn’t have recruited him. Wisconsin didn’t think as highly of him – no scholarship offer…maybe they didn’t like his attitude or work ethic. Luke will have to beg Marquette to offer him another scholarship, or else he will be at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Can’t wish you luck Luke because you quit on IU before even one season, we will soon forget you even exist so hope you have a good memory of the “glory days” because you’ll likely have none in whatever college you decide to curse. Happy New Year!

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