Greetings from Poland: Jordan Hulls

Hello all, I’m back with this week’s edition of my blog from Poland giving you some pictures showing off the Christmas season here in Poland and also answering a question from a follower. A quick review of the basketball part of my life first; we have lost two in a row as of right now but are looking to get back on track this weekend. We are still in good shape in the league but need to get some big wins coming up for us to get our groove back.

I’ll begin with answering a question from a follower. Keep in mind to keep the questions coming whether that’s through commenting on the blog or through twitter!
“Geoff” asked:
Do you have any desire to try to make a go of it in the D-League, or is the pay just not worth the risk?
It would depend on my situation and how things go overseas as of now. I would do it if my family, agent, and I all agreed it was the best option for me and had a chance to get called up. There’s definitely things to think about when deciding whether to play in D-League or overseas, I will just always do what we think is best for me at the current time.

What’s the favorite moment of your IU career – the UK win, clinching the B1G title after turning the program completely around, personally dropping (I’m pretty sure) 117 3-pointers that game at PSU, something else?

My favorite moment during my career at IU would have to be winning the Big Ten Championship outright this past season. After all that we had been through for those guys who were there during all the losing and hard times, to finally come out on top at the end of our Senior year was really something special and always will be a favorite memory of mine. The way we had to win the Championship also adds to it because we lost at home on Senior Night and we knew we had to go on the road and win at Michigan in order to win outright. It was a tough game but it definitely made all the work that we put into it worth while. I had many great memories, but if I had to choose one I think that this was the greatest accomplishment for all of us as a team and was something we will always remember and be remembered for.

Thanks for the questions, keep them coming!

As for the next part of the blog, here are some pictures of the Christmas spirit shown in Poland.


This is a picture of our Christmas tree that Aubrey and I picked out! We are very proud of it actually because it turned out a lot better than we expected… We wanted to make it a very special Christmas together overseas and make it as much like home as possible. We even bought our own ornament to always remind us of our first Christmas abroad, ha! Also had a little help from our parents with some of the ornaments they sent over as well. It’s IU colors of course and soon we will have a few presents to put underneath it to make it look official.




These three pictures were taken in Gdansk after I picked up Aubrey from the airport when she got here a week ago. The first one doesn’t look like much other than a tree, but what was cool was that in this little Christmas Market area they had a tree to represent a country near Poland. We just thought that it was neat how they acknowledged surrounding countries in celebrating the Holidays, and the way the Markets are set up make the scene really fun to look around and take in the culture.

The second photo is of Aubrey and I in one of those things you can take your picture in with your heads inserted into the holes. According to the translator app on my phone, it means “Christmas Fair”, so it was just a cool way of promoting the “Fair” and with us being from Indiana, we are all about fairs.

The last photo is of the main street in Gdansk where we have been before but they had it all decorated with Christmas lights all up and down the street. It was a cool place to walk around, especially when it was dark outside to see all the lights and decorations around the town. They’re pretty into the holidays here in Poland and we love it!

Well, that’s it for this week’s blog but I hope you enjoyed an inside look of what the holiday season is like for us here in Poland. Everyone have a safe and fun holiday and until next time, Stay Classy BTown!

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  1. I have a few questions…

    Did you pick Geoff’s question because Dustin influenced you?

    How do you think your team would fare against top college teams?

    When many were raking your great Hoosier game through the mud over your defensive skills(particularly amped up after Seth Davis found a Big 10 scumbag(so-called coach) to ridicule you, do you know the person on this blog that was continually telling those blowhards they were full of Establishment BS(hint: It’s the same commenter on this blog that identified you for years as having “Glory, game, guts, and gumption written all over your grumpy face”)?

    Doubters have a way of creeping in. They have friendly questions, but they don’t understand the composition of a Jordan Hulls. Sometimes your own coaches don’t get it. They get consumed with what their fed by the press. They simply don’t understand how far your heart, your work ethic, and unselfish determination can take you.

    Have a Merry Christmas.

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