Greetings from Poland: Jordan Hulls

Hey there, I’m back again! For this week, it will be short and sweet as I will just be answering a few questions from some followers. If you do have questions for me, you can always comment on my posts and ask for a chance for it to be answered. Appreciate all the support!

“KevinK” asked:
How’s your game? Minutes? Is the game different there?

My game is getting better and better. We are 6-2 now and playing really well as a team. It’s hard to comment on the minutes because it’s all in the flow of the game, but they are up at this point and I’m doing whatever the team needs me to do for us to be in the best position to win, whether that is scoring the ball more or creating for others more. As for the style the game is played, it is different than what I’ve done the last four years, however it’s nothing too crazy. Some technical things and new rules at this level are things I’ve had to adjust to, but at the end of the day you have to just go out and play basketball.

“Jocelyn Bowie” asked:
What are your season dates?

From what I know right now, our season goes through March and after that is when the playoffs start. That’s at least what I have been told, so I’m hoping I’m correct on that. I do know that at the end of the regular season, the top 6 teams advance to the tournament for sure and then continue playing through however long the series of each match up takes. It’s hard telling when exactly the season is over, hopefully we keep playing well enough to keep winning and be the last team standing.

Thank you for the great questions, it’s been fun to be able to share my experiences through this blog with everyone who has supported me throughout my career. Keep the questions coming and will talk with y’all soon!

Until next time, Stay Classy BTown!


  1. Jordan, I know you have a girlfriend and are focused on playing basketball, but based on your time in Poland, are the women there as beautiful as everyone says they are?

  2. Pro-dunker, are you Polish? If you like Polish chicks, you should check out Maine girls 😉

    Mr Hulls – I have a questions… How do you think your Polish team would fare in the B1G this year? Do you have any desire to try to make a go of it in the D-League, or is the pay just not worth the risk? What’s the favorite moment of your IU career – the UK win, clinching the B1G title after turning the program completely around, personally dropping (I’m pretty sure) 117 3-pointers that game at PSU, something else?

    Stay healthy man!

  3. No Geoff, I don’t believe my heritage includes any polish. But once you notice a women like Joanna Krupa, it makes one curious about where she comes from. Then you discover that there are many, many others like her there. As for Maine, I’ll take your word for it.

  4. Twas a joke… Go to Keystone at the Crossing or back to Bloomington if you want to see a few beauties (or do you still live in Btown?)… Or you could go to my old HS stomping grounds around Dallas… Some serious arse there.

    Enjoying watching my biggest rival high school on ESPNU (Trinity) right now…

  5. Do you have a chance to keep up your old IU teammates or stay on top of Hoosier BB?

    You must be really proud of your sister, They are having a killer season.

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