Hoosier Morning

A second-half implosion left Indiana with its second loss to Syracuse in the last nine months, Dustin wrote.

The unbeaten IU women’s basketball team will step up the competition against Virginia Tech tonight, Mike wrote.

Syracuse’s zone was still too much for the Hoosiers to handle, Mike Waters of the Syracuse Post-Standard wrote.

The young Orange backcourt of Cooney and Ennis combined for 38 points against IU, showing good chemistry, Donna Ditota of the Syracuse Post-Standard wrote.

IU’s dismal second-half effort leaves the Hoosiers and Tom Crean looking for leaders, Alex McCarthy of Inside Indiana writes.

Victor Oladipo recorded his first career triple-double against the 76ers and talks about his night, courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel.

Disney World holds no attraction for Noah Vonleh, whose only love has been basketball, David Gardner of SI.com writes.

Another zone theme for the ‘Cuse: Gwen Stefani with “Danger Zone.”


  1. Ejecting Austin was ridiculous, and a total “homer” call. He made a play for the ball and may have even got a part of it. Not saying it was not a foul, but a flagrant 2, no way. That call was a disgrace. I noticed that the Cuse player was not injured. He faked it for a few seconds, but was not injurred. Since he’s such a wuss, maybe he should be playing soccer.

    If these rules were in affect back in 75 and 76, Kent Benson would never have finished a game! Watch some of the IU games from back then. Mr. Benson was not a kind and gentle big man in the paint.

    These rules are a part of the continued “sissification” of America. What’s next, no checking in hockey or the NFL becoming the NFFL – the National Flag Football League. IT’S BECOMING A JOKE.

  2. Podunker,

    I too thought Austin got part of the ball. In fact, I thought he got the ball first before he made further contact. I agree too that was a “homer” call. I also think Austin got the shaft.

  3. Po,

    AE did get a hand on the ball as seen on the very last replay shown of it during the game(I personally thought it was a very good defensive effort by Austin, I did not realize he had the speed he displayed on that play). I agree 1000%, in total, with your post #4. In our lifetime we may witness QB’s throwing from an 8′ diameter cage with an open top from the chest up. Won’t that be entertaining to watch?

  4. I immediately thought “they’re kicking him out because it’s in Syracuse and the crowd is all over them.” I don’t think there’s any question that’s a Flagrant 1 in Bloomington or on a neutral court. My favorite was his explanation to Dakich at the press table when Dan questioned the play on the ball – “it was just the whole play.” Yup, great answer buddy. I couldn’t help but laugh.

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