Hoosier Morning

Tom Crean’s Hoosiers are struggling to build their identity with any consistency, Dustin writes.

Standout freshman guard Larryn Brooks is already looking to bounce back from her rough outing Sunday at IUPUI, Mike writes.

Orlando rookie Victor Oladipo got some preseason advice from fellow D.C.-area product Kevin Durant, Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel writes.

Charlotte asked Cody Zeller to do less and is getting more production as a result, Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer writes.

A look at some of the Hoosiers’ defensive lapses against Notre Dame, from Ryan Corazza at Inside the Hall.

Enjoy your day a little more thanks to this outstanding press conference performance by Southern Illinois coach Barry Hinson on Tuesday night.


  1. Bad pass, Merry Christmas! That was beautiful JP. To hell with the treadmills, run steps, lots. I do not know this coach at all but I am sure he’ll have his teams attention this week. Similar to Pat Knight’s press conference a year or 2 ago. Where was the coachspeak?

  2. Our guards must think its a TAX CREDIT!

    MY WIFE! MY WIFE! Can do better than 2 for 11!

    There was a sniper in the gym! Navy Seal Team 6 was in the gym… I mean we had guys just falling down for no reason.

    I swear I heard one of my guys say Merry Christmas as he just turned it over to them. I think he signed for the package and said thanks.

    Holy crap… It just kept getting better and better… And right in the middle of a rant he gives a reporter a “bless you” after a sneeze and just keeps going without skipping a beat. That’s an all-timer….

  3. And the irony..It was fun. Heaven forbid something edgy to have a laugh. And the larger irony is that Jeremy thinks it’s just barely appropriate enough for his Hoosier Morning cup of coffee. But if anything remotely enters the blog from Harvard’s thoughts pushing any of the same sort of envelope, Jeremy gives his lecture, slices Harvard’s post up into tiny pieces, acts like Harvard is the only person on this blog that has crossed his lines in the sand, and dons the rhinestones.

    Barney Frank…and Tsao the terrorist slayer. But it’s Harvard that spoils the bushel of golden and pure apples.

  4. Well the 2 differences being that this was funny… And more importantly, an anomaly…. Whereas your criticisms are redundant, endless, and inescapable on this blog.

  5. And your so full of yourself that you have to repeat his funny quotes and regurgitate it into your own post as if you’re the honorary spoon-feeder for the little people. Get over yourself..You made it a point to hunt down Dustin at s Penn State game and now you think you’re Queen Victoria.

  6. Jeremy—Best Hoosier Morning video ever!!!

    Geoff—-One of the best post blog analyses on this site yet.

    Coach Hinson—The most entertaining post game press conference I’ve seen.

  7. What? No picture of me in a loincloth with a bow and arrow tip-toeing through the stands after a Nittany Lion with Dustin’s head superimposed on it….

    My bad… I was unaware that every single person that visits watches the videos that get posted. I routinely skip them, but wanted to entice others to watch. Shouldn’t be missed… But again, I guess I was the only one anyway.

  8. Guess I need to get speakers. Never watch the videos on here – can never hear them.

    No excitement about the big game? Nicholis State. Good job by the schedulers, very Holiday’ish with Saint Nicholis just around the corner.

    Good tune-up game before conference play. IU started the season at #26 (KenPom) abd currently #38. Friday opponent ranked #336. So they are potentially better than 15 programs in the United States.

    So Friday we may see;
    * 2 or 3 IU players get triple doubles
    * everybody else gets double doubles
    * deflections will be at all time high
    * substitutions may double from 41 last game to 82.

    And finally, this weekend, the challenge of # 333. Tougher competition which will be instrumental in the preparation for Illinois 12/31 and Michigan State 1/4

    Expectations are high

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