Indiana beats Nicholls State, 79-66

Indiana sophomore point guard Yogi Ferrell had 16 points and eight assists and Indiana defeated Nicholls State in a rough-looking 79-66 win at Assembly Hall.

Forwards Will Sheehey and Jeremy Hollowell had 14 points each in the victory. Indiana had 20 turnovers, but shot 54.5 percent from the field.

Guard Dantrell Thomas scored 24 points to lead Nicholls State.


  1. Queue the skeptics. “We only won by 13.” Yeah, we probably could have won by 30+, but we got to use a lot of different lineups and called off the hounds up about 20 with 4 minutes to go. And they’ll probably be the same poopy pants malcontents who complained about not pulling the starters early vs Northwest Florida A&M Tech.

    Not a great effort execution-wise, but this seemed like a game where once we took control late in the second half, Crean was determined to try different things and focus on certain areas (like pressing and giving more extensive PT to our second and third wave of players) rather than run up the score. I would’ve liked to see far fewer turnovers, but overall I’m pleased with the outcome.

  2. This was actually one of my favorite games… Not because it was pretty to watch, or because we played particularly well, but because we actually established a style of play – Extended the defense and relentlessly ran. I don’t care that it wasn’t perfect… It was an attempt at establishing an identity. It was something to build on. They also made a much more concerted effort to get the ball into the post and reward screeners on the roll… It probably led to more turnovers than positive outcomes, but again, it’s something to build on.

  3. Yep. And it’s important to be able to work out the kinks against a less capable team. The MSUs, OSUs, and Wisconsins of the world will make us pay for those turnovers a lot more frequently. It’s tough to measure progress when you’re installing new wrinkles and/or emphases, but I think the fact that we’re making those efforts is progress in and of itself. It helps validate Crean’s “introspection” as something more than hollow lip-service after a loss. Ability/willingness to properly adjust to our team’s strengths hasn’t always been one of Crean’s greatest attributes, but if it continues it’s another step in the right direction and a sign of even better things to come.

  4. Got to give Crean credit since I bashed him last week. He did get a lot of his subs in last night’s game.

    Was it me, or did our big men look like they were afraid to commit a foul in the paint? Make em shoot some free throws once in a while, guys! They gave up way too many easy baskets last night.

  5. I’m just not seeing it with Perea. A museum piece of a body, but the awareness, presence, and fundamental basketball skills an early high school level. Once we get into much more intense competition, he’ll be stymieing the flow and continuity more than contributing. It’s pretty amazing he was featured on the cover of the ESPN piece by Mike Fish.

  6. Harvey,

    I agree. Perea is just too excitable and the game overwhelms him. He has the tools, but he needs to do two things: 1) slow down and 2) stop leaving his feet on defense. 2 is related to 1.

    John Wooden had a great quote, “Be quick, but don’t hurry.” Perea gets all worked up and he starts moving before he gets the ball resulting in stone hands and chaotic footwork.

    I think he’ll get better, but he still has a ways to go.

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