Indiana falls to Syracuse again, 69-52

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Guard Trevor Cooney scored 21 points to lead Syracuse to a 69-52 win over Indiana at the Carrier Dome on Tuesday in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

The Hoosiers fell to 6-2 and committed 16 critical turnovers. Tyler Ennis had 17 points for Syracuse and C.J. Fair 15. Noah Vonleh led Indiana with 17 points and Yogi Ferrell had 15.


  1. IU has to shoot to score points. 20pts. down and we were stile playing like there was no deficit. Someone must take charge and shoot.

  2. My thought exactly, it appeared that each player was fearful of taking a shot from near the arc. I thought the same when we played them last year.

  3. The first half was a great game. And I was actually impressed with the young fellas in red. Yogi looked more poised. The players are damn good for their ages. Williams is sick.

    It all came down to a poor rotation scheme by the great recruiter and poor X’s & O’s coach Tommy Boy Crean.
    He has some kind of obsession with substitutions, some kind of Math equation he uses. Ill give it to him, he sticks with it..But it doesn’t work. He isnt a good coach. One heck of a recruiter, but cant coach his way out of an NIT game. Well Hoosier fans! Ill be back soon.

  4. What a joke these comments/commenters are. Last year he could not coach and he was unwilling to tell it like it is and get into his players. This year he tells it like it is and he is blaming the players.

    Listen to the players. They will tell you that they did not execute.

    This is is young team that will get better. On the road against a top team. Lesson learned.

    Oh wait, last year we kicked ass on the road….

  5. He wasn’t without his flaws, but the only one I can say anything good about tonight was Vonleh. He was ferocious on D in the first half. He made a couple of great plays that allowed us to claw back in the game.

    Everyone else looked awful.

    BTW, the official stat lines aren’t quite right. I see that they credited NV with 4 TOs and Sheehey with 0. Sheehey threw two bad inbound passes that got into Vonleh on the elbow that he didn’t have a chance at. Since they touched NV, I guess they’re crediting those TOs to him.

    Sheehey played the worst game of his career.

    Is it too early to hope Jeremy Hollowell transfers? 😉

  6. Though lacking the ability to shoot threes, the team hung in there in the 1st half, but imploded in the second. This is a young team as every one knows. We have a lot of good athletes. By February, I expect they will learn how to play basketball. Then, they’ll give a lot of teams a tough time. Patience! It’s rebuilding time. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

    One request of ESPN! No more Dakich. He’s full of himself. Like “motor mouth” or “ratchet jaw” Dick Vitale, he likes to hear himself talk plus talk obsessively and not describe or report the game. If he and Tirico pair together next time, they need to relinquish their announcing role and spend the rest of the evening conversing in the hallway of the arena or dome. Or else I’ll need to listen to the radio broadcast. And that may not be a bad idea anyway.

  7. Its hilarious that people think Crean can’t coach. He won 67% of his games at Marquette while making it to a Final 4. Take away his first two seasons there, and that jumps up to 70%. Then he comes to IU, rebuilds a program and has coached a team that has been consistently in the top 25 for the past 2 years (something that wasn’t happening under Davis or the end of Knights years). He’s won 78% of his games the past three seasons. This idiot of a coach somehow manage to get his team to give Kentucky one of its two losses 2 seasons ago and has coached one of the highest scoring and most efficient teams in the county the past two seasons. Tell me, what part of this shows that he can’t coach?

  8. Victor Oladipo had the first triple-double of his career on Tuesday with 26 points, 10 boards, 10 assists and three steals in 52 minutes against the Sixers.

    This kid can play. Only a rookie, and already the best Hoosier in the NBA!!!

  9. WaltD – I couldn’t disagree more. Dakich and Bilas are by far my 2 favorite analysts on TV. Both are opinionated and understand the game from multiple perspectives. His job is to talk, but he is the anti-Vitale. He is not a “Dipsy-doo dunkerooooo” hype man. He should not be mentioned in the same paragraph as Vitale (unless, like me, you are contrasting them 😉 )..

    I’m 37, shtuff whoops 38 now, and don’t really remember Dakich the player. I don’t have strong feelings for him as a coach. I don’t live in Indiana with my ear tuned to his radio show every day to have become a fan. Point being, my affinity for Dakich is because I feel he is extremely strong when it comes to in-game TV analysis. And let’s be clear, Tirico is the play-by-play guy. It’s his job to describe and report on what’s happening on the court. It’s Dakich’s job to give you the why’s, how’s, analogies, and behind the scenes info. He does it better than just about anybody.

  10. Good point Yes. Crean is an ok recruiter, but excellent at player development and that has been why they have been as successful as they have been. Very few coaches could have done what Crean has done with his players.

  11. Dakich is a horrible play-by-play guy. Unless you don’t know a lot about basketball, then you might think his disjointed mutterings are actually thoughtful and coherent. By the way Dan, Indiana won the ’87 game. Poor Terico. Probably had to go out and get hammered after sitting next to DD all night.

  12. Except that he’s not a “play-by-play” guy… He’s a color guy. There’s a difference.

    Regardless of your understanding of commentary jargon, I’m sure your Bball credentials top mine, so I’ll just back off.

  13. Can someone tell me why is showing Boston in 4th place when their winning percentage should place them in 9th?

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