Indiana to make “major IU athletics facility-related announcement” at 2:30 p.m. today

Indiana president Michael McRobbie and IU athletic director Fred Glass will be making “a major IU athletics facility related announcement” today at 2:30 p.m at Assembly Hall.

That announcement, of course, will be that Indiana is undertaking a fundraising project to renovate Assembly Hall, as originally reported in this Indianapolis Star story by Zach Osterman. According to the story, among the improvements in the $30-$40 million project would be a modern jumbotron, a “grand new entry way” in the South lobby, escalators and remodeled restrooms and concessions.

Glass said earlier this year that he believed building a new basketball arena would be close to a $200 million project, and believed it would be more financially wise to renovate it instead of build a new one.


  1. The announcement is a $40M gift from Cindy Simon Skjodt to the Athletic Dept (largest ever for Athletics at IU, 4th largest overall) which will help fund the renovations mentioned. More importantly AH will be renamed “Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall” which I am sure will make everyone freak. Great day for IU and the Athletics Dept.

  2. While I very much appreciate the gesture, I find it funny that someone would want to have their name plastered on the building. How long do people think Assembly Hall is going to last? 20 more years? 50 more years? That’s a lot of money for my legacy building to be demolished. Not to mention that nobody is actually going to refer to the building by that name. It will always be Assembly Hall. I guess the football stadium will be _______ Memorial Stadium next.

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