Latimer has filed paperwork to NFL Draft Advisory Board

Indiana junior wide receiver Cody Latimer has filed paperwork for an evaluation from the NFL Draft Advisory Board, IU coach Kevin Wilson told Kent Sterling on his radio show Saturday morning on 1070 The Fan.

The draft advisory board is made up of NFL general managers and personnel directors and exists to provide underclassmen an idea of where they could expect to be taken if they declare for the draft. Latimer should get feedback shortly and has until the deadline of Jan. 15 to decide whether or not to declare early entry.

Latimer was named a second-team All-Big Ten wide receiver this year after catching 72 passes for 1,096 yards and nine touchdowns on the season.


  1. I like the advisory board system and the service they provide, but the deadline is too short. It should be extended to the first of February. I understand that college coaches need to know who is staying and who is leaving early, but this is a big decision for a young man, and they need as much time as possible to consider what will be a life-changing decision. There’s enough flexibility in college recruiting to allow them the extra two weeks of due diligence.

    I think Cody is clearly good enough to play in the NFL. The question is, as always, where will he be picked in the draft, and will the money justify cutting his time at IU short. Anybody know if he’s close to getting his degree? If he’ll have his degree by May, then I say go for it, Cody, as long as you’ll be drafted in the top three rounds. If you don’t have your degree, or you won’t get drafted in the first three rounds, probably better to stay and get that degree, taking another bite at the apple next year, hopefully after you lead IU to victory in a bowl game. Either way, god luck and stay healthy.

  2. Unfortunately for IU Football C-Lat is all but gone to the NFL. It’s not often when you find the whole package in a WR: size, quickness, speed, route-running, and soft hands. Cody Latimer has it all, and he will undoubtedly be drafted in the first 3 Rounds. You were fun to watch C-Lat, and best of luck in the NFL!

    Now Dominique Booth, we await your commitment to come to Bloomington next fall and replace C-Lat as the #1 WR. I understand you are also considering Missouri, but they already have several tall WRs in Jeff City so you won’t have the opportunity for immediate playing time and impact that you’ll have with Indiana. Like I wrote here about JBJ, the choice is clear, Booth belongs in Crimson & Cream!

  3. Good for him. He could definitely get drafted. Why would he want to stay at this trainwreck of a football program when he could go pro??

  4. Can’t blame any player for going pro; almost all of them start school with that goal. The real issue is how the schools treat the 99% of players who will not end up in the NFL. A substantial number of them squander the opportunities college education can provide, and some people are just that way, but I can’t help but think that the programs don’t spend a lot of resources (read: give a damn) about what happens to their roster’s also-rans after the last whistle has blown.

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