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Been lax on this for a couple of weeks, which is probably why this is short. Anyway, check this out.

QUESTION: MODERATOR: Good morning, and welcome to today’s IU sports chat. Hope everyone is doing well and prepared for the first winter storm warning of the season.

Gentlemen: How are you doing today? Ready to talk sports?

JEREMY: Good morning. I am fully prepared with bread and milk, ensuring my survival of the winter storm, so let’s chat.

DUSTIN: If by “prepared” you mean “I live walking distance to The People’s Kroger (I avoid the more derogatory term) so if I realize I’m really in trouble I can at least walk that far,” then yes, I’m prepared. But frankly, I’m not happy about this turn of weather events. It was 60 degrees yesterday? How is this possible. Anyway, let’s get to it.

ANDY: Yo. Watched quite a bit of the B1G-ACC Challenge. Not a bad result for the B1G at 6-6, given it had to play the ACC’s top 12 teams (sans Wake Forest, Va. Tech, Clemson), including erstwhile Big East interlopers Syracuse, Pitt and Notre Dame, with two of those teams getting to host. And Fred Glass gets to fly his Victory Flag on the Memorial Stadium flagpole this off-season. On to the chat!

QUESTION: I don’t think our basketball team will get by on athleticism and potential this season. I do believe we have the talent, but I think our success this year will be determined by coaching. With the two losses we have so far, I think the heat is on. From the blogs and message boards I’ve seen, many are questioning lineups, sub patterns and offensive and defensive play. What grade would you give our coaching thus far?

indianavelt, Fort Wayne

JEREMY: indianavelt,

Getting by on athleticism and potential pretty much never works, so you’re absolutely right, especially with a young team. But even coaching has to be augmented with experience, and this season’s only eight games old. Tuesday’s game at Syracuse was a heavy dose of reality, far more than you get against Samford at Assembly Hall. And it now gives the coaching staff some leverage with the team in terms of the players realizing how much better they need to be.

Anybody who thinks Syracuse is the last time things go awry this season should be on their own hot seat. This team is going to have to learn to play to its strengths and stay faithful to that plan of attack for 40 minutes. The two games the Hoosiers most got away from that so far were LIU-Brooklyn and Syracuse. There’s no 3-point specialist walking through that door until next season, so IU is just going to have to make do.

It’s so easy sometimes to question lineups, subs, etc., but what exactly would have been the answer Tuesday night? One of the biggest problems was Yogi Ferrell’s decision-making. Take him out of the game, Will Sheehey had three fouls early in the second half so take him out, and then go with four or five freshmen minus you’re two most experienced players?

There’s a lot of moving of the chess pieces right now without quite understanding which are key to the end game. The ultimate key to successfully coaching this team is to have the players better, the chemistry better and ultimately the outcomes better in February and March.

DUSTIN: Obviously, nothing was good on Tuesday night and for all the execution issues Crean put on the players, I’ve had a number of readers point out that Crean didn’t call a timeout the entire second half. Which is a problem, because if you feel like your team is unraveling right before your eyes, it might be best to stop the game and therefore the bleeding.

But I think what you’re seeing is a lot of trial and error and experimentation which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Not only does Crean have the youth and so much roster overhaul, but the new foul rules also change the way you have to determine rotations. Crean is trying to get out ahead of the curve on this, but he’s finding out the answers aren’t obvious, so he’s trying some things that work and some things that don’t work and putting together an idea of what’s good and what isn’t. So I guess the point is, I don’t think any traditional grading scale would work at this point. This team and this game are too much in flux to say what the right and wrong answers are for lineups, substitution patterns, etc. Crean has made it clear the rotation is nowhere near defined. And as far as the offense and the defense are concerned, the guys just aren’t there yet. They really still don’t know what they’re doing, and I don’t think most of them are far enough into their career yet to say that’s a coaching problem.

ANDY: indianavelt:

The heat is on? What exactly did you expect to happen at Syracuse? I think most reasonable people expected a result along those lines, given IU’s exceptionally young team was playing its first road game and the Orange constitute a considerable and rather unique challenge.

And I think we’re a long way from message boards and blogs reflecting the majority viewpoint of the IU fan base. It’s kind of like off-year primary elections, only the most passionate or opinionated show up. This team always figured to have its ups and downs, to look at great at times and awful at others, given its youth and what it graduated.

No real issues with the coaching so far, from my perspective. I might have called a timeout or two as things were unraveling in the second half. I might sub less frequently than CTC tends to. But the team was set up well enough, as far as a layman like myself can tell. I had more issues with the sophomore point guard setting the tone by being cavalier with the ball after halftime, and the lack of fire from the two seniors, than I did with the coaching. But, again, Syracuse is a definite top 5 team and a threat to win the national title. What did you expect, or think that most IU fans expected (not just the internet crowd)? I don’t think most fans were happy with the second half, to be sure, but I think they’re a lot more patient and reasonable than you seem to give them credit for.

QUESTION: Good morning guys, I hope all is well! As always, thanks for the chat and I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and are ready for the Christmas season. My little Hunter man is loving our Christmas tree and all the lights. Anyway, on to the questions….

1. Congrats to Coach Wilson and the Hoosier football team on getting the Bucket back in dominant fashion. I know Purdue was horrible (and I mean HORRIBLE!) and beating them doesn’t show much but it was necessary and it kept the program on an upward trajectory. Two questions concerning the team, will Cody Latimer come back for his senior season? And, are there any incoming freshmen or returning freshmen who were redshirted that you think will be valuable contributors next season? (I’m thinking Chase Dutra, Rashard Fant, Laray Smith, Taj Williams perhaps) By the way, terrific coverage all season!

2. Syracuse is going to make a lot of teams look bad (especially in the Carrier Dome) this season. Obviously, the second half was disappointing but the first half was encouraging and it shouldn’t be forgotten (although I know most fans have). I thought IU executed well enough, got the ball either in the middle or behind the zone, got open looks, etc. However, excessive turnovers ended up killing us. Moving forward, do you think moving into the conference season at 11-2 (should, not a guarantee but should, win the remaining home games and the ND game is a toss-up) should be considered an accomplishment? I think that would be an encouraging non-conference performance.

3. Tom Crean was clearly angry with his team’s performance, leadership, communication and fight in the second half. Do you think we’ll see some changes on Saturday night? Are we going to see more of Luke Fischer (why not some Fischer/Vonleh or Perea/Vonleh lineups?) at some point?

Thanks for the continued excellent coverage, have a great week, God bless and go Hoosiers!

TJ, Noblesville


Christmas is always so much more magical through the eyes of young children. Enjoy.

1. Football dudes

2. I don’t disagree about the first half. After those first few minutes, the execution against the zone was much better than it was last March. If anything, once again, the Hoosiers didn’t finish as well as they should have. If Indiana finishes non-conference play 11-2, I don’t know if it’s an accomplishment, but it’s probably right on track. Not to say 10-3 would be a disappointment, but there really wouldn’t be any significant wins for the postseason resume there without at least beating Notre Dame.

3. I wouldn’t be surprised to see changes. And I definitely think you’re going to keep seeing more and more of Luke Fischer. There’s very little he does out there that hurts the team, and a lot that helps the team. Now, against some of the smaller teams this year, which North Florida will qualify as, he hasn’t played as much. But he’s going to be critical in Big Ten play, I think. As touched on in a previous question, Tom Crean has a lot of coaching points coming out of that Syracuse game. One of the biggest that jumped out to me was Noah Vonleh’s habit of dribbling the ball at least once every time he touches it in the paint. He’s got to go strong and go quick, not letting the defense have a chance to dig or double down.


1. Latimer obviously hasn’t said so yet, and I didn’t get a chance to talk to him post-game on Saturday. I think it could go either way and I’m not sure at all how he’s viewed by the draftniks. I’d say this, if I was him, I’d have to be guaranteed third round or higher. There’s more for him to gain by staying a year than say there was for Tandon Doss after the 2010 season. Doss could have only hurt his stock if he stuck around to play with Ed Wright-Baker and Dusty Kiel. The departure of Kofi Hughes could hurt Latimer, but he’ll still have Nate Sudfeld and Tre Roberson to throw him the ball, so he’ll have the opportunity to show off. if he posts back to back 1,000-yard seasons, that has to help him go up the ladder. Still, he is good enough that I could see him going in the top three rounds, so you never know. As far as freshmen, I’m not entirely sure on the statuses of Taj Williams and Daryl Chestnut, neither of whom enrolled in the fall because of grade issues. They would’ve had to improve their test scores, and I’m not sure they did. Will check in on that. But anyway, I do think Chase Dutra makes a difference and becomes the third safety behind Antonio Allen and Mark Murphy, presuming of course that Allen’s ACL heals. Rashard Fant could make an impact, though in fairness, Tim Bennett and Michael Hunter weren’t horrible at corner this year. I could certainly see Laray Smith making an impact with his speed and I think Myles Graham might get some work as well. Isaac Griffith and Anthony Young are names to keep in mind at wide receiver. The Hoosiers are going to need another outside guy to step up with Hughes and Duwyce Wilson gone, and they’ll need two if Latimer leaves early, so someone has to step up at that spot.

2. Accomplishment? Eh… I’d more say it’s holding serve. I think the Notre Dame game is pretty big for them. Like you said, it is kind of a toss up. Notre Dame has more experience and a couple of accomplished players (Jerian Grant, Eric Atkins, etc.) so a win in that game would be a significant accomplishment. But that would be the only win that would truly standout. Washington is OK. That’s a decent win, but I’m not sure it’s going to mean a great deal in March. I think Notre Dame might be the best measuring stick for this team yet. But the rest of the games they have in December aren’t going to be much of a challenge before the conference season begins on New Year’s Eve.

3. You might, but I’m just not sure that Crean likes the idea of going with multiple bigs. As he constantly says, it’s not about “do you have a position” for him, it’s “are you multi-positional.” Translated from Crean’s particular brand of coachspeak that means “I freaking love wings,” or, “I love the idea of having my shooting guard, small forward and power forward be all roughly the same size.” Which again, isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it makes for easy switches on the perimeter on defense and it can make it harder for some teams to guard. But it doesn’t play into your expectation there. It would probably be a decent idea to do that every once in a while, but for now it seems like he’s happy having one of the three in the game as the center and wings surrounding them. I do think you’ll see some kind of changes in the lineup on Saturday or at the very least, someone is going to have to earn their normalcy back. Not totally sure who that is going to be, though.

ANDY: Hey, T.J.

It’s a happy notion that Hunter has a lot of Christmases ahead to enjoy. One of the great joys of childhood, and we adults should probably pause long enough to appreciate it more than we tend to.

1. Don’t think Cody knows as yet. That’s what he said post-game Saturday. It will likely depend upon what he hears from the NFL folks, given his draft status and potential to improve it as a senior. My supposition is that he is a definite future pro but will likely return for his final season at IU, but that’s just a guess.

Agree on every redshirt you listed, but I’m not sure Taj Williams will ever make it to Bloomington, from what I hear. I might off the top of my head add Kris Smith, Noel Padmore, Isaac Griffith, Ben Polk (a walk-on) and Nate Hoff as other true freshmen redshirts I’ve heard about who could surface pretty quickly next season. There could obviously be others that don’t come immediately to mind.

2. Don’t know I’d consider it an accomplishment so much as a reasonably encouraging result. Agree with your take on the Syracuse game.

3. I think he needs to talk with his point guard, too. Yogi sets the tone out there, or should. He started that slate of turnovers (five in six possessions) when things really went awry. He didn’t make all the errors, obviously, but was a catalyst to the tone changing and the younger players followed suit, I thought. CTC called out Sheehey and Hollowell, too, and I have no issue with that. I think he thinks they can take being called out and will respond. I don’t disagree that you could see more of the lineup combos you suggest up front, but matchups will largely dictate that. This team has the capacity to “go big,” so to speak, when need be.

QUESTION: Hey guys,

What was the circumstances of Creek transferring? I think the general assumption was that he was “forced” out. Was this a mistake to let him go? (Assuming that he didn’t leave because he didn’t want to stick around anymore.) He is averaging about 16 pts a game for GW and has actually looked pretty good moving off screens and knocking down jumpers. I know at that time IU thought they had Abell also, but I think Creek’s shooting ability could really help this team. But hindsight is 20/20.

Do you guys think Vonleh might stick around for another year. Could there be a chance he takes the Blake Griffin route and instead of being a lottery pick this year, come back and be a possible no 1 pick next year?

Lastly, what was the interactions like with Patterson after the game? Any acknowledgement or hard feelings that you guys could tell?


Yes, Bloomington


We’ve known the circumstances for months now and just haven’t told anyone, but since you asked � just kidding. I don’t know that Creek was forced out. At the time, I don’t doubt that both parties felt like they were doing what was best. Could IU use a guy like Creek? Yeah, they could, but still, I didn’t see much last year that told me he was going to be all that helpful. Maybe he’s healthier now, maybe he’s happier personally now, maybe the team around him just suits better. I watched several GW games over Thanksgiving, and what I was reminded of was how good Creek was when he could drive and attack the basket, not just be a jump shooter. There are certainly no hard feelings. Saw Tom Crean tweeted last week: “It is great to see Maurice Creek fulfilling his dream and playing like he is capable of. He gave all he had to IU. Now GW gets his best.”

As for Vonleh, I do think there’s a chance he sticks around another year. He’s clearly focused and driven to achieve his NBA dream, but he’s also not hung up on personal accolades. If he thinks another year would make him a better player, I think he’d do it. If he thinks he’s ready after this year, he’ll do that. Long way to go and how things play out in January, February and March will have a lot to do with his decision.

Dustin was at Syracuse, so this is his question.


I don’t know that I’d say forced. I’d say Crean could have tried harder to keep him. But I talked to Creek at the time – and Creek is pretty honest and not very good at subterfuge when he attempts it – and he suggested that Crean tried to keep him and told him there would be minutes available with Remy Abell having already transferred. (That happened a little bit earlier). Creek said that looking back at this season, he didn’t believe he’d get more playing time. He thought he deserved and could have handled more minutes last year. Creek was frank enough in his disappointment that I don’t think he was covering for Crean “running him off.” I think Creek could have helped Indiana this year more than Evan Gordon has so far, but I’m also not sure that would be better for him. At George Washington, if he’s not the focal point of the offense, he’s pretty close. He’s leading the team in field goal attempts and scoring. I don’t think that was going to be in the cards for him at Indiana. Again, he’s make an impact for IU even if he were scoring about 8 points a game because he’d be as good of a shooter if not better than anyone currently on the squad. But you have to look at this season as his professional audition, obviously not for the NBA, but for the European professional leagues. It would help him a lot if he could carry a team as a scorer, and he gets that opportunity at George Washington where he wouldn’t have gotten it at Indiana. In addition, he’s a young father, and I think it helps him a lot to be close to home as well. Allows his parents to be around their granddaughter more, etc. From a pure basketball standpoint, Indiana is losing out in the deal, but I think all things considered this is better for Creek and that may be more important.

Vonleh could stick around. You never know. Not a lot of guys stick around when they can be lottery picks, and just because Blake Griffin did it doesn’t mean Vonleh will. Plus, Griffin was dealing with some injuries at that time which may have altered his decision making-process. But anyway, we’ll see. It’s tough to get a clear idea of the landscape right now and he’s not going to know where he really stands as a player until he gets through a conference season anyway. Personally, I think he’s going, and I think Crean thinks he’s going, because that’s why I think he oversigned. If we’ve learned anything, we’ve learned that when Crean says, “It will work itself out,” it means, “I think someone is going to leave early to go pro.” So we’ll see. I also don’t know enough about the 2015 class to say how that group will affect his decisions.

Patterson was on the floor so little that it was hard to tell. Didn’t watch the handshake line very closely. Obviously, he’s bitter. He’s got some reasons to be and some reasons not to be. Indiana was oversigned and someone had to go, but Patterson knew that going in and he obviously put himself in a position to be that guy. He’s still friends with the fellow members of “The Movement,” especially Hollowell, so I’m sure he was cordial with those guys. But I didn’t watch closely to see he and Crean’s interactions.

ANDY: Yes:

The general assumption is he was forced out? That’s an assumption, indeed, but I don’t know how general it is.

Creek graduated. Given how his rehab and performance had gone here, I think it was more a mutual parting of ways, not a force-out. And I don’t imagine anybody is happier than CTC and staff that Creek is doing well so far at GW. No doubt a healthy and good-shooting Creek could have augmented this team nicely but your point on hindsight is well-taken.

As with most kids, Vonleh’s decision could well ride on exactly what the NBA folks tell him about his draft status this spring and the potential to improve it with another season in college. Too early to tell right now. It’s a stacked draft this year, and I could see it being a definite possibility that he could significantly improve his draft status the following year, but I also think Noah wants to make the NBA with all reasonable speed. Reasonable being the key word there. A lot might depend upon just how his freshman season plays out, and how much he enjoys it or not. We’ll see.

Dustin was the only guy on site at the Carrier Dome, so any Patterson-related post-game impressions would have to come from him.

QUESTION: I hear that former IU women’s basketball star Aulani Sinclair has quit the Hungarian pro team she was playing on and returned to Indiana. Do you have any details?

Randall Bychkov, Bloomington

JEREMY: Randall,

We haven’t had a chance to speak with Aulani yet, but the word on the street is that she and the team mutually agreed to part ways. We’ll let you know more when we can.

DUSTIN: I’m pretty sure I saw the exact opposite somewhere, but I’ll let Price fill in the details on that one.

ANDY: Randall:

According to colleague Mike Miller, who covered the IU women going 8-0 Wednesday night, Eupopean hoops-related web sites indicate that the contract between Sinclair and that pro club was dissolved by mutual consent. He tried to get ahold of Aulani for confirmation and has yet to reach her, but he does think it’s apparently true that she’s coming home for now.

QUESTION: I hear that former IU women’s basketball star Aulani Sinclair has quit the Hungarian pro team she was playing on and returned to Indiana. Do you have any details?

Randall Bychkov, Bloomington

ANDY: See above.

QUESTION: 1. A little off the beaten path but I saw that you guy’s said something about how the women’s basketball team lost a player named Kia Nurse to UConn and she would have been the best and highest ranked player IU had ever had. I went to ESPN recruiting to look her up and it turns out she scored a 90 out of 100 which is a 3 star recruit and exactly the same rating as next years hyped recruit Tyra Buss. What gives? Is she not as good as you thought?

Also it appears just from looking at box scores that all the new freshman like Laryn Brooks and Taylor Agler are much better and closer to big ten quality than players Coach Jack was bringing in and the same with Buss next year. In general do you see an improvement in the talent Curt Miller has brought in compared to Coach Jack?

2. While Cuse game was disappointing doesn’t change my mind on season at all as most teams (including Big Ten teams) don’t have that length to block out and shut down IU’s inside game like that. I thought all along this would be worst loss of season and still think we get Notre Dame and Illini on new years Eve. Agree?

3 I am dismayed and angry at the Big Ten. Not only is it over break but hundreds of people with NO intention of going to IU MSU game bought tickets from ticket office and are now re-selling them on stubhub 2.5 times face value. This game has over twice as many tickets on stubhub as any other do to student section being resold (and people like me wanting to go but game soldout by people who are trying to make profit on secondary market). I know IU has nothing to do with this but its another reason why the Big Ten needs to STOP putting these primetime matchups until at least mid-January when students return. I will go as far as to say with students I think the atmosphere would have been so off charts IU wins but with no students a slightly dimmer (but still good) atmosphere lets MSU escape. I know Glass is trying to advocate IU Purdue and other rivals twice a year but to me this is just as big of a problem the big ten needs to fix. Its not just IU but Iowa Wisconsin and ESPECI!

ALLY MSU OSU. These kind of matchups have to be frozen until Mid January. Its just not fair to students who miss the match up or the team who loses some of its home advantage.

Darren, Martinsville

JEREMY: Darren,

1. I think Kia Nurse is a little difficult in terms of rankings, because she’s from Canada, where she is already a member of the senior national team as a high schooler. She is ranked No. 14 overall by All-Star Girls Report. Not sure I’d go crazy with ESPN rankings, from my experience. And she was good enough to be recruited by UConn and Tennessee, which is about all you need to know.

In fairness, this question came in before the IU women’s game against Virginia Tech Wednesday night, in which Brooks set an IU freshman scoring record with 37 points (previous mark was 32 by Denise Jackson). So, yeah, there’s some talent there. The biggest difference in talent is that Miller wants kids that can shoot the ball and understand the game. Agler is a coach’s kid, and I think a bit overshadowed by Brooks, but very good in her own right. Buss comes in next year, and will fit right in that mold, although I think she’s got her work cut out to crack the starting lineup. Coach Jack was more focused on finding athletic talent, but shooting was rarely a strength and basketball IQ was secondary.

3. Be not dismayed. That’s all I’ve got.

DUSTIN: Darren,

1. Got nothing to add on women’s basketball. I should make this point because I tend to sound dismissive about the women’s team, and it’s not because I don’t appreciate women’s basketball, it’s just because we’ve got other people who cover the women’s team and between covering the men’s team and football I don’t have a lot of time to follow the women’s squad. Just felt the need to say that because I’m a little concerned that I’m starting to come off as sexist, which I’m very much not at all. Just felt the need to say that.

2. Good possibility. The more I look at the Notre Dame game, the more interested I am. The Irish have two really good guards in Grant and Atkins, and IU doesn’t have a really defined backcourt right now, so I’m interested to see how that matchup plays out. So I think we find out a lot about this team in the Notre Dame game.

3. I have to disagree with you on this point, because you’re viewing this in a vacuum and not seeing all of the angles. The Big Ten plays 18 games in its season and in order to get that done before conference championship week, you have to start the season around New Year’s if you’re going to keep it to two games per week and give teams bye opportunities. Indiana opens its season on New Year’s Eve and doesn’t begin the school year until Jan. 13. In between, the Hoosiers play three games and they also have a bye between Michigan State on Jan. 4 and Penn State on Jan. 11. So really, there are four windows for games during that period. There are 12 teams in the Big Ten. Let’s say there are five games in each of those windows and two teams get a day off in each of those. Even if you assume that, you have to schedule 20 games and not a single one of them can be a “prime-time game.” It’s not doable, and even if it is, you’re unfairly penalizing teams in the middle and the back-half of the Big Ten. Do Penn State and Nebraska have to get their games against Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State and Wisconsin out of the way then? What about their fairness and home court advantage? Why should they have to play all of those powerhouse teams without their students around? And there are important games that aren’t necessarily “prime-time.” Iowa, for instance, is in sort of a make-or-break season. Its games against Indiana and Illinois and Minnesota are going to be pretty important to them this year, but they probably don’t meet your definition of “prime-time.” Should those guys get screwed for the purpose of helping Indiana and Michigan State pack the joint? Basically, you can’t make a schedule that’s fair to everybody. There’s a semester break, it’s part of college and everybody just has to deal with it. Indiana has the good fortune of knowing they’ll still sell the joint out whether the students or there or not. Not every school in the conference has that luxury. (I went to Penn State. I know this quite well.) So frankly, Indiana should count its blessings in this regard. You can’t “freeze” all of the good games. It’s just not an option. Plus, “prime-time,” is a television word anyway and the Big Ten has to consider the needs of its television partners in this case – CBS and ESPN. The World Wide Leader pays the Big Ten a certain amount of money to carry its games and guarantees the league time a generous number of time slots every week. Does ESPN really have to show a dog game in every one of those time slots the first two weeks of the conference season? Why would ESPN agree to this?

Anyway, I see where you’re coming from, but the Big Ten can’t schedule the entire season around what’s best for Indiana. The Hoosiers’ games aren’t the only ones that matter and there’s no way to make everyone happy when you have to schedule 20 games over the semester break.

ANDY: Darren:

1. Well, Nurse is from Ontario, so maybe ESPN’s rating gurus don’t follow prospects north of the border all that well. Suffice to say she became the starting point guard for Canada’s National Team at age 17. And I know what I was told about her. And UConn really pushed hard to get her.

Coach Leggette-Jack couldn’t recruit. How many seriously talented players, both in-state and out, showed up in Bloomington while she was here? Indiana high school coaches covertly steered prospects away from IU when she was here. Word was out. Coach Miller, on the other hand, has a very good rep with state coaches (he recruited Indiana while at Bowling Green) and has a big fan in Fever coach Lin Dunn. The only thing Coach Miller now needs to show as a recruiter is that he can get the elusive great big player (along the lines of Stephanie Mavunga and Tara Reimer from last year), in-state or out. He clearly is already attracting much better perimeter-oriented players than Felisha ever got, but great big players are obviously harder to find and to get. Competition for them is fierce. If he can do that, the sky is the limit for him here.

2. Agree all-around.

3. Agree with you there, too, but television money rules the roost at the Big Ten offices and everywhere else. Fans who might wish to attend the games seem, unfortunately, to be a secondary consideration compared to the number of fans who may watch on TV, and the networks want games over the holiday break, and some marquee games. People are at home or at festive gatherings and ratings, I’m sure, are good for those games.

In a better world, your view would prevail.

QUESTION: MODERATOR: That’s all the time we have for today’s chat. Thanks for joining us. You can follow IU sports all week and weekend on The Hoosier Scoop blog and app. And former Hoosier and South basketball standout just posted another dispatch from Poland where he’s playing basketball.

Gentlemen: What should we know before we wrap up? What will you all be working on/covering the rest of the week and weekend?

JEREMY: IU basketball returns home to play North Florida Saturday and Oakland on Tuesday. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for white stuff falling from the sky. Take care everybody.

DUSTIN: Things kind of slow down a little bit with football over and that IU-Syracuse matchup out of the way. But it’s basketball season, so we’re still rolling. IU-North Florida on Saturday, then IU-Oakland next Tuesday before what I think is going to be a critical matchup for IU at the Crossroads Classic against Notre Dame. Stick with us. Thanks.

ANDY: Many thanks, as always, to those who chatted and/or checked in. Will be driving through snow to high school basketball games this weekend. Love this time of year for a lot of reasons, but Hoosier Hysteria is one of them. Still the best entertainment value around at $5 a pop, and you IU fans can go watch some future Hoosiers or potential future Hoosiers. Stay warm, everybody, and safe travels for those of you hitting the road over the next few days.


  1. Roughly 9 months after taking the LB coaching job at USC, Ekeler is out. Sark is bringing his LB coach from Wash to So. Cal. With all the coaching changes going on he will have an opportunity or 2.

  2. Clarion- Crazy coaching carousel out west, eh?

    For my purposes, addition by subtraction: goodbye Sark, hello Peterson. Hopefully this thrusts the Dawgs back in to perennial tp-15 territory.

  3. None of those coaches were from Indiana, so we can’t talk about this in any positive sense.

    Don’t we care about basketball anymore????

    Ok, anyway. U-Dub came away much better off. I think it is funny that Petersen turned down USC, Sark goes back to USC, Petersen takes U-Dub job. U-Dub definitely scored in that deal!

  4. Yep, and former Boise State OC Bryan Harsin is probably going back to Boise to be HC. Ball U HC Pete Lembo will not be in Muncie another week. New home will either be Wake Forest or back closer to old stomping grounds around UConn. Former Gator OC Brent Pease(ex-IU OC, for 6 days)will land on his feet somewhere. FB coaching changes this time of year are damn interesting.

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