1. This team is a complete mess. Nice final play CTC! Where we’re you when you drew that up? Or was that the coaching magic behind Dwayne Wade? Ridiculous!

    And thanks Jeremy Whollowell for your stellar play today….did a great job of being invisible just like your mentor Watford.

  2. Another stellar coaching move after the TO. Post up Ferrell with Vonleh at the 3 pt line, drive Stan into the lane, have Yogi run in the lane to stop him, throw up an airball. Perfectly executed.

  3. A few quick thoughts following the game:

    1 Poise – impressed with the kids not looking panicked on the road for their first B1G game.

    2 Improvement – you can see the work Noah’s put in on his game coming through. After a HS all star game people complained about his free throw shooting and now he’s money.

    3 Less Yogi equals more wins. Regardless of how well he shot, he needs to be a pure pg for us to do special things. His high turnovers are totally unacceptable. Stop leaving your feet to pass!!!

    4 Senior Leadership – Rice for Illinois is the example of a senior leader we need. Sheehey is a role player off the bench and should not be putting up so many shots.

    5 Fundamentals – Troy needs to realize the things that got him looks in AAU ball do not work in the college game. If he had Devin’s fundamentals he’d be unstoppable. All of his highlight reel plays in the Washington game have been detrimental to his overall improvement. If he truly works on his flaws like Noah, the sky is the limit.

    6 Rotation – we’ve found our rotation. Now we just need to be quicker with the hook for Jeremy. He probably has the most natural talent on the team but there is no middle of the road games for him. He’s either great or truly, truly awful and cannot recover in game. Coaches need to recognize this fact and minimize damage to the team when bad Jeremy shows up.

    I’m optimistic and think we are close.

  4. That play to end regulation was maddening. It was obvious with 10 sec we were not going to get the offensive possession we wanted. 2 timeouts to burn and you just let it trickle into OT. That is not going to get it done. But it might sell a extra 5 dollar footlong commercial break.

  5. Can someone explain to me why with the ball and the game tied with 20 sec to go on the road….no TO?
    Wall to wall inexperience on this team and CTC doesn’t see need to settle them down and draw something up?
    Hell a foul and they would have won!
    I love Crean but that was ridiculous!

  6. Let’s see…we had:
    8 more 3s
    5 more FTs
    12 more RB
    4 more assists

    How can you lose a game like that?!?

    Oh wait, I forgot to add, 14 more TOs. Is that the “poise” you are alluding to Aruss?

    Horrible job of coaching. Several examples of Vonleh & Perea rolling off of a ball screen with no entry pass. With 20 sec. left, on that possession, nobody is within a 10 ft. Radius of Vohleh on his roll to the hole in the lane. Prep your DVR & have a look. Instead another forced drive to the bucket and a prayer shot. Can this staff actually call plays? 3 1st half out of bounds TOs.

    The maddening of youth.

  7. The great coach K would not have called timeout.

    That’s not why we lost. TOs. The End. Love my Hoosiers. But they gotta get better. Quick.

  8. That was a good game. Had a couple of chances to win it. Guys made some dumb mistakes toward the end but no panic. 20+ turnovers and nearly win it. Of the ‘real teams’ we’ve played this year, I think this was our best showing.
    Michigan State next? Be nice to win it, if not, hope it was as competitive as this one.

  9. AWinAZ – it’s a road game in the B1G at an arena we’ve lost 10 of our last 11 at with four Freshmen in our rotation on a day after one of our players quit against a team that’s beaten real competition. You need to get some perspective and think about the long view of the B1G schedule otherwise these first few games are going to put you in a mental hospital or give you a drinking problem.

    I have the same optimism after this game I had after the UConn game. I like this team with a few adjustments and more experience that only games against good competition will give them.

  10. along with having “the worst offense in college basketball” and a coach befuddled by the dry erase coach’s board, crean had vonleh sitting 6 of the final 9 minutes of the game. wtf? and of course we wouldn’t want the ball in yogi’s hands at the end. no wonder fischer quit.

  11. Last yr’s debacle @ IL was on my Birthday and this yr’s on New Years Eve….wonder if we can get next yr’s @ IL scheduled for Christmas?
    I hate the unbalanced schedule in the B10, evidanced by no PU at IU this yr….but I’m sure going to appreciate no IU @ IL!

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