1. Quick thoughts:

    The kids will be all right but CTC has to stop not giving Robinson development minutes against the cupcakes then expect to throw him to the wolves. Ethrington & Howard should be getting no minutes ahead of the freshmen. Get a rotation and stick to it.

    We should have attacked the zone with drives and fouled everyone out.

    There is no excuse with our athleticism that Cooney should have gotten any open looks. Troy Williams is playing to make highlights and not to become a complete player.

    2nd half collapse due to no leadership. Sheehey is not a senior leader and should not be looked to for leadership – another game he disappeared. Noah needs to grow and lead this team. Right now, I don’t trust any other player on the team in crunch time.

    It was a long shot with this team in Syracuse but the 2nd half was unacceptable and a step backwards unless CTC adjusts his approach to in game development.

  2. Must say Syracuse mopped the floor with us. Hopefully we learned a thing or two, and can apply it later in the season.

  3. I agree with every… single… word… that Aruss just wrote.

    I’ll say this, I’m now sure that Syracuse is the worst matchup in America for Crean… Worse than Wisconsin. I just don’t think we have a prayer of beating them, so I hope we avoid them when it counts. I think we have a chance against every other team in any given year – the Duke’s, Kentucky’s, Kansas’s, any other zone team, etc… But Boehiem and his version of the 2-3 Zone is Crean’s Huckleberry.

    It will be interesting to see how they respond the next 2 games. I’d like to see a pissed off blow out of North Florida and then a grind out W against ND.

    Amazing how much less time I have now that my kid is 6 mos old and I have to really start doing fatherly duties…

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