1. CTC talking on radio….now, referring to ND everybody are great 3 point shooters… I know you want to show respect for opponents…but IU’s weak schedule is boring enough (except for Syracuse, UCONN, and ND would be a nice Tuesday evening game)without talking about how great each of the weak pre-conference opponents are. Just go win the game….And maybe big ten will be a little more interesting.

  2. Surprised to see we actually have a higher FG% and more rebounds than ND at halftime. It seemed like everything they threw up was going in, or rebounded and put back. And it seems like they’ve been in better defensive position than we are all game long. Still down only five, but it feels like we should be down a lot more. Hoping for a much better second half on both ends of the court.

  3. Quick thoughts:
    1) this game was lost in the summer when Will & Yogi selfishly went to play for the US team instead of staying in B’town to bond with all the freshman. They didn’t win any medals so it’s not like they brought a winning mentality back with them.
    2) Troy has completely regressed and putting him in during the last 3 mins was completely moronic. If he spent half as much time in Cook Hall as he does on Twitter, he’d be a heckuva player.
    3) Gordon is the only one who shows purpose with all his basketball moves from head fakes, to cuts, to passes, etc. He should be our senior leader and we should try to emulate his basketball IQ. Will is and always will be a role player. Just because he’s a senior doesn’t mean his game somehow got better.
    4) More Stan Robinson please.
    5) Sean Miller said it best after the Michigan game today – to win these games you have to play these games. The cupcakes that Glass has scheduled aren’t helping the program. It’s not helping team development for March and it’s creating apathy for the fans they’ve been email blasting because the can’t get people to come see those games at the Hall.

  4. … as asked by Podunker at the presser:

    10. Great, great game. Are you ready for Nicholls now?

    9. Another clear moral victory; why keep starters in for so long?

    8. For Kennesaw State, do you anticipate sending in the starters from the very beginning?

  5. Well that sucked. Trying hard not to overreact, but you really can’t blame youth for this one. For all of Will’s 1st half scoring, our senior leader had several huge turnovers down the stretch. Yogi had another good scoring day, but he couldn’t close. So many wasted opportunities to take the lead, if not control of the game. Fisher’s at least a year or two from being a reliable contributor– he shows promise, but you have to wonder how that blown layup affects his confidence and his development.

    We have yet to win a big game. With 3 of the nation’ top five teams, plus a Michigan that almost took down #1, and a dangerous Iowa team, we’ll have plenty of chances to win some in conference. But we have very little room for error, if any. Any loss to a perceived inferior team could doom the season unless we post some monstrous upsets I’m a lot more pessimistic now than I was three hours ago. Let’s see how I feel after this bitter taste washes out.

  6. This loss stings. I want to refrain from emoting and being chicken little, but I just need some catharsis.

    There is just a lot of confusion as to exactly what this team is. I knew this year that I had to look at this team for what they can be versus what they are, but what they are now is a mess identity-wise.

    Inconsistency is bound to happen with a group of mostly freshman, but I’m continually underwhelmed as a whole with the returning players in terms of them playing to their potential. Although, Sheehey was the exception tonight.

    I dunno. I’ll stop here. Everything else I say is just going to be emotion. Tired of losing.

  7. … as constructively asked by Podunker at the presser.

    7. A good dinner party starter is watercress & celeriac soup with goat’s cheese croutons. Do you agree? Really? 0

    6. Find antonyms for: starter, coach, basketball, deflection, falafel. Have you ever had scallops with leeks and lemon chilli butter? Elaborate.

    5. Jesus, I hate LA. (Not a question, just had to take that off my chest.)

    4. I heard girls in Poland are cute. I plan to visit Warsaw, IN, soon. Have you recruited there yet? Just curios.

    3. Listen… do you like Fantasy Football? It’s awesome, man, you should try it.

    2. Have you ever coached New Mexico? At 6,969 ft God reads most of your tweets much faster.

    1. Joyce Meyer, Jeff Meyer, it don’t matter. You said it man… Now, what do you think about Obamacare?

  8. One of these days you Crean lovers will wake up and finally admit he is not a very good coach. Subs,subs and more subs one instance I recall , Ethinger makes a nice play and scores and is fouled and makes the freethrow and he is jmmediately removed from the game. Why, was it potty time? We have no system its just dribble drive.

  9. Spot on commentary as usual from this forum.

    Here are my observations and musings from this game….

    1. This game was lost when ND went down to ND St. They had something to prove and their elder players showed up to prove a point. I’m still struggling to find any point in our players aside from individual collections of athleticism.

    2. Why have our premier point guard playing shooting guard for so many minutes and possessions in the 2nd half. Granted, he’s proven he can hit the 3….from the point….and Gordon is on a bit of a shooting roll yet he’s handling the ball…somewhat recklessly I might add.

    3. Sheehey, today’s hot hand, gets sat with only 3 fouls with 11 min.left for several minutes. Maybe he needed a bit of a break, but he was making things happen up until then when sat for an extended period. After that, not much.

    4. Our 3 best players are: Yogi, Sheehey, and Vonleh. Recent honorable mention; Gordon. How about we not sub out those guys at the same time! The substitution patterns in this game helped beat us.

    5. We’ve done a real good job proving that a 2-3 zone will beat us haven’t we? Our last 4 losses have been heavy on the 2-3…..to “real” division 1 opponents. Yeah, I know, we beat the 2-3 against Stony Brook, Evansville, blah blah blah…..

    6. Crean finally found Davis today from the 11th man to the 7th. That’s helpful. This kid plays very hard and is probably our 2nd best rebounder as far as being in position (Vonleh is 1st, in case you are wondering.)

    7. Hollowell is picking right up where his prior alter-ego CWat left off. We play as he plays, unfortunately. He sucks and needs sat.

    8. Williams….a lot of Olidipo comparisons due to his energy. But he isn’t all that. I’d like to see his made shot chart for the season. Average distance must be pretty close to 0 (a dunk).

    9. A lot to ask from Fisher, to shove him into a game because we can’t handle their 2 lugs in the middle, after him being 12th man until this game. Crean must’ve been thinking: “Panic, panic….red alert, these big kids are killing us so I better play my big kid. Oh shucks! He’s not ready! why isn’t he ready yet?”. Well Tom, let me answer that: Cupcakes and no minutes.

    10. I’m going to go read the stats & reflect on my above 9. Points. (3 more than Hollowell had.)

  10. Had some time to digest. Still pretty sour.

    AW, while I still hold my breath every time Hollowell touches the ball, and even though he didn’t score much, I thought he had a better overall game. 7 assists to 1 TO. He fumbled it a few times, but didn’t lose it. And passed well for the most part. That’s improvement, so I won’t gripe about his play this time around.

    Davis and Stan play like junkyard dogs. I like it. Their mentality and aggressiveness will serve us well, especially as their games continue to mature. They’re still puppies in some regards, so we have to tolerate a little recklessness from time to time as long as they continue to attack.

    Substitution patterns. Enough said.

    On that note, I see a theme developing in Noah’s game. Early foul trouble can cripple him. He dominated the first few minutes, but had to dial it back after two first half fouls. He was never the same player once he got back in. (Don’t get me wrong– he was still a good player; just not dominant.) Crean needs to make sure he knows that he can’t play tentative– especially in the last few minutes– for fear of fouling out. Crunch time is when you have to put it all on the line regardless of the foul situation.

    Sheehey is our zone buster. Why we continue to dribble into double coverage when that elbow jumper was consistently open and effective is beyond me.

    I also had similar thoughts about ND losing to ND St while we cruised against our cupcakes: uh oh. Bad omen. This was not going to be just a “rivalry” games against the Hoosiers, but a bounce back game as well. Never a good thing.

    Still a lot of room for improvement, but no need to panic just yet. We have as many losses as the preseason #1. We have as many quality wins as Kentucky does, with as similar roster and lower expectations. All is not lost. We’ve lost to two undefeated teams currently in the top ten, and to an experienced ND squad that will flirt with the top 25 all year. But we will play 10-12 of those types of games throughout the conference. We have to win at least half of those– and not give up any wins to the lesser teams– if we have any hope of making the tourney. Should be an interesting ride.

    Time to stock up on some tums.

  11. I’m flattered, but I don’t do fantasy football and I’m not a fan of watercress. And yes, except for the weather, LA sucks.

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