1. Harvard,

    Off topic, but I’m curious. Being a guy that appreciates heart, effort and acumen, what is your take on Jay Cutler? I’m watching him get lit up by one of the worst defenses in the NFL (his O-line kinda stinks in his defense). Just curious about your take as a Bears fan.

  2. Urlacher’s leadership gone.

    Completely revamped and very young offensive line.

    Briggs knocked out for 4 weeks because of shoulder fracture.

    Tillman(top turnover creator)out for the season.

    Cutler out for five games

    Previous to this season, the backup QB(McCown) hasn’t taken a snap for two years. Ends up getting NFL Player of the Week two weekends ago.

    Detroit crashes and burns.

    Bears are gifted a chance to win the division tonight and, instead, get completely embarrassed by the Eagles but…?

    Somehow the Bears are still in a position to win the division in a home game next Sunday at Soldier Field against the Packers.

    I really don’t know what to expect. Get into the playoffs and anything can happen. There’s a lot of pluses in having a very competent backup QB.

    I’m too pissed off over tonight’s game to offer anything rational regarding Cutler.

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