Notre Dame holds off Indiana 79-72

Senior guard Jerian Grant had 23 points and nine assists and Notre Dame held off Indiana 79-72 in the Crossroads Classic on Saturday in trong of 18,165 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.

Senior center Garrick Sherman had 16 points on 6-for-7 shooting. Junior guard Pat Connaughton had 14 points and nine rebounds.

IU senior swingman Will Sheehey scored 22 points to lead the Hoosiers. Sophomore point guard Yogi Ferrell had 13 points on 5-for-14 shooting. Senior guard Evan Gordon had 11 points, but was 3-for-11.


  1. It’s going to be a long season folks. Not 1 quality win in the pre season is going to make it tough to dance this year. You would have to finish top 5 in the big ten and that’s not going to happen. Look at the bright side. Crean can finally hang a runner up nit banner and get some runner up rings. Welcome to mediocrity.

  2. My lady friend watched the Indiana game with me and as we’re getting ready for a holiday party tonight, I had her read orange supreme’s comment. She no Hoosier fan. Conclusion: she wants orange’s phone number.

    Lady friend quote, “I adore, and by adore, I mean I get all worked up inside, when I see a fella who is a fan of their basketball team and spends time on the internet going onto another team’s fan site to heckle their fans. A man with such noble and sophisticated uses of his time is so delicious. Plus, he makes such lucid points. I’d love to have dinner with him and share a bottle of wine listening to how he works his magic on all the other sites that he frequents and how he cleverly dumps on their fans, too. I might not make it to desert.”

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    Her: ?

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    So orange, what’s your digits? You have a fan.

  3. Tough game but was competitive. Could really see the advantage of a team with yrs of experience by the players.

    IU better with bench points and 2nd chance points. Points off turnover was a wash as was fast break points. ND for points in the paint. The usual 41 IU substitution – 21 first half and 20 second.

    Will 9/15 with 5 turnovers. Jeremy – only 3 points, but, 7 assists, 1 TO and 2 blks. Hanna – only 3 min with 4 points and a rebound.

    Take my opinionated view with a grain of salt (whatever that means). But, seemed to be an emphasis to drive to the basket and draw a foul, at least mid-way through the 2nd half. Coaching decision? Did not work with the way this game was being called. Yog’s attempt to win the game with his last 2-3 times with the ball – ouch. He is fast, some nice passes but it may be time to let Gordon get a little more time at point guard.? Now we have two win-by- 20 games followed by reality. With all that said, I still like this team, it will just take time, coaching and experience.

    And by the way. Looks like the Kentucky / North Carolina series is dead. The post game hand-shake you could almost hear Coach Cal asking Roy Williams if he know any nice ‘neutral’ sites.

    Post #1 reminds me of Florida in the 80’s. Invasive pest called ‘orange canker’ destroyed the orange crop. The cure, state checked each tree, commercial or private. If infected by this pest, the tree was cut down and destroyed.
    Obviously did not cure the problem long term.

  4. I have said it all along and it is coming to fruition. This pathetic schedule will not help us prepare for the conference! Chicago St., Samford, Stony Brook, North Florida (who?), Oakland, Nicholas St. And Kennasaw St. are not going to make you better! Notre Dame is not nearly as strong as they normally are! Yet we couldn’t handle them. All of the early season cream puffs do not help a young team improve! One or two of them are fine but, a continuous string of these teams is ridiculous. Playing solid teams in your pre season may add to your losses but, it will condition you for a very tough conference schedule! We are going to pay down the line for these cream puffs. We will struggle all year long in the conference because of dominating weak opponents when we could be learning lessons by playing a real schedule. Winning games against these inferior teams does us no good at all and gives these young kids a false sense of accomplishment.

  5. Mr. Dopirak, don’t expect a Pulitzer any time soon for the kind of stuff you posted at #5. Truth is Crean is a mediocre coach. You and the Dumbo Brothers can’t change that.

    Double Dumbo: tell your lady friend to try 315 12 3 2013 (extension 69 52) and and 315 3 28 2013 (extension 61 50). These are the dates when we beat you and by how much.

    Good luck to Indiana at Illinois. Only chance for the Hoosiers: if Crean starts subbing players from the other team with his players. Otherwise enjoy the broken record:

    “We were playing against a very strong veteran-led group […] Give them credit, they had a bunch of veterans. […] Mike is a tremendous coach, one of the best coaches in […] a long long time. They have a lot of veterans that made veteran plays. Our veterans, Will and even Evan did a real good job, but other than that, […] I think with a team that runs like that, I’ve gotta go back and watch the film.”

    Bottom line: Indiana is not North Dakota State—so, what did you expect?!

  6. My only comment… It’s getting increasingly frustrating watching Noah Vonleh get completely ignored in the offense. He gets a couple early touches… Scores… The they don’t look at him for the rest of the game. It’s more than a pattern or a trend… It’s a function of the offense, a lack of coaching, and maybe more than anything else, the style of play in AAU and all-star games where it’s perimeter and fast break oriented, with more offenses being dribble-drive or high ball screens, and these effing kids come to college with no effing clue how to make an effing entry pass. They don’t even look… It’s driving me batshtuff watching us waste Vonleh’s talent game after game. It’s a damn good thing he’s a great kid, because a lesser person would let it effect his hustle and coachability… And to this point, at least, it seems Vonleh is keeping his head. I feel sorry for him and I feel sorry for us fans because if we can’t learn how to play through him we have no chance at succeeding this year.

    Adios amigos…

    1. Geoff,
      To your point about Vonleh — Sheehey was asked what IU needs to do to get him untracked offensively. Will’s response: “He’s gotta demand the ball, and we’ve got to throw it to him. It’s as simple as that.”

  7. One other comment completely off topic… Bad day for Harvard… IU loses and McGary was the 5th best big man on the court in a loss earlier in the day. Sorry man.

  8. Jeremy, yeah… I read a similar quote from Crean… But I’d like to know how yelling at your teammates every time down the court to “give me the ball!” promotes a constructive environment… I hated playing with guys like that. Any PG or experienced player understands talent when they are playing with it… But for whatever reason it seems everyone (fans, opponents, broadcasters, etc) except his teammates are aware of it at this point. When you have a guy on your team with his ability you make a concerted effort to get him touches… There shouldn’t be any need for Vonleh to draw attention to what great position he’s established… It’s counter-productive. None of these guys, including Yogi and Will, see when space is shifting and an opportunity to get Noah a touch is about to happen. They don’t reverse the ball when he has great weak-side position, and they do reverse the ball (or wait for him to give up his position and come ball screen) when he’s right there in front of them.

    Literally the only thing that prevents me from yelling at the TV the entire game is that Crean only plays him 20 damn minutes a night.

  9. Here’s a question… When they pass the ball around the perimeter all night long is it because the guy on the wing is “demanding” the ball, and then the guy who fills in up top “demands” the ball, and then the guy on the reversal is “demanding” the ball???

    No, they do it out of habit and as a function of the offense.

    The only perimeter guy who ever demands the ball is Yogi late in the shot clock.

    It needs to become habit and a function of the offense to include Noah… Not only in the low post, but in the high post, and on clear outs from the mid-wing area, and pick and pops to the baseline… Those are all areas where Noah can succeed and create issues that the defense has to adjust to.

    It’s such a cop out to say he needs to demand the ball.

    You know what makes Brady great? It’s because he throws it on the money to the guy that’s open… Not the guy who says “give me the ball”…

    What a damn joke.

  10. As much as I appreciate Will’s effort, and I’m aware that he’s a fairly smart person, I only know about a 1000 guys that if they were blessed with his height would be at least his equal as a basketball player… Some of those guys understand how to play, some don’t… Being 6’6″ and athletic and a hard worker doesn’t make you a cerebral basketball player…

    Here’s a “simple” solution for Will and his teammates… Noah is your best player! Find ways to make sure he touches the ball! If he’s open don’t wait for him to “demand” it… Give him the effing ball! It’s as simple as that…

  11. Geoff, you should probably call some of your basketball friends and ask them what “demand the ball” means, it does not entail yelling “give me the ball”.

  12. Of gotcha… Thanks Jay. Glad you’re back. There are many times his demeanor, position, and hands are demanding the ball but he not receiving it. So my assumption is that that is what Will is saying… Because if he can’t see that out on the court he must be waiting for a verbal cue.

  13. Our defense especially in the post was absolutely horrible. Anyone notice that when Hanner came in at the end of the first half our post defense got better and we caught up? Yet Hanner doesn’t play in the second half? conference season is going to be brutal if this doesn’t improve. And we can’t seem to feed the post on offense either.

  14. Posts 11, 12 and 13 factually encapsulated what I have observed happening offensively on the floor for many games this season. I also believe a combination of either HP or Fischer playing all the time underneath with NV helps keeps Vonleh out of foul trouble and on the floor more. For 5 seasons I’ve been quiet about Coach Crean’s penchant for substitutions. For the 1st 3 seasons there was not a load of experienced talent so it did not make much difference. The past 2 seasons the running and fast paced offense it was part of the game plan. But 41 substitutions, which is not any record for sure, is extreme when in re-watching the game video only 7 of them any kind of positive impact and then another substitution took it off the floor. Maybe it is the aggregate amount of talent that highlights this issue in my eyes. I liked what we saw of AE, HP, EG and somebody mentioned Robinson and Davis being Junkyard Dogs and I agree. Hollowell is confusing to me but I like the 7 assists. Our preseason schedule is fine, if tougher we would be looking at only 2 wins so far.

  15. I THINK an early season statement was made by Will’s trailing 3 pt attempt…last year he made them …yesterday he missed long…like a brick on the rim. its like “schoolyard” basketball one is moving and they wait for the shot to go up then “crash the boards.They cant shoot for crapola. Ive seen 5 y/o’s shoot better at a “little tykes” backboard than these “atheletes”… far thats ALL Ive seen……Atheletes running 90ft sprints

  16. Orange Supreme–if that’s your real name–what chances do you have of sustaining love if you continue to post pretend phone numbers? I think I’ve figured out your game, Romeo. You play it Chris Brown-style: putting the hate on the ladies, maybe even smacking them around a bit and sitting back as they keep coming back battered and bruised, submitting to your will.

    Some people might look at you and think romance really is dead. I see a Syracuse fan who’s put the Cream and Crimson Nation in their place via opposing team’s blog comment section so thoroughly that they’re women are throwing themselves at you.

    Some might call it a spell. I call it: Orange Plague. Orange Plague originated from the gas released by bovine fecal matter and metastasized after bonding in pure helium with social enigmatia. Fellow Hoosiers, please lock your doors and ban your ladies from the internet. We’re not safe.

  17. …or Mr. Double Down… If that’s your real name….

    By the way, I figured out how the Syracuse guy is getting through… The spam protection has become 2nd grade addition… I just got “Sum of 1 + 14?”…

  18. Double Dumbo: the only Orange Plague around is this. The smell of bovine fecal matter partially comes from it too… just don’t inhale.

  19. Geoff, look at him. I offer him an opportunity to romance my lady and he calls me Double Dumbo. Next thing you know, he’ll be ripping his shirt off and throwing chairs out the window on the Good Morning America show. He’s more Hoosier than originally thought.

    Granted, I kinda see where Orange Plague is coming from: that window was talking smack all week.

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