1. wow. I think he may be a big star in two entertainment arenas. he could play an nba game in front of 20,000 people, then do a two hour concert. i’ll be buying his first cd. well…not buying, but downloading for free.

  2. Andre Patterson was the last vocalist on an IU BB team. I always had the impression he would rather sing than play ball. VO is a much better baller and a smoother singer than Andre. Shaq eat your heart out.

  3. Singers are like dunkers…Dime a dozen. It doesn’t make you Stevie Wonder….or Dr. J.

    He is quite the skilled young man. He had nice tone..He’s better than most I’ve briefly allowed to damage my eardrums on those crappy Idol and Voice shows. The more I watch those shows, the more I realize that ‘America’s Got No More Talent’…

    I’m not sure if real talent is ever really discovered. It needs the right Petri dish to grow. Not sure if America can culture anything close to what once came out of places like Motown.

    All snidely remarks aside, Victor was a pure delight. I was thoroughly impressed. I almost enjoyed it this much.

  4. Rickles and Stevie. Regis and Vic…Seemed like it worked.

    Rickles was quite adept at slamming…..Taking insults to the rack, BABY!!

  5. Oladipo is a very good singer. Great voice! Great style! Love to hear him sing. Regis though needs a lot of work.

  6. Probably broke Kathie Lee’s a few dozen times on Monday nights.

    Regis Philbin is going home…

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