Richardson to announce college decision at 2:30 p.m. on Friday

Malachi Richardson, a 6-foot-5 shooting guard at Trenton Catholic Academy in New Jersey and a long-time Indiana target, posted on his Twitter account Wednesday that he will be making his college decision at 2:30 p.m. Friday at his school. Indiana is one of his finalists along with Arizona, Connecticut, Rutgers, Syracuse and Villanova.

Richardson is the No. 22 player in the Class of 2015 according to


  1. No chance he goes to IU after watching the Beat Down by the orange. Too many questions about Crean. I spoke to him after the game and he said its between Uconn and the orange.

  2. The real question in all of this is why is “Orange Supreme” still trolling on our site? We’ve got our resident IU troll in H4H so we don’t need another. Come back if we play again in the NCAA tourney so you’ll at least have a legit reason to be here other than you don’t have a life.

  3. I have no idea where Richardson is going to end up, but I can guarantee you one thing: this commenter has no such conversation with Richardson.

  4. I would like to start an NCAA investigation of “Orange Supreme”. He is clearly, by his own admission, a “booster” of Syracuse Basketball and is operating as someone who steers HS basketball players to Syracuse. I believe that the appropriate penalty would be a suspension for the first 9 games of Richardson’s career at Syracuse! In all likelihood Malachi has never met or spoken to Orange, who is of significance only in his own dreams!

  5. I have 50 lbs of oranges in my living room from the daughter’s school band sale. I spoke to them and they say all the other oranges laugh at “Supreme.” They call him “grape.”

  6. Going forward, we’re going to use kurk81’s post as Example A in the discussion “how to deal with trolls.” Cheeky sarcasm and an avoidance of emotional involvement go a long way folks. Take a bow, sir.

  7. You function as a troll no different on the LiveChats..The biggest anti-IU crowd are the journalists running all the local outlets. The live in one collective conspiring smirk at all of IU with true feelings of being “supreme.”

    Why? Because the pilot the controls of everything they selectively filter into your world. Behind closed doors they laugh in utter bliss how IU is stuck with coaches that don’t have a clue against their favorite teams of the East.

    Talk of trolls all you want. I defended IU players on this site that others wanted to run through the mud. I saw the majority of Sampson’s players as no different the hypocrites on here that pretend they live in saintliness. Villain chasers is what we’ve become. The journalists sit back and laugh in wonderful contentment at the charades and thick tongues our delusions of being anything near all the false hype and BS…

    Big &%#$^))^&#*ing deal..We put a couple kids in the NBA during the weakest draft in decades. If the ‘everything hinges’ recruit stays, we’re beating the crap out of Syracuse. Going home parties for all because of our glorious success built on a mountain of pious blow and unfounded arrogance. Contract extensions for speeches and labels and building walls around our untouchable flawless and faultless reflection. Wake up, people.

    Be the old Indiana. Be something without the building your own podium. Those journalists are smirking and your complete clueless clinging to image over substance. Be the Indiana that never made excuses and never chased demons and serpents to build false glory.

  8. I have 5000 lbs of Hillbillies in my living room left over from the rope swing convention I decided to throw for some easy money. I spoke to them and they say all the other Hillbillies laugh at “Havard.” They call him “sour-grape.”

  9. So Dustin, Jeremy, and Andy are smirking, completely clueless, and clinging to the image of substance? Huh? Where is Geoff when you need him.

  10. Here’s the translation:

    If you’ve followed this or any other Hoosier blog, you’ll eventually find out that everybody trolls. There’s a never ending revolving door of criticisms for coaches and players along with 10,000 hidden smirks and snidely suggestions/remarks/stabs/jibes from journalists and bloggers commenting contributors alike.

    From scholly crunch gotcha moments…to VJ Hulls it the worst defender in college Watford is lazy and his the IU ship has sailed with no need his loafing…to editorials crucifying Elston for the still shots of the horrific intentional tripping of a Northwestern kid….to smirks aimed at Crean in pressrooms to make him appear more anxious in tone without the perspective of what is truly hidden from our view…

    Let’s please quit pretending that any nose(commenter or journalist) is so shiny and clean they can stand above others in arrogance their every motive clean and pristine.

    I think Dustin’s shield of sarcasm is a bit weak and could use a bit more introspection. I like Dustin and believe he is extremely gifted at his job…But the smallness this Bloomington world can close you in. He must be careful..Judgment and zero tolerance and Sampson cancers..Everything is elevated and blown out of perspective. It all becomes far too important and then the labels and the tribes form..Lord of the Flies and calling people pus and trolls and serpents and bigots and terrorists. Barney Frank, I’m just frankly speaking, but I’ve seen a lot of ugly attacks on here outside those now getting stamped with the label of devils and snakes. Where is Chet? Where is Tsao? Where is Husky Tom? Where is JPat? Are they the new trolls finally speaking their heart?

  11. Ben,
    I actually also speak Harvard.
    He is saying that we are smirking because we believe that you and other Indiana fans are completely clueless and clinging to the image of substance. He believes I am an unwitting member of a cabal of journalists known as the East Coast Establishment which has staged a world-wide campaign on the destruction of the Indiana basketball program for the purpose of propping up our favorite East Coast schools. ESPN and Sports Illustrated are of course our motherships, but we’re all under mind control, so not working at those institutions doesn’t really matter that much. He has come to this impression about me because I am not from this state, I went to Penn State, and I often engage in harmless snark on live chats.

  12. Truth is compared to Korman the Great the current hobbit Desitin Dopirak and his bouncer Jeremuck are just sad, sad epigones

  13. That’s actually pretty close to it. In fairness, I think Geoff and I are fairly represented by the guy sitting next to old Michael Myers in that scene. If we didn’t find it hilarious, we would’ve walked away by now.

  14. Aruss, For sure OS trolls here because he gets no reaction or response on a Cuse site. Can you imagine a site full of OS’s boring each other all saying the same thing?

  15. Agree totally with kurk81 & DD; resistance is futile, you just get sucked into the negativity which feeds the beast. Enjoy the humor of it. Life is short, especially if you let that nonsense get to you. (Am actually surprised these guys are passing the spam protection test.)

  16. Is this Ms. “substitution pattern” nurse Karen that beat Scoopers down with of the stories of a more sophisticated crowd of bloggers commenters at Hoosier Hoopla? I remember the cute red barn on the website’s homepage…It called to me with it’s cosmopolitan feel and professional edge.

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