1. Thank you for keeping it real! I watch the games and see alot of what you guys are seeing. I can hardly watch CTC post game because he says the same things almost every time, and what he says seems to be disconnected from what I just saw in the game. IMHO, This group of players have talent, but I wonder about their court awareness, and bbIQ. One thing is for sure, they are a long way off from playing like a team. I know, ‘they’re young’, but we know other coaches who have won with very young teams i.e. Michigan, last year.

  2. Coach Knight used to say, “you can beat a bad team with a full-court press but not a good team.”

  3. To bad nobody ever told John Wooden about Knights quote. The UCLA zone press was devastating against everybody. How many undefeated seasons and national titles did UCLA have? All were accomplished with a press.

  4. Arkansas and UNLV beat some good teams with a press back in the 90’s. VCU has been beating some good teams with a press in the past few years…

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