1. In theory, I’d love to have Vonleh working the short corners and Hollowell at the FT area, but I just don’t trust Jeremy’s decision making right now. Sheehey seems like he’d do his best work cutting off the ball and occassionally popping into the high post, but I’m not sure that’s where he’ll hang out all night….

    I’m thinking this game and this issue deserve a “5 Things…” post.

  2. Never forget who made you famous with “Five Keys to Victory”….

    It’s so simple to be right on numerous things that can go right.

  3. I’m famous?!

    Woot woot! Had I known, I would have thanked you earlier. I promise you this however… I shall never forget. (and to show my appreciation, next time I’m in Indiana I will buy you lunch!)

  4. I would love to see Fischer get the ball in the middle of that zone.He can shoot it,but even better,he passes quickly and accurately.And quick passes cause defensive rotation and exploitable seams to drive.Not holding out much hope we see him in that critical role….

  5. Famous for knowing Harvard, that is…

    Harvey Banners 5 Keys to Victory:

    5. Our talent must play above Crean’s coaching
    4. 2nd Chance Points has to favor the Hoosiers by 10 points
    3. We need to make them chase the three ball. Gotta shoot higher than 40% from the 3-pt range.
    4. Non-starter throws a wrench in Syracuse’s defensive plans as an unlikely key contributor coming up big(near double-double numbers)..I’m thinking Davis
    5. Vonleh must give us at least 30 minutes.

    I know…it’s weak.

    Just hope they have fun…There’s a lot less pressure on this team’s shoulders..Expectations are lower and raw talent is higher. Beware, Orange…We might just beat you to a pulp(couldn’t resist).

  6. hiensohn, I have the same thought about Fischer. I like also on the defensive end he does not (over)commit so quickly as Frosh tend to do, stays on his feet and in position. It would help Vonleh exploiting the short corners as Geoff recognized. Would also create some clear outs for Will and T-roy to flash in and out of the paint. Somebody email Coach Crean his new game plan.

  7. oops..


    Did anyone else get a chance to listen to a
    AM 1070 ‘The Fan’ this afternoon. Wow..They had some callers that knew an impressive amount about Indiana high school basketball. If you ever question the passion for basketball in this state, today’s 1070 program would put all doubts to rest. The topic this afternoon was to answer the following:

    Which Indiana high school could claim the best all-time high school team(assembling the team by way of picking top players throughout the decades)?

    There were names of guys that never went to college but went on to play for the Globetrotters…Very entertaining stuff that made me once again realize just how unique the unparalleled basketball heaven that found our tiny Hoosier state.

  8. not holding out much hope for this one. crean has no clue how to attack a zone which we have witnessed time and time again. if you can’t shoot from outside, you aren’t going to beat Syracuse and besides thus far being a poor shooting team, crean doesn’t know how to get open looks. driving against the zone? yeah, good luck with that.

    crean’s zone deficiency isn’t limited to offense. watching the debut of his 1-3-1 this season makes me shake my head. he has his big playing the baseline instead of the middle which ruins the effectiveness of this particular zone for several reasons. oh well…at least he is a hell of a recruiter.

    as a side note pertaining to dustin touching on seller’s lack of outside shooting last year. during an nba interview zeller said he was under orders not to shoot from outside. didn’t say it exactly like that but he made himself clear. more fodder for his lack of offensive development while at iu. probably a contributing factor in cody leaving early, too.

  9. I don’t know if I’d say hell of a recruiter…When you’re coaching at the premier basketball college in a state this rich with basketball talent…savvy ballers that are the products of storied high school masters of hardwood and coaches that have carried on the depth and teaching of the game from legendary names at legendary programs…? A coach that can simply recruit the state has far more advantages than those absent such an enormous pool of quality young men that play the game with a level of team focus rarely found to match such high level skill sets.

    Crean has the benefit of going after selected phenoms still a bit raw in fully developed basketball fundamentals and team skills because of the plethora of the complimenting talent/insurance policy that Indiana, THE Basketball State, can provide.

    Stevens proved what a simply sound local recruiting focus and solid coaching can attain.

    Crean has nothing on his Indiana resume without Zeller. Trapeze acts don’t win championships. You have to have shooters…cornfed gumption that comes through the Indiana bloodlines of gritty team players the products of solid teachings and hours upon hours of dedication to the game prior to college…and, of course, coaching.

    Stick him out in New Mexico and see how far his stellar recruiting gets him. Anyone looks the part in talent-rich Indiana. All the tools one needs are right outside the front door a university others have already paved the tradition.

  10. Maybe we should fire him as the basketball coach and see how well he can recruit top football players to Indiana. Hell, he’s married to the Harbaugh family…

    Never mind…That’s right..Harbaugh’s are Michigan fans…Hell, that marriage to Blue is probably creating backlash for Wilson.

  11. Harvey

    maybe you’re right about the recruiting. can’t believe I never heard the orange-pulp line before. i’m stealing that one for tonight.

    a couple mentions about attacking the short corners. won’t happen. crean doesn’t teach it and the team won’t be in the proper position on the perimeter to set it up. what you will see is a four guys running around the perimeter for no reason. you will also see 2 guards playing up top most of the time. wrong again. and you will certainly see perimeter players trying in vain to drive to the hoop to draw fouls. won’t work either. especially with this young team. the reason we didn’t get any open looks from outside last time we played them is because we are set up wrong and the plan of attack is wrong, not because we were short.

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