1. My take on this team and last years as well to some degree is that they lack a sense of sharpness or proficiency when it comes to offensive precision. There seems to be more of a focus from the coaches to just run up and down as fast as they can and somehow this will turn into a well oiled offensive machine. Yeah, that may happen once in a while but id rather see a team in more control that can slice up another teams defense with good offensive sets and it just doesn’t seem to be there on a consistent basis.

    Im not going to start totally questioning the coaches, but there have been too many examples of times when the team looks lost on the offensive side of the ball when a better team can force a change in pace.

    I sense it may be a long big ten season with a nail biter of a run to the tournament, which shouldn’t be the case with as much talent as we have. I hope Im wrong.

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