Yogi Ferrell scores 25 points in IU’s 90-66 win over Kennesaw State

Indiana sophomore point guard Yogi Ferrell scored 25 points, one short of his career-high, to defeat Kennesaw State 90-66 in Assembly Hall in the last scheduled non-conference game of Indiana’s season.

Senior forward Will Sheehey scored 15 points, freshman forward Noah Vonleh had 14 points and nine rebounds and freshman center Luke Fischer scored 10 points as the Hoosiers shot 62.7 percent from the field. They did, however, also turn the ball over 20 times.

Orlando Coleman led Kennesaw State with 18 points. The Hoosiers improved to 10-3 heading into conference play. The Owls are 3-10.


  1. After one Big Ten banner won by Zeller and Hulls the curse of Bad Coaching is back (at the price of one million per season) and we’re again turning the ball over 20+ times/game.

    He one asked Hugh Kellenberger to “draw something” for him. He is: Twenty-Turnover Tom, ’cause that’s what his teams do.

  2. CTC likes his ‘hurry up offense’, maybe he’s hoping to be the “Chip Kelly” of college basketball?(ha,ha) That strategy doesn’t seem to be working too well right now i.e. 20 turnovers. With very few 3-ball shooters you would think IU would work on more motion and off ball screening and obiously work the middle. I’m glad we saw less 3 man weave this game. I do like the fact that CTC has been spending more time in his chair the last 2 games that way he doesn’t appear so frenetic running the sidelines.

  3. It is absurd to pretend that turnovers are “bad coaching”! Grow up! It is player execution. The players came to IU to play a fast tempo brand of basketball. The players must eliminate the TO’s. You seriously do not think that they practice this hard every day? However it IS time for the Coach and his staff to settle on an identity and player rotations. When IU plays big Noah must be joined by either Hanner or Luke on the floor. The minutes should be: Yogi 30, Will 25, Noah 25; then Troy, Jeremy, Evan, Hanner, Devin, Stanford and Luke, all 15 minutes each; Austin 10; and Peter 5. If Noah gets in foul trouble, then Luke gets his minutes. Plus game adjustments-more minutes for Evan when he is hot from 3. Peter must play at least 5 minutes each game with other good players. IU will need his size in February and March. GO IU!

  4. It’s always enlightening to read the comments section. There are so many experts on how to properly coach the game of basketball who offer their opinion on this forum. No doubt that the years of training as lawyers, electricians, chemical engineers, accountants, etc, have provided quite the background to be an expert on the game of college basketball. CTC only lives, eats, and breathes this stuff…but there’s no question that the few hours we spend each week watching games on TV provide a much more significant amount of insight and knowledge.

  5. But…there is no quarterback in basketball, so why not call it the ‘Living-Room Point’. Some really good coaches started as ‘Living-room points’. They move up and down the 52″ screen yelling the play, showing the routes with their index, calling out the next pass while swigging from a beer at appropriate moments, sometimes spilling a bit on the image on the screen. Return and plop down on their couches and yell out observations at the kitchen…and yell out, “shoot the damn thing!…”

    What I like about these guys is that their expectations for the possible of the players on the screen is always much, much higher than the player himself.

  6. The establishment lied again! My ESPN app had this game listed at 6pm, and my never-fail score updates never informed me that the game was already under way. It’s got to be some kind of east coast bias or something.

    Unfortunately, that means you won’t be getting my expert analysis. Sorry, guys.

    Since I didn’t get to actually watch the game, I’ll assume that this blowout win was another example of what a horrible coach Tom Crean is. Let me guess: lots of till-advised substitutions, turnovers, and a general sense that our season is doomed. Oh how I long for the days when a coast to coast win brought something other than utter despair for us Hoosier fans. Fire Crean now!

    (Side note: I know some Alabama fans who are re-thinking how spoiled they might have been before that missed field goal. It wasn’t that long ago when a 24-point win actually meant something for IU. Be careful what you wish for. )

  7. Thanks, Geoff. 30 seconds after tuning into the broadcast, I see Jeff Howard– he of 1.0 PPG and 0.8 rpg– playing meaningful minutes early in the second half. Atrocious. How could this happen? Doesn’t Crean know that getting inexperienced players some experience will lead to undesirable statistics against lower-caliber teams?

  8. Amongst the sea of pollyannaish distractions, brilliant sarcastic outbursts and dry wit in support of CharlaTom, and the creepy 3-way oiling jobs taking place between Punjab, Geoff, and Double Down….. the acknowledgment aimed my direction could have easily been missed. But there it was..No responses from any other posters to even suggest it could crack the tiniest of smile upon their fat egos drowning in the reflections their truly small and insecure reflections.

    But I thank you, Remora. I am honored you kept that old work in your thoughts.

    To the old Basketblog days when spirits were light and condescension ended with a handshake and a kind goodnight. Merry Christmas to you. To the rest I regret their choices to not find the gifts of your innocence. I do not wish upon them the lonelier places a man alone can find without laughing at the beautiful imperfections a world they live in such desire to straitjacket and easily explain. I feel lucky to have met you in this universe of so many dead stars only shining leftover light in heartless conversation.

  9. Harvey, quit being so crabby. I’ll be frank with you: I actually enjoy interacting with you most times here. A lot of times, you make me laugh.

    But dude, somehow, you’ve just become angry and it really isn’t fun to banter from opposing perspectives anymore.

    So you write a comment talking about lightheartedness and true sportsmanship. Where, from my perspective, you react towards people who disagree with you on this blog like a raccoon that gets cornered by the recycling bin at 2 am.

    Oh, and I live in San Francisco. If all you wanted to do was get oiled up, too, I’ve got tons of Crisco to share. Just bring your own Twister board.

  10. Harvard, that was very good. Here’s my #1 though: the #1 thing that I learned from Harvard was how to

    1. Put the link in the period at the end of the sentence so the Establishment doesn’t notice.

    Happy Holidays to everybody! :mrgreen:

  11. you don.t have to be a genious to recognize some things, I know good food when I taste it, and bad coaching when I see it.

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