Booth commits to Indiana

Two days after officially losing the best wide receiver in the program, Indiana picked up the best high school wide receiver in the state.

Pike wide receiver Dominique Booth, a four-star recruit and the No. 46 receiver in the nation according to, announced on a Spreecast on that he selected the Hoosiers over Missouri after de-committing from Tennessee in December.

“I’ll be playing my college football at Indiana University,” Booth said Tuesday, donning an Indiana hat and holding up the No. 3 jersey last worn by former receiver Cody Latimer, who announced on Sunday that he would enter the NFL Draft. “… IU was the best fit for me because first off it was in my state. The first time around, it wasn’t important to me how far I’d go. It’s nice to have a school with such a great offense, really good coaches, and really the final thing for me was really the players. I love being a part of that family. I was on my official and we just spent an hour or two just talking about playing together next year and what we’re gonna do and highlight plays we’re going to make next year.”

Booth said he felt confident at the end of his official visit in mid-December that he wanted to join the Hoosiers. However, he didn’t actually make the decision until the last 24 hours. He told IU coach Kevin Wilson Tuesday that he would “probably” come to Indiana, but said Wilson didn’t know for certain until Booth made the announcement.

“It was the best fit for me,” Booth said.

Booth said Latimer’s decision to go pro didn’t make much of an impact on him, though it means it will likely be easier for him to earn playing time.

He said he was promised nothing as far as playing time.

“Just like any place, you’ve gotta go and you’ve gotta work,” Booth said. “Cody’s decision to leave didn’t really affect me that much. I would’ve loved to have played with him honestly if he stayed. I feel like if he stayed, I probably would’ve played more inside. I think since he’s leaving,  I probably will play a little more outside because I can do both. His decision didn’t really affect me. It could change the way I play.”



  1. Welcome DB…watched your game reel and you’re going to be one special player in Bloomington! Now let’s play 13 in ’14!

  2. Welcome Dominique! Good choice! I’m looking forward to your contribution to IU football. And congrats to Coach Wilson and staff for bringing a top in-state recruit to IU. Well done!

  3. Dustin, I am surprised you did not state anything about DB’s mention that he had talked to many fellow recruits and thought he had about “5 high key” recruits who will either commit to IU or will switch their commitment to IU. Do you have any info expanding what he said.

  4. Getting Dominique Booth is great!! But if he can bring 1-4 high recruits with him, it is a program changer coupled with last year’s four star recruits from Indy!!

  5. Love the fact that we got top in-state talent. Keep it going Coach Wilson. With an average defense, this team could surprise many teams.

  6. This is a good time to review IU football’s 2013 Season. The record was 5-7, up from 4-8, up from 1-11. According to USA Today IU ranked #78. We beat #42 Bowling Green and #49 PN St; most Hoosier fans thought that we should have beaten #43 Navy and #52 MN, but we didn’t. We played pretty well, especially on offense, in losing to #57 MI. IU was totally outclassed in losing to #2 MSU, #6 MO, #10 OSU and #21 WI. IU took care of business in defeating #94 IL and #115 Purdue. So a ranking of #60-70 might seem more justified by the actual games. The goal next season has to be 7-5 or 8-4, a ranking of #40-50, and a Bowl Game. If Coach Wilson can pull that out after 4 years, what Hoosier fan would not call him a miracle worker and AD Glass a genius? But the expectations are rising, 5-7 next year is not acceptable! That is the challenge for IU Football in 2014. Hopefully some of these new recruits can help to make that happen!

  7. When you said “totally outclassed” you pulled a Fab5 and lost “all” credibility. Something smells of a slant/agenda..

  8. Hi Harvard, but I don’t understand anything that you wrote. However, if you do your rational analysis by “nose”, then I can see why after a great dinner featuring garlic, you can’t think straight for a week. But who cares if the meal was fantastic!

  9. Glad to see the recruiting from Naptown picking up, but let’s not forget Chgo. and the Region. Not that there is anything football-special about the area, but the population base in the Chgo. metro area (defined by US census) is about 5x that of Indy and reasonable drive-time for family of players. Lots of meat on the hoof up here!

  10. While there is a peppering of football talent within the Chicago city area, no one is ignoring the city (public) leagues, the Catholic leagues (din’t we just successfully recruit a kid from St. Rita and competition for these is fierce (Notre Dame has a very active local group). DeLaSalle…

    Also consider the reality that Indiana admission standards are not easily met by many Chicago prospects (as we saw in our basketball experience of recent years). And, Chicago’s football prospect world is more visible in the suburban prep leagues (i.e. our (and the B1G’s) best running back). All these are pretty well picked over by B1G. Good to see that Indy is now becoming a greater force in providing prospects like Booth, etc. And we should continue to look in Nortwest Indiana.

  11. Hizzoner is right that the competition is tough up here, and Indy does indeed seem to be sending more talent IU’s way. But I’m not sure that IU’s academic standards are any tougher than the rest of the conf. Is there any evidence for this? There are various web sites showing averages and ranges (class standing, test scores, etc.) but nothing on minimum standards, which is what we’re really concerned with here.

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